3 Easy Ways: How to Transfer Photos from Android to SD Card

Want to free up space on your Android phone while keeping your photos secure? Our guide will show you how to transfer photos from Android to SD card in just a few simple steps.

Clara by Clara Updated June 6, 2024
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Why do you need to move photos from Android to SD card?

Taking photos is a great way to capture beautiful memories and preserve them forever. However, sometimes due to the large number of photos taken on your device, your phone's memory may be insufficient, and you may need to learn how to transfer photos from Android to SD card.

sd card

This article is designed to help you solve the problem “how do I move photos to SD card on Android”. Let's take a look at the best and most effective solutions to help you transfer photos to SD card.

How to transfer pictures from Android to SD card - 3 Ways

As previously mentioned, there are 3 easy methods available to transfer photos from your Android phone to your SD card. Each method has its own unique approach to completing the task, so feel free to choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences.

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Way 1. Import images to SD Card from Android internal storage

If you are unsure about how to transfer data from your internal storage to an SD card, there is no need to worry as you have come to the right place. Simply follow the easy steps outlined below and your task will be completed in no time. Follow these steps to successfully move pictures to your SD card on an Android device.

Step 1. Insert your SD card into your phone > Open the file manager on your Android phone.

Step 2. In the file manager, you can see categories of data > Click "Photos."

Step 3. On the above right corner, choose the option of "Menu" (three dots) > Click the "Edit" option.

setting edit

Step 4. After this, select the files that you want to transfer > Then go back to the main menu of the file manager.

Step 5. Click on the option of SD card > Set your desired location and tap it.

Step 6. Then click "Move here." The process will take time, and then you will get all your files to transfer to the SD card.

Way 2. Transfer photos from Android to SD Card via Settings

On some of the Android devices, you have an option in the Settings app to move your photos from your phone to an SD card. While the feature may not be available on all the devices, you can use the feature if your device has it. Check the steps to learn how to transfer photos from Android to SD card.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on the Android device > Go to Storage & memory.

setting memory

Step 2. On the screen, tap on the Images option to view your photos saved on your phone.

setting memory images

Step 3. Then you will see all the pictures available on your phone.

Step 4. Select the pictures you want to move > Tap on three dots at the top > Choose Copy.

Step 5. Then select your SD card as the destination for your photos. Your photos will be copied to your SD card.

Way 3. Save photos to SD Card by the default camera storage

To save your captured photos directly onto your SD card, you can simply set your storage location to the SD card. This eliminates the need for manual photo transfers and avoids the hassle of finding answers to questions such as "how to transfer photos to an SD card" or "how to transfer files to an SD card".

To do so, just follow these simple steps to easily solve how to transfer phone pictures to SD card.

Step 1. Open "Camera" on your Android > Locate the "Setting"option.


Step 2. On the settings, tap "Storage Location" > Choose "SD card" OR "Memory card'.

camera setting sd card

Step 3. Then your storage location will be set as an SD card.

Once the entire process is complete, your photos will now be automatically saved on your SD card. This eliminates the need to manually transfer photos from your Android device to your SD card and provides convenience for future photo storage.

Bonus tip: How to transfer photos from iPhone to SD card

If you encounter the issue of not being able to drag and drop photos from your iPhone to your computer or SD card, you can use FoneTool, a trusted iOS data transfer tool.

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FoneTool allows you to easily transfer music, photos, videos, and contacts between your iPhone and various storage devices such as computers, USB drives, external hard drives, and SD cards.

Free download the FoneTool to your computer, and follow the simple steps to transfer photos from iPhone to SD card.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone and SD card to the computer > Open FoneTool > Click Phone Transfer on the left bar > Choose iPhone to PC > Tap Get Started.

transfer to computer

Step 2. Click the plus icon to preview photos on your iPhone > Select the images that you need to send to the SD card > Hit OK.

choose photos

Tip: It you want to copy music from phone to Memory card, you can check the Music icon.

Step 3. On Transfer Settings, choose your SD card as the storage path > Click Start Transfer to copy photos from iPhone to your SD card.

click transfer

FoneTool also offers duplicate photos deletion features, you can learn how to delete duplicate photos on SD card with FoneTool. It can deeply scan the photos on the iPhone/Android/SD card/computer.

Step 1. Connect your SD card to computer > On the home interface, go to Toolbox > Choose Photo Deduplication.

click photo deduplication

Step 2. If you need to delete similar photos on iPhone, pick Filter photos on iOS device. When you need to delete duplicate photos on SD card, choose Scan Computer option.

scan computer

Step 3. Click to select your SD card > Tap Start scanning.

start scanning computer

Once the scanning process is complete, all duplicate photos on your SD card will be listed. From there, you can easily select and delete any unwanted photos by simply clicking on the "Delete" button.


By following the steps outlined, hopefully you can solve the problem of how to transfer photos from Android to SD card, ensuring that your photos are easily accessible and that you can make full use of the storage capabilities of your smartphone.

In addition, if you are using an iPhone device, in addition to Android devices, this article also provides practical solutions on how to copy photos from iPhone to memory card. FoneTool will help you manage your iOS data more efficiently.

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