[3 Ways] How to Delete Photos from iCloud but not iPhone

Can you delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone? In this guide, you will be given three effective ways to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone in detail, so that you can save limited iCloud storage space.

Demi by Demi Updated November 29, 2023
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Upon creating a new Apple account, you're granted a generous 5 GB of free iCloud storage. However, as you enable media, device, and app backup on your iPhone and iPad, it's all too easy to fill up this iCloud storage space. Clearing iCloud storage is a necessary task, but it can also carry the unintended consequence of inadvertently erasing cherished memories. So can you delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone?

delete photos from icloud but not iphone

Here, we'll explore the best methods to remove photos from your iCloud while safeguarding your precious memories on iPhone. The default Photos app on your iPhone and iPad offers a seamless iCloud integration, automatically sync your photos and videos to the platform – provided you've activated iCloud sync on both devices. If, for any reason, you'd like to discontinue this sync to free up space, continue reading to discover how to delete photos from iCloud without affecting the ones on your iPhone.

1# Delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone - iCloud website

If your goal is to conserve your iCloud storage or avoid incurring additional costs for iCloud space, this method is a straightforward way to delete photos from iCloud without affecting your iPhone. Nevertheless, it's crucial to double-check that you've disabled iCloud Photos before proceeding with this process.

Follow the steps below to learn how to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone.

Step 1. Check and turn off iCloud Photos
• Open the Settings app on your iPhone > [your name] > Select iCloud > Choose Photos > Toggle off the switch next to Sync This iPhone.

turn off sync this iphone

• When a window prompt, select Download Photos & Videos to keep a copy of your iCloud photos on your iPhone.

download photos and videos

Step 2. Delete photos from iCloud website
Once you've secured a backup of your iCloud media library on your iPhone, you're ready to take the next step and delete photos from iCloud. This can be accomplished by visiting the website of iCloud.

• Go to the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID > Click Photos from the homepage.

delete photos from icloud

• Use Ctrl + Alt keyboard shortcut to select photos you’d like to delete from iCloud > Click the Trash icon at the top-right-corner to delete photos from iCloud.

delete photos from icloud web

Bonus step: Permanently delete iCloud Photos
Deleted iCloud photos will be moved to the Recently Deleted folder, and you can recover them within 30 days. You can also permanently delete photos from iCloud by going to the Recently Deleted > Tap Select All > Delete to make it.

delete from recently delted

2# Delete all photos from iCloud but not iPhone - Disable and delete iCloud Photos

If iCloud Photos isn't your cup of tea and you'd like to disable it across all your Apple devices, there's an option tailored for you. Aptly named 'Disable and Delete,' this feature takes the decisive step of clearing out all your iCloud-stored photos and videos, effectively reclaiming precious space in your iCloud account.

What's reassuring is that your cherished photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad remain untouched, thanks to the harmonious interplay of two essential iCloud settings: 'Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage' and 'Download and Keep Originals'.

Here’s how to delete all photos from iCloud but not iPhone.
Go to your iPhone Settings > Tap [your name] > Choose iCloud > Manage Account Storage > Photos > Tap Disable & Delete.

disable and delete icloud photos

After 30 days, they will be deleted permanently from iCloud, which in turn will remove it from all connected devices. To undo the action, navigate to the same path again, and click on Undo Disable & Delete.

Besides, when you disable iCloud using this feature, you will notice that iCloud Photos is still on. But don’t worry as it doesn’t do anything. That is, any new photo will sync with iCloud. Moreover, iCloud Photos will automatically turn off after 30 days. Think of it as preventive measure where you have paused the iCloud for 30 days after which it will be disabled.

3# One-click delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone - FoneTool

When it comes to effectively managing your iCloud storage and deleting photos from icloud but not iPhone, it's essential to strike a balance. While freeing up space is crucial, you also want to avoid losing any of the images you delete from iPhone. In this scenario, the ideal solution lies in the use of FoneTool.

FoneTool offers a solution that safeguards your precious photos. It enables you to access all iCloud photos, and deleted unwanted photos from iCloud directly, ensuring iPhone won't delete your photos.

Free download FoneTool to your computer by clicking the icon below, make sure you've disabled iCloud Photos sync on iPhone and follow the simply steps below to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone via FoneTool.

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Step 1. Backup photos from iPhone to PC (Optionally)
Backup iPhone photos to PC in advance, and even if you lose your data, you have a backup to restore it. Besides, FoneTool is a nice iCloud alternative to backup iPhone files without storage space limitation.

• Launch FoneTool, choose Phone Backup > Click Get Started under Selective Backup to select photos.

select photos

• Choose any local folders, USB, external hard drives from Backup Storage Path to save the backup photos > Click Start Backup to begin the task.

click photos icon

Step 2. Delete photos from iCloud

• Choose My iCloud from FoneTool menu bar > Sign in with your iCloud account > Enter the verification code prompted on your iPhone to confirm.

sign in iCloud account

• Click Photos > Preview and choose photos you'd like to delete from iCloud > Click Delete button at the top of the screen to make it.

delete photos


That’s all for three ways to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone. You can choose to complete the deletion by visiting the website of iCloud or using a third-party tool like FoneTool. If you don’t want to use iCloud Photos on all your Apple devices, you can also choose to disable and delete iCloud Photos from all your devices.

Feel free to choose one of the methods introduced in this guide as per your needs. If you have any other queries, suggestions, or feedback, contact us 24/7.


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