Step-By-Step: 3 Ways to Transfer from Google Photos to iCloud

Here, we’ll walk you through a clear comparison of Google Photos & iCloud, as well as 3 effective methods to show you how to trasfer Google Photos to iCloud according to your different demands.

Demi by Demi Updated April 19, 2024
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Can you transfer Google Photos to iCloud?

Google Photos and iCloud are cloud storage services for photos and files. Google Photos emphasizes easy saving, online editing, and sharing. iCloud, by Apple, stores various files with auto-syncing across devices, providing seamless integration with Apple products. If you're considering a transfer from Google Photos to iCloud, you might wonder about the feasibility and the most effective ways to make the move.

google photos iCloud

Before we delve into the transfer methods, let's address a common question: Can you transfer Google Photos to iCloud? The short answer is yes, but the process is not as straightforward as dragging and dropping files.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into three step-by-step methods to transfer your cherished photos from Google Photos to iCloud, ensuring a seamless transition and preservation of your precious memories. Additionally, we'll explore a bonus method for backing up iPhone/iPad photos without storage limitations.

Way 1. Migrate Google Photos to iCloud via iCloud Photos sync

Utilizing iCloud Photos sync feature on your iPhone initiates a harmonious synchronization between Google Photos and iCloud. This method offers a hassle-free and continuous backup, ensuring your memories are securely stored in your iCloud account.

Download the Google Photos app on your iPhone to achieve Google Photos to iCloud transfer by following steps below.

Step 1. Download, install, and open Google Photos app on your iPhone > Go to Photos to long press to select photos you want to export.

Step 2. Tap the three-dot icon from the upper-right corner > Select Save to device to download selected images to your iPhone.

save to device

Step 3. Finally, make sure you’ve enabled iCloud Photos sync by going to Settings > your profile > iCloud > Photos > Sync this iPhone.

turn on sync this iphone

Once it is done, photos downloaded from Google Photos to iPhone will be synced to iCloud automatically in the background.

Way 2. One-click transfer all Google Photos to iCloud by FoneTool

If you don’t want to use Google Photos any longer, it will be a nice try to save files in Google Photos locally, and upload all or selective photos to iCloud as per your need.

And when it comes to large photo collections transfer, FoneTool's powerful iCloud data management function stands out. This method streamlines the process, making iCloud photos upload faster and more efficient, widely being welcomed by those seeking a straightforward and efficient solution. Here’s how you can transfer from Google Photos to iCloud.

Step 1. Download all photos via Google Takeout
• Go to Google Takeout and sign in with your Google account.

• Unselect all and tick Google Photos only on the page. Then click Next step at the bottom.

check google photos on google takeout

• Choose the file type, frequency, and destination. Then click Create export.

google takeout

Step 2. Upload Google Photos to iCloud via FoneTool
• Download, install, and launch FoneTool on your computer.

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• Go to My iCloud > Log in with your iCloud account > Choose Manage iCloud from the interface.

choose manage icloud

•  Click the Photos icon > Tap the Upload button to open the folder you save Google Photos.

upload photos

• Finally, tap Ctrl + A to choose all or select photos you’d like to transfer to iCloud > Click Open to begin the task.

start upload photos

More FoneTool functions
• Backup iPhone photos: Its Selective Backup function enables you to backup photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages to PC without storage limitation. The Bonus part will offer you detailed instructions.
• Delete duplicate photos: If you find there are large duplicate images downloaded from Google Photos, you can utilize FoneTool to quickly filter and delete duplicate photos on Windows.

Way 3. Export Google Photos to iCloud on Google/iCloud web

For users who prefer manual control and a direct web interface, exporting photos via Google and iCloud web offers a hands-on approach. By downloading your Google Photos and uploading them to iCloud Photos through the web interfaces, you gain control over the selection and transfer of specific photos.

No matter the device you are using, varying from iPhone, Android phone, to computer, here are the steps you can follow to make it.

Step 1. Open the web browser and visit > Sin in to your Google Account.

Step 2. Go to images from the upper left corner > Select the images you wish to export and press Shift+ or select Download from the menu.

download photos from google photos

Step 3. Visit > Sign in your iCloud account > Choose Photos from the interface.

choose photos on mainpage

Step 4. Click the upload icon on the upper side and upload what you’ve downloaded from Google Photos.

upload photos to icloud web

Bonus Tip: Backup iPhone/iPad photos without storage limitation

As a bonus tip, consider leveraging FoneTool for backing up your iPhone/iPad photos without storage limitations. FoneTool's seamless solution allows you to store your photos without worrying about storage constraints. This method offers a simple and efficient way to safeguard your memories. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Launch FoneTool, click Phone Backup from the left pane > Choose Selective Backup and click Get Started.

selective backup

Step 2. Click the Photos icon to preview and select photos you downloaded from WhatsApp > Click OK to confirm.


Step 3. Click Start Backup and your photos would be transferred to computer in seconds.

start backup photos


That’s all for how to transfer photos from Google Photos to iCloud. This step-by-step guide navigates you through three distinct methods, each tailored to your preferences. From the native iCloud Photos sync to the convenience of a one-click transfer via FoneTool and the manual control of exporting photos on Google and iCloud web, you'll find a method that suits your needs to complete the transfer from Google Photos to iCloud.

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