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Transfer Data to New iPhone Without Losing a File

Get a new iPhone 15? Need to transfer photos, contacts, messages, and videos from iPhone 14 to iPhone 15? Is it hassle to reset your new iPhone? Worried about transfer failure and data loss? Get the most comprehensive trick and easy method to transfer old iPhone to new iPhone now.

Transfer iPhone to iPhone

What to Do Before Switching to New iPhone?

How to avoid iPhone 15 transfer failure to the greatest extent? We have summarized the experience and provided the following tips to help you in the subsequent iPhone to iPhone transfer process smoothly without error.

Tip 1

Backup the Old Device First

Data is priceless, back up your old device data in case of any data loss scenarios.

  • Fully or selectively backup iPhone photos, contacts, songs, messages, etc.
  • Restore backup files to device without data erasing.
  • Preview the content before backing up to confirm the data you need.
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Tip 2

Convert SIM to eSIM (US Version Only)

Starting with the U.S. version of iPhone 14, Apple uses an eSIM card instead of a nano-SIM slot. If your current device is iPhone 13 or older, learn how to replace your SIM card and activate eSIM.

Please make sure that:
A. Both phones are nearby, unlocked and running iOS 17 or later.
B. Bluetooth on your two phones turned on.
C. Backup iPhone contacts in advance in case the transfer process goes wrong.

Go to Settings > Cellular > Set up eSIM > Transfer from another iPhone.

More details you may have missed

Make sure both phones have at least 60% battery before migrating data.

Confirm that you've unpaired your Apple Watch on your old phone.

Upgrade your old phone to the latest iOS before trying the transfer.

Delete or update the old version app on your old iPhone.

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How to Transfer Data to New iPhone with Other Ways

Simple data transfer method before activating a new iPhone, according to the screen guide operation can directly transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

A popular option for moving data from one iPhone to another, now try to restore your desired data to a new iPhone via iCloud.

iOS Media Management Tool - iTunes can help users import the files they need from PC to the new iPhone.

With Quick Start
With iCloud
With iTunes
1 Connect your old and new iPhones to the same Wi-Fi and get closer.
2 Tap Continue to determine the prompt that pops up on your phone. If the prompt disappears, restart both devices.
3 Enter the passcode for your old iPhone on your new iPhone and set Face ID or Touch ID.
4 Tap Transfer from iPhone and wait for the old iPhone to migrate to the new iPhone.
Quick Start Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Steps
  • Simple steps.
  • Don’t rely on third-party tools.
  • Transfer speed is medium.
  • Dependent on a good network environment.
  • The method will not be available after the new iPhone is activated.
1 Back up your old iPhone data to iCloud space.
2 Go to the new iPhone Settings > select General.
3 Select Reset > tap Erase All Content and Settings.
4 Restart the new iPhone > join the Wi-Fi > select Restore from iCloud Backup.
iCloud Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 1
iCloud Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 2
iCloud Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 3
iCloud Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 4
  • Easy to operate.
  • Old phones don't need to be around.
  • Supports selective file restore.
  • It may take a long time.
  • A long-term large number of data backups cost high.
  • Dependent on a good network environment.
  • Can’t transfer the applications.
1 Launch iTunes and connect the old iPhone to PC with USB cable.
2 Wait for the device connected to complete, and click Summary > Back Up Now.
3 Connect your new iPhone to PC, and tap the device icon on your iTunes screen..
4 Click Summary > Restore Backup, select the file you want to import to your phone, and then tap Restore.
iTunes Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 1
iTunes Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 2
iTunes Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 3
iTunes Transfer iPhone Data to iPhone Step 4
  • Free.
  • Supports selective file import.
  • The operation is more complex.
  • iTunes may run slowly.
  • Worse interaction than other ways.

Completed the iPhone Transfer? Don't Rush to Leave!

Tip 1

Erase the Old iPhone Data

Completely erase the contents of an old phone before selling or giving away it, 100% eliminating the possibility of information breaches, credit card theft, and identity tampering.

Tip 2

Log out of your iCloud account

iCloud performs the sync on all the devices you're signed in to. Even if you erase all the data on your current iPhone, it won't affect the operation of iCloud on other devices. You can log out of your iCloud account on all your old devices to keep your data safe.

Steps: Go to Settings > Apple ID > Sign Out > enter your password and turn off Find My iPhone > Sign Out.

Tip 3

Disassociate the old iPhone with Apple ID

Apple ID records all the devices you use. Please properly disassociate your old iPhone from your Apple ID after you end its use, prevent the information from being modified.

Steps: Sign in to Apple ID page > Account Security > choose the trusted devices > tap Remove from account.

More about iPhone Transfer

  • How to restart Quick Start on iPhone after setup?

    If you accidentally reject Quick Start, then you need to go to “Settings” and select “Erase All Content and Settings” to restart Quick Start. If you don't want to lose the settings of your current new iPhone, you can choose to use iTunes or a simpler FoneTool to move iPhone data to your new iPhone.

  • How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using AirDrop?

    AirDrop allows you to transfer data between two iOS devices in close proximity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turned on. This method only supports transferring files such as pictures, videos, locations, etc. Go to Settings> General >enable AirDrop. Select the files you need to transfer and tap AirDrop under the Sharing option.

  • Does transferring iPhone delete everything?

    It depends on the iPhone migration method you use. Before using Quick Start and iCloud to transfer data to your new iPhone, you need to reset the iPhone as new and back to factory settings. Using professional transfer software such as FoneTool does not require resetting your phone.

  • How long does a transfer from one iPhone to another take?

    The time it takes to transfer data from one iPhone to another depends on the amount of data you migrate and the transfer method you take. According to our hundreds of tests, with the same amount of data and network environment, the fastest transfer method mentioned above is FoneTool, followed by Quick Start > iCloud, and the slowest method is iTunes.