How to Backup Data from Android to Android - 6 Best Ways

This article describes how to backup data from Android to Android. After reading, you can learn the 6 best ways to move data from an old Android to a new Android easily.

Clara by Clara Updated December 12, 2023
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Want to Move Data from Old Android to New Android?

It's an exciting time indeed if you're looking to trade up to a new Android device, but we're also faced with an important question: How do you back up data from Android to Android to avoid data loss? As more and more personal information, contacts, photos, files, and other important data are stored on older devices, it becomes critical to ensure that this data is migrated securely and smoothly.

backup data from android to android

In the following article, we will walk you through the step-by-step method of backing up your Android device data and provide some helpful tips and advice to ensure that your data is transferred to your new device intact and securely.

How to Back up Android to Android - 6 Best Ways

In this section, you can learn the 6 best ways to achieve Android to Android Backup. Including backing up with Google Drive, Bluetooth, Google Photos, Google One, FoneTool, and Samsung Smart Switch. Let’s take a look!

Way 1. Back up Android Data to Android with Google Drive

If you want to back from Android to Android phone, the first way is to use Google Drive. Google automatically backs up your contacts, call logs, text messages, settings, and more to Google Drive, so you can restore all your data to your new phone just by signing in with your Google account during the initial setup. Check the instructions below:

Step 1. Open Settings > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to the System menu.

Step 2. Tap Backup > Ensure the toggle for Back up to Google Drive is turned on.

Step 3. Click START BACKUP to sync the latest data on the Android phone with Google Drive.

backup data from android to android

After the backup process is finished, you can go to your new Android phone and sign in to the same Google Account to restore the backups.

Way 2. Send Data Between Androids by Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that uses special radio frequencies to transmit data. It is a built-in feature of the phone. It allows you to backup Android to Android by creating a secure network over short distances. Data sync by using Bluetooth is not too difficult, you can follow the guide:

mail Note:

  • Bluetooth transmission requires distance between devices. It is recommended to keep your two devices as close as possible.
  • The process of transferring files via Bluetooth is very slow.
  • Sometimes the transfer fails due to some unknown reasons.

Step 1. Open the Bluetooth function on both Android devices > Make sure both your devices are visible to other devices.

backup data from android to android

Step 2. Use an Android device to search for another device's Bluetooth signal > Once completed, the device's name will appear under Available Devices.

Step 3. On the source phone, select your target Android’s name > On the target phone, tap Accept when you received a message > After that, the two devices will be paired.

Step 4. Open the file manager app to select the data you want to back up > Click the menu button > Tap the Bluetooth icon to share data from source Android to target Android.

You may also want to know how to Bluetooth from Android to iPhone.

Way 3. Move Data from Android to Android with FoneTool

If you don’t want to use the above method to sync your Android data, then you can follow the next steps to transfer your data. The FoneTool app provides a fast and stable way to transfer data between Androids, without consuming your cellular data, you can transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, and file app content. With the user-friendly interface, you can easily complete your tasks.

Besides, FoneTool also support you transfer data from Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android. You can download it and find more!

Step 1. Install and open FoneTool app on both your Android phones > Agree the tool to use WLAN. (No need to connect to a Wi-Fi, just need to turn on the Wi-Fi option.)

Step 2. On the Connect Device page, tap the device name on either device > And wait for your Android phones to establish a connection.

backup data from android to android

Step 3. On the source Android, go to File Transfer > Select the data you need to back up > Tap Send to begin.

backup data from android to android

Step 4. On your target phone, click Confirm to receive the files.

backup data from android to android

Way 4. Transfer Photos from Android to Android via Google Photos

In addition, if you want to back up some photos or videos, Google Photos is also a good choice. With the same Google account, Google Photos app allows you to easily and conveniently transfer photos or videos between Android devices. You can use Google Photos to upload photos from a source Android device to the cloud and then download them to the target Android device.

Here is the guide to move data from Android to Android backup:

Step 1. Open Google Photos on your Android.

Step 2. Click the profile picture in the upper-right corner > Tap Photos settings.

Step 3. Select Backup & sync > Make sure the Back up & sync option is set On.

Step 4. If you don't want your file quality to be compromised, remember to set the Backup mode to High quality.

backup data from android to android

Way 5. Back up the Android phone with Google One App

Google One provides an easy and convenient way to back up and restore data on your Android phone. By following the steps below, you can safely back up your important files, photos, contacts, messages, and other data and easily restore them to another Android device when needed. Check the steps below:

mail Note:

Google One gives you 15GB of storage for free. If you need more space, you can choose a paid plan.

Step 1. How to back up your old Android Phone

  • Download the Google One app from the Google Play Store > Open it and Sign in to with your Google account.
  • Tap Backup tab at the bottom of the screen > Initiate a backup by tapping the Backup now button > And follow the screen instruction to back up your Android.

backup data from android to android

Step 2. Restore the data on a new Android device

  • On your new Android phone, install the Google One app > Sign in with the same Google account used for backup.
  • During the setup process, you will be prompted to restore data from a previous device > Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your backed-up data.

Way 6. Switch Android Data to Android by Samsung Smart Switch

For Samsung Galaxy phones, there should be special methods here. Samsung officially provides an app "Smart Switch" with the help of which you can transfer all data from your old Galaxy phone to the new Galaxy phone.

Download Smart Switch on both Samsung phones and open it. Once paired you can use it to copy everything you need. Samsung Smart Switch even works offline, transferring all settings, messages, data, call history and background via USB-C-to-C cable.

If you want to transfer files from Samsung to PC, you can follow the guide to finish it.


That’s all about how to backup data from Android to Android. With some operations, you can back up data between Android devices. The 6 best methods are mentioned in the article to back up data from one Android device to another, and each method has its own advantages and convenience. Consider the type and amount of data you want to transfer and choose the appropriate method.

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