Full Guide: How to Create & Share iCloud Link for Photos

Explore our full guide for effortless iCloud photo link creation and sharing. Simplify your digital life with expert tips and step-by-step instructions.

Demi by Demi Updated January 12, 2024
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In our digital age, the way we share and access photos has evolved, and iCloud plays a pivotal role in this transformation. Apple's iCloud Link for Photos is a feature designed to simplify photo sharing, allowing users to create links to their photos and share them effortlessly.

icloud link for photos

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the overview of iCloud Link for Photos, how it works, step-by-step instructions on creating an iCloud Link, saving photos from iCloud link, and an alternative method for faster and safer photo sharing using FoneTool. Now, let’s get started.

Overview of iCloud Link for Photos

iCloud Link for Photos is a feature integrated into Apple's iCloud ecosystem, providing users with a convenient way to share their photos with others. Instead of attaching multiple photos to an email or a message, users can create a link that allows recipients to view and download the shared photos. This not only streamlines the sharing process but also conserves bandwidth and storage for both the sender and the recipient.

How Does iCloud Link Work?

iCloud Link works by creating a web-based link to the shared photos. When a user generates an iCloud Link for a selection of photos, iCloud stores these photos temporarily on its servers and generates a unique link. This link can then be shared with others, and recipients can access the shared photos through a web browser without needing an iCloud account. The link remains active for a specific period, after which the shared photos are removed from iCloud servers.

How to Create iCloud Link for Photos

Creating an iCloud Link for Photos is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to share your photos with others:

Step 1: Open the Photos App:
Open the "Photos" app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Select Photos:
Choose the photos you want to share by tapping the "Select" button and then selecting the desired photos.

Step 3: Tap on the Share Icon:
Tap on the share icon (a square with an arrow pointing upwards) at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Select "Copy iCloud Link":
From the share sheet, select "Copy iCloud Link." This will generate a link to the selected photos.

Step 5: Share the Link:
You can now paste and share the link via messages, email, or any other communication platform.

How to Save Photos from an iCloud Link

Recipients of an iCloud Link can easily view and download the shared photos. Assume that you send an iCloud link via iMessages, and here's how to save photos from an iCloud link:

Step 1: Launch the Messages app on your device and tap the received iCloud link > Tap Open when a small window pops up.

access for you

Step 2: In the For You section within the Photos app, tap the Add All button or the Select option to cherry-pick specific photos before saving them to the Camera Roll.

select photos to add all

Faster & Safer: Share Photos Using FoneTool

While iCloud Link is a convenient option for sharing photos, it might not be the fastest or the most versatile solution, especially for users who frequently share large quantities of photos.

Beside, it may also not suitable for users who concern iCloud data safety for the iCloud Privacy Breach Scandal. FoneTool provides an alternative method for faster and safer photo sharing.

Best Photo Sharing Tool - FoneTool

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✔ Super fast transfer speed: Transfer and get files at a fast speed without any effort, like 100 photos in 3 seconds.

✔ Offline transfer service: Get the transferred files without an Internet connection.

✔ No data loss: No harm to previous files on your device, and save the transferred files in their original quality.

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Just for an example, I’ll show you how to transfer photos from iPhone A to iPhone B.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone A to computer with USB > Download and launch FoneTool and choose Phone Transfer option > Mouse over to iPhone to PC and click Start Transfer.

go to transfer

Step 2. Click the plus icon > Check the Photos icon and uncheck the others > Preview and select the photos you want to transfer > Click OK to confirm.

select photos

Step 3. Choose a destination from Transfer Settings as per you like (Local folders, external hard drives, USB, etc. are all allowed) > Click Start Transfer to start the process.

start transfer

Step 4. Unplug iPhone A and plug iPhone B into PC > Choose PC to iPhone from FoneTool > Click Photos > Drag-n-Drop or open-n-choose the transferred photos to iPhone B > Click Start Transfer to confirm.

start transfer

💡 FoneTool also offers you a mobile app version for iOS and Android phones, enabling you to wirelessly transfer photos from iPhone to Android, and vice versa.


In conclusion, iCloud Link for Photos is a valuable feature for Apple users seeking a seamless way to share photos. Its integration into the iCloud ecosystem simplifies the sharing process, making it efficient and accessible. The step-by-step guide on creating and sharing iCloud Links ensures that users can take full advantage of this feature.

However, for users seeking a faster and more versatile solution, especially when dealing with large quantities of photos, FoneTool offers an alternative method. With its user-friendly interface and efficient photo-sharing capabilities, FoneTool provides a robust solution for those who prefer managing and sharing their photos on a computer.

Whether you opt for iCloud Link for its simplicity or FoneTool for its speed and versatility, these tools empower users to share their cherished moments effortlessly, fostering a seamless digital photo-sharing experience.

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