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Can I clone WhatsApp on iPhone?

I want to use two whatsapp numbers in my phone. Is there a way can help me clone WhatsApp on iPhone? Any help would be appreciated.

- Question from Reddit

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, which is used by billions of people on a daily basis. It allows you to chat with anyone just by knowing their phone number. With WhatsApp, you can easily get in touch with your customers, workmates, family and friends.

You can access anyone in one place, however, you may want to keep your personal and professional accounts separate into their own dual spaces. If you've ever tried, you'll see that WhatsApp doesn't allow you to log in to both accounts at the same time. So is WhatsApp clone possible?

Can you clone WhatsApp on iPhone?

Fortunately, WhatsApp clone in iPhone is possible. You can rely on WhatsApp clone app for iPhone to achieve the goal. These apps can be downloaded from App Store for free. If you have two SIM cards (or one SIM and an eSIM), you can easily create two WhatsApp accounts and use them on iPhone at the same time. Just keep reading to see how to clone WhatsApp on iPhone.

WhatsApp clone in iPhone 14/13/12

Let’s start to see how to use WhatsApp clone app for iPhone to clone WhatsApp. You can read first and then choose the right one according to your needs. If you want to clone WhatsApp to another iPhone/computer, please refer to the next part.

Tip 1. WhatsApp clone with WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is an official business-oriented version of WhatsApp. It offers all the features like your main WhatsApp and it also comes with some other features like auto-replies.

WhatsApp Business

You can go to App Store to download and install WhatsApp Business. After that, create or log in to your other account and you're ready to go. WhatsApp Business is a good choice if you want to keep your two WhatsApp accounts separate for personal and professional use.

Tip 2. WhatsApp clone with Dual Messenger for WhatsApp WA

Dual Messenger for WhatsApp WA is one app that lets you use your secondary WhatsApp account on the device. If you have already created a secondary WhatsApp account and it is running on your other phone, then you take advantage of this app to achieve WhatsApp clone in iPhone.

1. Download Dual Messenger for WhatsApp WA from App Store.

2. Launch the app and it will show you a QR code.

3. On your other phone, go to WhatsApp that has already logged into your other account > tap the three-dots icon > choose WhatsApp Web.

4. Scan the code with your other phone.

WhatsApp Web

You can find lots of WhatsApp clone app for iPhone in the Apple Store. In addition, you can try the ones that cannot be downloaded from the store, such as WhatsApp+++, WhatsApp Watusi, Dragon for WhatsApp.

These apps offer many essential features that are missing from WhatsApp, such as hiding online status, locking the WhatsApp app using a passcode or Touch ID, etc. You can configure your secondary account in these apps but this is not a recommended way unless you have no other choice.

Bonus: how to clone WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone/computer

With WhatsApp clone app for iPhone, you can use two accounts on one device. But if you want to clone data, then these apps are helpless. To clone WhatsApp data from iPhone to another iPhone or computer, you can try WhatsMover, one easy-to-use WhatsApp backup and transfer tool.

WhatsMover can help you quickly clone all WhatsApp data from iPhone to another one. If you choose to clone data to computer, then you can restore the backup to your device at any time.

With a stable USB connection, WhatsApp clone can be done quickly. Let’s start to see how to use this tool.

1. Download, install and launch WhatsMover on your computer > Connect the source iPhone to PC via USB.

2. After WhatsMover recognizes your device, click Back Up WhatsApp on Devices from the left pane > Click Back Up to continue.

Back Up

3. When the backup is completed, you will see a WhatsApp Messenger Backup Successful message > Click Done to confirm.

Backup completed

4. Unplug the source iPhone and plug in the target iPhone > Click Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup > Select the backup from the list and click Restore to Device to clone WhatsApp data.

Restore to Device

Final words

That’s all about WhatsApp clone in iPhone 14/13/12. WhatsApp Business is your first choice if you want to clone WhatsApp, after all, it’s one official app. Or you can try Dual Messenger for WhatsApp WA or some other apps out of the App Store. For WhatsApp data clone, WhatsMover is the way to go.

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