[4 Ways] How to Delete Apple ID Without Password

Discover 4 effective techniques to delete your Apple ID without a password. Navigate the process seamlessly with our expert guide.

Demi by Demi Updated June 5, 2024
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Your Apple ID is a crucial part of your Apple ecosystem, linking your devices, apps, and services. However, situations may arise where you need to delete your Apple ID without knowing the password.

delete apple id without password

Whether you're switching to a new account or facing security concerns, this comprehensive guide will walk you through five different methods to delete your Apple ID without a password. It's essential to understand the implications of this action and choose the method that best suits your needs.

What Happens If You Delete Your Apple ID?

Deleting your Apple ID is a significant step that comes with several consequences:

Loss of Data: Deleting your Apple ID will result in the loss of data associated with it, including contacts, photos, documents, and app purchases.

App Access: You will lose access to apps and services linked to your Apple ID, such as iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and the App Store.

Device Disassociation: Devices signed in with the deleted Apple ID will be disassociated, affecting functionalities like Find My iPhone.

iTunes and App Store Purchases: Any content purchased using the deleted Apple ID, including apps, music, and movies, will no longer be accessible.

Now, let's explore five different ways to delete your Apple ID without a password.

Way 1. How to Delete Apple ID Without Password by iTunes

If you used to backup your iOS device that signed in the Apple ID using iTunes, you can rely on iTunes to remove Apple ID from your device without entering the password. But please note that iTunes will erase everything from your device at the same time when you delete Apple ID. It is suggested to full backup iPhone before deleting Apple ID. Now, follow the steps to delete Apple ID without password by iTunes.

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2. In iTunes, click on your device icon to access the device Summary > Click on the "Restore iPhone..." button to reset your iPhone.

Restore iPhone

Step 3. Confirm the action by clicking "Restore" again. This will erase your device and its passcode.

When it is finished, you can restart your iPhone and set up your iPhone again. When the setup screen appears on your device, choose "Set Up as New iPhone" and create a new Apple ID.

Way 2. How to Delete Apple ID Without Password on Apple Store and iTunes

Even if you don't use a password, you are able to remove the Apple ID that is signed to iCloud and Apple Store from your iPhone Settings app. Here are the steps you can follow.

Go to the iPhone Settings app > Tap your profile > Locate and tap iTunes & App Store > Tap on your Apple ID and choose Sign Out. Then, your Apple ID will be removed from the App Store.

sign out iTunes app store

Bonus Tip: How to Remove Apple ID With Password

If the two above methods don’t meet your demands, you may need other ways to remove Apple ID from your devices. However, the three methods below require you to enter the passcode to delete Apple ID.

Way 3. How to Delete Apple ID Temporarily

If you want to delete your Apple ID account because you won't be using it for a while, you may do so by deactivating it. This practically deletes your account, but only temporarily.

When you're ready to use your devices again, you can reactivate your account. When you deactivate your Apple ID, you cannot access any of the services linked to the account, nor sign in to any services as long as your account remains deactivated.

Step 1. Head over to the Apple account privacy page using a browser on your computer.

Step 2. Sign in to your Apple ID account and click on the option that says Request to deactivate your account.

temporarily deactivate account

Step 3. Please read carefully what happens to your services and data when you deactivate your account. After that, click on Select reason dropdown at the bottom, select why you are deactivating your account, and click on Continue.

choose reason for deactivate account

Way 4. How to delete Apple ID permanently

If you don't want to use this Apple ID any longer, you can delete Apple ID permanently by visiting the Apple account privacy page. Follow the simple steps below to bid farewell to your Apple ID account.

Step 1. Open a new tab in your browser and head over to the Apple account privacy page. Log in to your account if you are not already logged in.

Step 2. Scroll down to locate Delete your account, and click Request to delete your account option in this section.

delete account

Step 3. You will be asked to read the consequences of deleting your account > You can click Select a reason dropdown menu, choose the reason why you are deleting your account, and click on the Continue button.

select reason for delete apple id

Follow the onscreen instructions, and your Apple account will be deleted.

Warm Note: Full Backup iPhone Before Removing Apple ID via FoneTool

Before taking any steps to delete your Apple ID, it's crucial to perform a full backup to ensure you don't lose important data. FoneTool offers a user-friendly solution. As a professional iOS device backup software, you can rely on it to easily backup everything or selective files from your iOS devices to computer.

What makes it stand out is that it supports to transfer data from one Apple ID to another Apple ID. Remember to fully backup your iPhone before removing Apple ID, so that you won't lose anything when you use a new account. Follow the steps below to know how to fully backup IPhone via FoneTool.

Step 1. Click the icon below to download FoneTool to your computer > Connect your iPad to PC via USB cable and run FoneTool.

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Step 2. Click Phone Backup > Mouse over to Full Backup and click Get Started.

Full Backup

Step 3. Please enable backup encryption for backing up personal data, like Health data and Keychain. Select a backup path and click Start Backup to begin the task.

Start Backup


Deleting your Apple ID without a password is a complex process with significant consequences. Each method outlined in this guide offers a different approach, from wiping your device to seeking assistance from Apple Support. It's crucial to carefully consider the implications of deleting your Apple ID and to explore alternative solutions before taking such drastic steps. Additionally, performing a full backup using FoneTool ensures that your data is secure and can be restored if needed. Always approach these processes with caution and seek professional guidance if necessary, ensuring a smooth and informed experience.

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