2 Ways | Transfer Playlist from Apple Music to YouTube Music

Wondering how to transfer music from Apple Music to YouTube Music? This guide will introduce you both music transfer and convert tools for you to make it. Choose either to help you switch wanted songs.

Demi by Demi Updated April 10, 2024
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Can you Import Apple Music and YouTube Music?


How do I transfer Apple Music playlist to YouTube music?

Currently, I pay the yearly membership for YouTube premium mainly for the ad-free YouTube videos. I also have apple music, but I feel it's pretty dumb to be paying for both when I can use YouTube music because of YouTube premium. Is there any effective way to transfer Apple Music to YouTube?

- Question from Reddit

Some may be considering transferring your music library from Apple Music to YouTube Music. There may be several reasons driving this decision - finding a new user interface, choosing different songs, or just a preference for YouTube music. Are you making the switch from Apple Music to YouTube Music but worried about losing your playlists and favorite tracks? Fret not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore two efficient methods to seamlessly transfer your Apple Music library to YouTube Music.

apple music to youtube

While there isn't a direct merge option between the two platforms, you can transfer your Apple Music playlists and library to YouTube Music using third-party tools. This allows you to enjoy your favorite tracks and playlists seamlessly on YouTube Music without losing any of your cherished music content. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1# Transfer Apple Music to YouTube Music via FoneTool

FoneTool, as a professional iOS data transfer tool, can be one of the best choices for you to transfer selective or all tracks and playlist from Apple Muisc to YouTube Music. Besides, its clear interface and user-friendly design enables you to quickly transfer wanted files.

Within just two steps below, you can successfully transfer playlist from Apple Music to YouTube Music.

Step 1. Transfer Apple Music from iOS Device to PC via FoneTool
• Click the icon below to download FoneTool to your computer > Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer with USB.

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• Launch FoneTool, and choose Phone Transfer > Click Get Started under iPhone to PC.

iphone to pc

• Preview the music and select the playlists or songs you’d like to transfer to YouTube Music > Click OK to confirm.

choose songs

• Finally, choose a destination to save your music files, and click Start Transfer to make it.


FoneTool is also a reliable backup tool for iOS devices, providing both selective and full backup services for you. Related read: Ultimate Guide on Full iPhone Backup and Restore

Step 2. Upload Apple Music to YouTube Music
• Go to https://music.youtube.com/, and log in to your account > Tap your profile > Choose Upload music to choose and upload the music you just transferred from Apple Music to computer.

youtube upload music

When the transfer process is done, go to Library > SONGS, and filter to Uploads. There you should find out all Apple Music songs.

youtube uploads

2# Import Playlist from Apple Music to YouTube Music using Soundiiz

Soundiiz is another reliable tool that allows you to import playlists from Apple Music to YouTube Music effortlessly. Different from FoneTool, Soundiiz is an online tool to manage your music library between multiple services. It has an easy way to import and export playlists and favorite songs, artists and album, which can be a convenient option for Apple Music playlist to YouTube transfer. Here's how to import playlists from Apple Music to YouTube Music using Soundiiz.

Step 1. Go to Soundiiz > Log in with your Google account or others > Select the Transfer from its menu bar at the top of the main page.

Step 2. Choose Apple Music as the source and YouTube Music as the destination > Connect your Apple Music and YouTube Music accounts.

Step 3. Select all the artists you want to follow on YouTube Music > Confirm your selection and start the transfer!

soundiiz apple music to youtube


Comparison: FoneTool V.S. Soundiiz
FoneTool: Offers a comprehensive solution for transferring not only playlists but also albums and individual tracks from Apple Music to YouTube Music. Provides a user-friendly interface and ensures a seamless transfer process.

Soundiiz: Focuses primarily on playlist transfer and lacks some advanced features compared to FoneTool. However, it's still a reliable option for transferring playlists between music streaming platforms.

In conclusion, while there isn't a direct merge option between Apple Music and YouTube Music, you can easily transfer your Apple Music library to YouTube Music using third-party tools like FoneTool and Soundiiz. Whether you prefer the comprehensive features of FoneTool or the simplicity of Soundiiz, these methods ensure that your music collection stays intact as you transition to YouTube Music.


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