How Long does It Take to Upload Photos to iCloud: Answered

How much time does it take to upload photos to iCloud, especially for 1000 photos or more? Just find answers in this article! If the uploading speed is too slow for you, you can use FoneTool to speed up the upload process.

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 5, 2023
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How long does it take to sync photos to iCloud?

Hi all. I have 1600 photos and I need to upload all of them to my iCloud. It's been well over an hour now of "Uploading 1606 items" on my phone. Any idea how long it may take or am I being ridiculously impatient? Thanks!

- Question from Apple Community

As a valuable cloud storage service, iCloud helps Apple users to upload and download files from your device to back up or access data. With its sync function, you can browse iPhone data such as photos on iPad or another Apple device.


For photography enthusiasts, these are indeed great features. However, when you need to upload lots of photos to iCloud for backup, the network-based transfers might take a considerable amount of time to complete the task.

How long does it take to upload photos to iCloud?

The time it takes for the photo uploading process largely depends on the number of files you're uploading to iCloud, their size, and your internet connection speed.

During the process, when a thumbnail appears next to an uploaded picture, it indicates that the image has been successfully transferred. You can make a rough estimate of how much transfer time might be needed based on the frequency at which the upload file thumbnails appear.

upload photos to iCloud

How long does it take to upload 1000 photos to iCloud?

Based on the feedback from most Apple users' experiences, uploading 1000 photos to iCloud can take up to 6 to 8 hours. A poor internet connection can significantly extend the time required for uploads. But you can pause and later resume the process according to your schedule.

How to speed up the iCloud photo uploading process 

If your photos taking long to upload to iCloud, you can use a more efficient app - FoneTool to assist with your uploads in security.

enlightened Much faster upload speed: 100 photos can be uploaded to iCloud within 5 minutes.
enlightened Absolute security assurance:  14+ years of experience in safeguarding data security, minimizing the risk of data leaks to the utmost.
enlightened Reliable performance: As a web-based application,  iCloud often encounters usage errors. But FoneTool runs stably in the upload, download and deleting process.
enlightened Support various file formats: Uploading photos to iCloud might encounter issues with JPEG file uploads. But FoneTool supports various picture formats.

Now you can download it on your Windows PC to speed up your iCloud photo uploading process. Before the process, you need to transfer your iPhone/iPad photos to PC.

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Transfer iPhone/iPad photos to PC

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer via a reliable USB cable > If asks, tap Trust on your device to let the computer access your data.

Step 2. Launch FoneTool > Go to Phone Transfer > Choose iPhone to PC and click Get Started to continue.

transfer data to pc

Step 3. Check and click the Photos icon to preview and select the targeted pictures > Then click OK to continue.

select photos

Step 4. Click Transfer Settings to change the storage path > Click Start Transfer to start the process.

start transfer

Upload iPhone/iPad photos to iCloud

Step 1. Go to My iCloud > Log in with your Apple ID > Choose Manage iCloud.

manage iCloud

Step 2. Click the Photos icon > Choose Upload to continue.

upload icloud photos

Note: From this passage, you can easily access iCloud Drive on a PC.

Step 3. Choose the targeted files from the computer > Click Open to begin the task.

upload photos

enlightenedHow long does it take to upload 1000 photos to iCloud with FoneTool?
FoneTool allows you to upload 1000 photos to iCloud within 40 minutes.

Bonus: Faster iCloud alternative to back up iPhone/iPad 

Except for iCloud/iCloud Drive data management and iPhone/iPad data transfer features, FoneTool also offers full backup function to protect your iPhone/iPad.

yes Quick backup speed. FoneTool's transfer speed far exceeds that of other software in the same industry. 
yes No data loss. FoneTool only relies on a USB connection, which ensures absolute data security and all data will be kept in original quality.
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Now you can download FoneTool on your Windows PC and follow the instructions below to learn how to protect your iPhone/iPad data from loss.

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Step 1. Go to Phone Backup > Full Backup and click Get Started.

full backup

Step 2. Check Enable Backup Encryption as you like. Then select a storage path to save the backup and click Start Backup to begin the task.

confrim to fully backup iPhone/iPad

Once is backup is finished, you can go to Backup History and click Restore dot to restore your iPhone/iPad backup.

restore backup


Now you can know how long does it take to upload photos to iCloud. If you need to move a large number of files to iCloud, then you will spend too much time to wait for the upload. In this situation, FoneTool can help you efficiently upload iPhone/iPad photos to PC. If necessary, you can also use it to fully back up iPhone/iPad to avoid sudden data loss.

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