3 Ways: How to Sync iPad and Android Phone

It may be impossible to sync your iPad and your Android phone. But luckily, this guide will show you effective tools and instructions to enable you to transfer files/sync iPad with Android phone.

Demi by Demi Updated June 13, 2024
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You may used to sync iPhone and iPad to make sure you can get access to all files on different devices. Indeed, syncing devices can streamline your workflow and ensure that your data is accessible across platforms, but how about an iPad and Android phone?

android to ipad

Can you sync iPad and Android phone? How can you sync iPad with Android phone? This guide will give you a thorough answer to these questions.

Can you mirror an iPad to an Android phone?

The quick answer is: no, you cannot. Officially, Apple does not allow you to link your iPad to an Android phone. Android phones are not part of the Apple ecosystem, thus they cannot access iCloud or other Apple-specific services.

However, just because the two cannot be legally linked does not exclude data sharing between them. Instead, you'll need to install third-party programs and submit your data to them.

1# Sync iPad and Android Phone with Google

Google Workspace is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective solutions to sync your Android phone and iPad. This suite consists of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Google Photos. Let’s have an overview how to sync iPad and Android phone.

Sync Contacts/Calendar/Mail
Without installing Google apps, you can access Google service from the Settings app on your iPad and Android phone.

• On your Android device: Go to Settings > Tap Account & Sync > Choose your Gmail account > Tap Sync Contacts/Mail/Calendars > Tap Sync Now.

• On your iPad: Go to Settings > Tap Accounts & Passwords > Tap Add Accounts > Choose Google > Enter the required information to add your Gmail account and tap Next > Tap Save > Turn on Mail, Contacts, and Calendars sync option.

mail contacts calendars

Sync Files using Google Drive
Google Drive is used to store and access your files from any device. Simply upload files from your iPad and Android phone, and you can download wanted files to the other device with no effort. Just for an example, the steps below will show you how to transfer files from Android to iPad.

• On your Android device: Download Google Drive app > Log in with your account > Upload files to it.

• On your iPad: Download Google Drive app and log in > Find the files you uploaded before > Tap the three-dot icon > Tap Send a copy > You can choose to save the file directly and let an app open it.

save video from google drive

Sync Photos Using Google Photos
If you wish to utilize Google Photos for photo backups, you'll need to enable sync. It may be completed fast by following steps shown below.

Step 1. Open Google Photos > Tap your account icon in the top corner of the screen > Select Photos settings > Tap Back up & sync.

Step 2. Toggle on the option Back up & sync on both your iPad and Android phone.

back up sync

Google apps are one of the simplest ways to sync the info you're sharing across your iPad and Android phone. However, it does not provide the option to sync text messages or your contact list. Fortunately, if you create any documents or files with Google Docs, Sheets, or any other connected Google app, they will instantly sync across your devices.

2# Sync iPad with Android Phone via iCloud

Although iCloud is designed for Apple devices to backup files, you still get chance to upload files from your Android phone to it. The followings will show you how to sync iPad photos to Android phone via iCloud. The steps are almost the same if you need to sync other types of files.

Step 1. Open a web browser on your Android. To enter the website of iCloud successfully on Android, tap the three-dot icon to open the drop-out menu and tick Desktop site.

2. Go to https://www.icloud.com and enter your Apple ID and passcode.

3. Tap the Photos icon to view and select the photos you’d like to download to Android > Tap the Download icon to download the original photos to Android.

icloud com android

3# An Easy Way to Share File Between iPad and Android [Selectively]

Several third-party apps facilitate selective file sharing between iPad and Android devices, making the process seamless. Among kinds of Android to iOS file transfer apps, I’d like to recommend FoneTool app, which are compatible with both iOS devices and Android phone.

This powerful transfer tool helps you wireless transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, and other files between iPad and Android phone. With no Wi-Fi or USB connection requirement, all you need is to close both devices to each other.

You can click the link below or go to the App Store to download FoneTool app to your iPad and Android phone, and let’s have an overview of how to transfer files from iPad to Android.

• Download link for iPad: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fonetool/id1504211320?platform=iphone
• Download link for Android: https://www2.aomeisoftware.com/download/ftl/FoneTool_Android.apk

Step 1. Open FoneTool on both of your iPad and Android, then allow the application to use WLAN. (Just turn on the Wi-Fi option, it doesn't require any Wi-Fi connection.)

Step 2. Establish a connection

On your Android device: Go to Connect Device > Choose Connect to iOS to get the connection code.

On your iPad: Go to Connect Device > Choose Connect to Android and use your iPad to scan the code showing on Android > Tap Join to connect.

connect to ios

Step 3. Choose File Transfer on your source Android device > Choose files you need to sync to iPad > Click Send to begin > Tap Confirm on your iPad to receive them.

preview photos and tap send


Syncing an iPad and an Android phone may seem challenging due to their different operating systems, but several methods can facilitate seamless data synchronization and file sharing.

Using Google services, iCloud, professional third-party transfer apps like FoneTool, you can keep your data consistent and accessible across both devices. By following the detailed steps outlined in this guide, you can overcome compatibility barriers and enjoy a more integrated digital experience.

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