4 Ways | How to Delete All Messages from One Person on iPhone

Declutter your conversations! Explore 4 simple ways on how to delete all messages from one person on iPhone. Streamline your messaging experience today.

Demi by Demi Updated February 2, 2024
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Our iPhones have become indispensable tools for communication, allowing us to connect with friends, family, and colleagues through messages. However, there are instances where we may want to clear our message history with a specific person for privacy or organizational reasons.

delete all messages from one person

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various methods available to delete all messages from one person on iPhone, providing users with step-by-step instructions and insights on maintaining a clutter-free message inbox.

I. The Need for Deleting Messages

Over time, text message threads can accumulate and become overwhelming, making it challenging to locate specific messages or maintain a tidy messaging interface. According to a report by Statista, the average number of text messages sent per day in the United States was estimated to be over 15 billion. With such a high volume of messages exchanged daily, it's essential for iPhone users to have effective methods for managing their message history.

Deleting messages from a specific person not only helps in decluttering the messaging app but also provides users with a sense of privacy and organization. Whether you're cleaning up your message history for personal reasons or to free up storage space, knowing how to efficiently delete all messages from one person on iPhone is a valuable skill.

II. Method 1: Deleting Individual Messages Manually

If you prefer a selective approach and want to retain some messages while deleting others from a specific person, manually deleting individual messages is the way to go.

1. Open the Messages App: Locate and open the Messages app on your iPhone.

2. Select the Conversation: Find the conversation with the person from whom you want to delete messages. Tap on the conversation to open it.

3. Delete Individual Messages: Within the conversation, press and hold on the specific message you want to delete. Select "More" from the menu that appears.

4. Choose Messages to Delete: Tap on the circle next to each message you want to delete. Once selected, tap the trash bin icon in the lower-left corner.

5. Confirm Deletion: A pop-up will appear. Confirm the deletion by selecting "Delete Message."

This method allows for selective deletion, giving users the flexibility to keep certain messages while removing others from the conversation.

III. Method 2: Deleting the Entire Message Thread

For users looking to clear the entire message history with a specific person, deleting the entire message thread is an efficient method.

1. Open the Messages App: Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.

2. Locate the Conversation: Find the conversation with the person from whom you want to delete all messages. Tap and hold on the conversation to reveal additional options.

3. Delete the Conversation: From the options that appear, select "Delete." Confirm the deletion by choosing "Delete Conversation" in the pop-up.

This method removes the entire conversation, including all messages exchanged with the selected person.

IV. Method 3: Using the "Delete All" Feature (iOS 14 and Later)

For users with iOS 14 and later versions, Apple introduced a convenient "Delete All" feature that streamlines the process of clearing all messages from a specific person.

1. Open the Messages App: Launch the Messages app on your iPhone.

2. Access the Message Options: In the message thread with the person you want to delete messages from, tap on their contact name at the top of the screen.

3. Select "More": Scroll down to find and select "More."

4. Choose "Delete All": Tap "Delete All" to delete all messages from that person.

5. Confirm the Deletion: A confirmation pop-up will appear. Confirm the deletion by selecting "Delete Conversation."

This method is particularly useful for users with iOS 14 or later, providing a straightforward way to remove all messages from a specific person in one go.

V. Method 4: Utilizing FoneTool to Erase All iPhone Messages

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VI. Addressing Common Concerns:

Before proceeding with any method, it's essential to address common concerns that users may have.

a. Data Loss:

   - Deleting messages is irreversible, and it's crucial to back up important messages before initiating any deletion process. Users can back up their messages through iCloud or iTunes.

b. iMessage vs. SMS:

   - The methods mentioned apply to both iMessage and SMS conversations. Users can delete messages from either type of conversation using the provided steps.

c. iOS Version Compatibility:

   - The features mentioned, especially the "Delete All" feature, may vary based on the iOS version. Ensure your device is running the necessary iOS version to access specific features.


Deleting all messages from one person on iPhone can be accomplished through various methods, offering users flexibility based on their preferences and requirements. Whether opting for manual deletion, using built-in iOS features, or leveraging third-party apps, users can maintain a clutter-free message inbox and ensure their privacy.

It's important to choose a method that aligns with your specific needs, considering factors such as the desire for selective deletion, the convenience of built-in features, or the advanced capabilities offered by third-party apps. By following the provided steps and addressing common concerns, users can confidently manage their message history on their iPhones, enjoying a clean and organized messaging experience.

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