Best iCloud Photo Managers on Windows PC - User Friendly

If you want to find the best iCloud photo manager on Windows PC, options are here. This article listed 6 software to help you solve the question of how to manage icloud photo.

Clara by Clara Updated January 2, 2024
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Why Do You Need to Organize iCloud Photos on PC?

iCloud storage is like a digital attic, where a large amount of your data is backed up, including photos, etc. Using iCloud photo manager to organize these photos on your computer offers several advantages:

enlightened Easy Retrieval: Locate specific photos swiftly without the need to scroll through an extensive collection.

enlightened Optimized Storage Control: Download and delete photos to optimize your iCloud storage space.

enlightened Seamless Sharing: Easily share curated albums with friends and family.

Managing iCloud photos on a Windows PC can sometimes be a puzzle. In the next content, this guide will present 6 the best tools available for seamless iCloud photo management.

The Best iCloud Photo Manager on PC - 6 Software

To manage your iCloud photos easily, we list 6 software below. Let's dive into the best way to manage iCloud photos for Windows PC.

Option 1. Upload & Download & Delete iCloud Photos via FoneTool

FoneTool is a professional and user-friendly software to help you manage your iCloud data. No matter you want to upload photo to iCloud, download iCloud photos to pc/other hard drive, or selectively delete photos from iCloud, FoneTool can achieve these with some simple clicks.

It works with all iOS (Including the latest iOS version) devices such as iPhone 15/14/13/12, iPad Air/Pro/Mini, etc. And also support you in syncing files from one iCloud ID to another iCloud ID, or merge iCloud accounts.


  • Emphasize data security.
  • The process don’t damage the photo quality.
  • It can create backups of iCloud photos on their PC without data loss.
  • Easily and quickly transfer photos between your PC and iOS devices.
  • It also provides a feature to permanently delete data, including photos, messages, videos, etc.


  • It doesn't have a Mac version yet.

You can download FoneTool and follow the guide to manage your iCloud photos:

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Open FoneTool > Go to My iCloud on the home interface > Sign in to your iCloud account > Tap Manage iCloud.

icloud photo manager

Step 2. Choose the Photos icon > Then you can preview and select the photos. FoneTool allows you to Select All. > Tap Upload, Download, and Delete according to your needs.

icloud photo manager

Option 2. Manage iCloud Photos with Google Photos

Google Photos serves as a valuable tool for maintaining a well-organized and accessible digital photo library. With it, you can effortlessly manage and organize your iCloud photos while enjoying the added benefits of enhanced editing tools, easy sharing options, and cross-platform accessibility.

icloud photo manager


  • The user interface of Google Photos is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • It allows you to access and manage your iCloud photos seamlessly across various platforms.
  • You can enhance and edit your photos directly within the app.
  • Automatically back up your iCloud photos


  • Privacy concerns.
  • High-quality photos will be compressed.
  • May not align with users heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem.

Option 3. Use Apple Photos to Organize iCloud Photos

Utilizing Apple Photos for the organization of your iCloud photos offers a native and integrated solution, particularly within the Apple ecosystem. It seamlessly synchronizes with your iCloud Photo Library, enabling easy access and management across all Apple devices. Efficiently categorize and organize images into various folders, and leverage the Airdrop feature to import folders from your Mac computer directly to your iPhone.

icloud photo manager


  • Editing tools are free.
  • It sorts your image files into days and months.
  • It can automatically create photo reels with a particular theme.


  • Desktop version sometimes not working well.

Option 4. Use Syncios to Manage iCloud Photos

Syncios is a third-party software that facilitates seamless management of iOS devices, including iCloud photos. It provides a user-friendly interface and a variety of tools to manage iCloud photos efficiently. Liking organize, transfer, and back up iCloud photo library on a Windows PC.

icloud photo manager


  • Easy for users to navigate and manage their iCloud photos.
  • You can edit iCloud photos directly within it.
  • Share photos between your PC and iOS devices.


  • Designed for Windows PCs
  • Privacy and security concerns.
  • The free version of Syncios displays many ads.

Option 5. Sync iCloud Photos on PC with pCloud

Syncing iCloud photos on a PC with pCloud involves using the pCloud Drive application to create a virtual drive on your computer that is synchronized with your pCloud account. By syncing iCloud photos on your PC with pCloud, you create a seamless connection between your iCloud Photo Library and a versatile cloud storage solution, allowing you to access, organize, and share your photos with ease.

icloud photo manager


  • Editing capabilities.
  • pCloud Drive is available for Windows and MacOS.
  • It promots a seamless cross-platform experience.


  • Security concerns.
  • pCloud's free plan has storage limitations.
  • It relies on a stable internet connection.

Option 6. Manage iCloud Photos by MAGIX

MAGIX Photo Manager is a iCloud photo manager. You have the flexibility to manually import images or seamlessly transfer them wirelessly from various cloud storage services and directly from their smartphones.

icloud photo manager


  • Allow you to connect to iCloud and import photos
  • You can modify photos with MAGIX’s photo editing tools.
  • It uses AI to help you identify blurry images and multiple copies of the same photos.


  • Not often updated.
  • Difficult for new users.
  • Limited integration with iCloud features.

FAQs on iCloud Photos Management

After reading, you may also want to learn more about how to manage iCloud photo:

1. Can I organize my iCloud photos into folders?

While iCloud doesn't have folders, you can create and manage albums to organize your photos effectively. Use the "Albums" tab in the Photos app for better photo organization.

2. How to manage photos in iCloud storage on iPhone/iPad

If you want to Manage iCloud photo storage on your iPhone, you can go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos. Choose Optimize iPhone Storage to save space while keeping smaller versions of photos on your device.

3. Is there a limit to the storage capacity for iCloud photos?

iCloud offers storage plans of different capacities. Upgrade your plan if you exceed the free storage limit. Photos can be stored within the available space of your iCloud storage.


This guide provides you with 6 best iCloud photo managers for PC. Including the simplicity of FoneTool, the cross-platform convenience of Google Photos, the native experience with Apple Photos, the cloud synchronization of pCloud, the user-friendly interface of Syncios, or the advanced features by MAGIX. You can choose the tool that best aligns with your preferences for a seamless iCloud photo management experience.

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