What WhatsApp Backup and Transfer Software Can Do

Switch to new iPhone

Switch to new iPhone

“How can I transfer WhatsApp messages to new iPhone?” Your WhatsApp app has plenty of important information you don’t want to lose, like chats, stickers, photos, videos. So, when have a new iPhone, you want to know how to transfer WhatsApp data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Protect WhatsApp from loss

Protect WhatsApp from loss

Data loss can occur at any time. If you never backup your WhatsApp, you may lose the conversions and attached files forever. Just backup WhatsApp files to a safe place. Once data disaster comes to you, you can still get back your lost/deleted WhatsApp files.

Export WhatsApp to PC

Export WhatsApp to PC

We use WhatsApp to share photos, videos, audio, and all kind of files with friends, colleagues, partners. To share files with friends, archive some official data or other purpose, you want to export WhatsApp to PDF, or transfer photos, videos, audios, and other documents to computer.

One-click Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone

If you just bought a new iPhone, you don’t want to leave behind WhatsApp data. FoneTool make it easy to transfer all WhatsApp data (messages and attachments) from iPhone to iPhone without storage limit.

Transfer WhatsApp
  • Chats

    WhatsApp Chats

    FoneTool helps you easily and quickly WhatsApp chat history (personal and group chats) to another iPhone.

  • Stickers

    WhatsApp stickers

    Stickers makes chats meaningful and colorful. When you switch to new iPhone, transfer all stickers to your new iPhone.

  • Photos

    WhatsApp Photos and videos

    WhatsApp contains photos and videos shared with your friends. You don’t want to lose them when having a new iPhone.

  • Documents

    Other WhatsApp documents

    WhatsApp contains audio, locations, emojis, shared files. FoneTool also support transferring all these files.

Backup WhatsApp to Avoid Data Loss

iCloud storage is full? Want a local backup on PC? FoneTool helps you backup WhatsApp on iPhone to your computer for data safety. You can always restore the WhatsApp to your iPhone when you lose your data or have a new iPhone.

  • Free backup WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business to Windows.
  • No storage limits.
  • Support encrypting WhatsApp backup to protect data.
  • Restore backup files to different iPhones/iPads.
Backup WhatsApp
Export WhatsApp

Export and View WhatsApp Data on PC

WhatsApp includes important conversations and documents. You may want to save WhatsApp files on PC to view or share. FoneTool can help you to transfer/export WhatsApp all chats and attached documents to computer.

  • Easily Export WhatsApp chats to PDF on computer.
  • Export all file type, including chats, photos, videos, audio, and other files.
  • You can choose any location on your PC to save the files.
  • Easily manage all WhatsApp files with FoneTool.

What Make FoneTool the Best?


Fast and Stable

FoneTool transfers WhatsApp data via a USB cable without network or Wi-Fi. The transfer / backup process can be finished stably and quickly without issues.



With over 14 years of experience in the mobile data industry, FoneTool is professional and technical to meet all aspects of your data backup and transfer needs.


Easy to Use

FoneTool uses an intuitive interface. Anyone can easily backup and transfer WhatsApp data.


Protect Users’ Privacy

Your data won’t be uploaded to any Server. All files are sent between the iPhone and local PC storage. No one can access the data during the backup/transfer process.

Transfer and Backup WhatsApp with User-Friendly Interface

  • Step 1

    Step 1.

    Click “WhatsApp Manager” on FoneTool.

  • Step 2

    Step 2.

    Click "Get Started" to backup or tranfer WhatsApp. Here choose Transfer WhatsApp.

  • Step 3

    Step 3.

    Hit "Start Transfer" button to transfer.

    Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
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