How to Transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business

Want to transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business? You may need this guide to know the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business and how to transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp business.

Demi by Demi Updated November 20, 2023
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Transfer from normal WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business

I am trying to move from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business. Will I lose all WhatsApp chat history when I transfer to WhatsApp Business, and how can I make it? Anybody can help me?

- Question from Apple Community

With more than 2 billion users using the app monthly, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular social networking platforms. And for small-scale business owners with limited requirements for messaging platform, WhatsApp Business is more suitable. If you’d like to use it for business purpose, like automating, sorting and responding to messages, you may wonder how to transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business on iPhone.

WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business

Is it possible to change normal WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business? And how can you convert WhatsApp account to a Business account? Keep reading this guide to get everything you concern.

Can you transfer WhatsApp messages to WhatsApp Business?

Firstly, you should know that the WhatsApp app and WhatsApp app are two different apps. Although the WhatsApp Business app is intended to feel and work just like the normal WhatsApp app, the WhatsApp Business app offers a variety of free features for small business owner to connect with customers and sell products and services.

Besides, You can’t use the same phone number with each app simultaneously, but it is possible to transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business. Moving your account information from WhatsApp to the WhatsApp Business app is simple and easy. To know how to make it, the next part will give you detailed instructions.

How to transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business

A step-by-step guide on how to change your WhatsApp account into a business account is provided below. To achieve your aim, follow each step to restore WhatsApp backup to WhatsApp Business.

Preparation: Have a backup!

The first step to ensuring that none of the previous discussions and media are lost during the conversion process is to backup the WhatsApp data. You may finish this by letting iCloud backup WhatsApp.

Step 1. Go to Settings on your iPhone > Tap your profile > Choose iCloud > Turn on the switches next to iCloud Drive and WhatsApp if they are not enabled.

iCloud Drive

Step 2. Open WhatsApp app on your iPhone > Go to its Settings from lower right corner > Tap Chats > Choose Chat Backup. Tap Back Up Now to create the latest WhatsApp backup.

iCloud WhatsApp backup

How to convert WhatsApp account to a business account

Step 1. Download app and approve the terms of service
Download the WhatsApp Business app from App Store. Launch the application, read the terms of service, and tap on the Agree & Continue message to move ahead.

Step 2. Register
The program will automatically recognize the current phone number you are using and want to convert to a business number. You may alternatively select "Use A Different Number" and proceed with the verification process as usual if you wish to use a different phone number.

Step 3. Complete the transfer process
Automatically, the transfer procedure will start to transfer data from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business. Before the transfer process is finished, the app must be kept open without the phone being locked, since this might obstruct and halt it. After a while, a data restoration option will show up; choose Continue/Restore to progress to the next stage.

Step 4. Create and start using WhatsApp Business account
 The number will be given a 6-digit code. This step can be bypassed if you have iCloud Keychain enabled. To activate your business account, complete the business profile and then press Done.

setup business account

Just in case, your WhatsApp is not restoring from iCloud due to unstable Internet connection, unknown iCloud error, etc. You can try the solutions in this linked article.


Hopefully, you have known how to transfer WhatsApp to WhatsApp Business, as well as how to change WhatsApp to Business account with backup after reading this guide. As you can see, utilizing WhatsApp will continue to be popular in the years to come. Hope you can now take full advantage of WhatsApp Business. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.


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