4 Easy Ways to Delete All Songs from Apple Music Library

This post will show you how to delete all songs from Apple Music library on iOS, Mac, or PC. By doing this, you can free up some storage to speed up your device.

May by May Updated February 6, 2024
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How to delete everything I have in Apple Music library?

I hope to delete all the songs in my Apple music library and start over. However, I can only find how to delete all iPhone downloads online. Is there a way to completely delete all songs from Apple Music library? Thanks!

- Question from Reddit

If you are a music enthusiast, you may have accumulated hundreds or thousands of songs on Apple Music, and they will take up a lot of iPhone storage. You may want to be able to quickly and completely clear all the music you no longer listen to.

Congratulations you have come to the right place, we provide you with three easy ways to delete all songs from Apple Music Library. And you don't need to delete a large number of songs one by one anymore, which can be very time-consuming.

How to Delete All Songs from Apple Music Library with Ease

You may have noticed that Apple doesn't provide an easy way to delete multiple or all songs directly from your music library with one click. Don't worry, this article will provide 4 simple ways to help you remove all songs from Apple Music library safely.

1. Quickly Delete All Music from the Library at Once [Easiest]

The easiest and quickest way is to use a third-party software, FoneTool, which can manage your iOS device on your computer and delete all songs from Apple Music Library at once permanently. With this tool, you can even selectively delete photos, messages, contacts and other 10+ types of files on your iPhone/iPad.

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Download FoneTool and connect your iPhone to your PC by tapping Trust, go on to learn how to remove all songs from Apple Music library.

Step 1. Launch FoneTool choose Toolbox, and then select the Erase private data to click Get Started.

Erase iPhone private data

Step 2. Tap the Music option > click the Start Erase button to delete all music on your device.

Delete All Music on iPhone

💡Tip: Whether you need to erase everything on your devices before selling or giving away your iPhone to prevent privacy leakage, you can go to Toolbox > Erase all data to complete the task with one click.

2. Delete All Songs and Albums from Library via Apple Music App

You can remove Apple Music songs directly from the Apple Music app if you no longer want to listen to a song. Here’s a step-by-step guide to clear entire Apple Music library:

Step 1. Launch the Music app on your device and tap Library to access your entire music library. (Here you’ll find your collection organized by artists, genres, playlists, or individual songs.)

💡Tip: If you see a cloud icon next to a song, it means that the song is already stored in iCloud, which doesn't take up the iPhone local storage. You can head to learn how to delete data from iCloud.

Step 2. Go to Downloaded and then Songs > Press and hold a song or tap the three-dots icon next to its name > Choose Remove from the pop-up menu.

Step 3. Choose Remove Download to delete the local file to free some space or choose Delete from Library to delete this song from your Apple Music.

Delete All Songs via Apple Music App

By following these steps, you can easily delete Apple Music songs and playlists according to your preferences.

3. Delete All Locally-Stored Apple Songs with Settings App

To get rid of songs you don’t want to listen to anymore, bulk deletion is a handy feature in this case, Fortunately, you can use the Settings app to delete all songs from Apple Music playlist. Please follow the steps below to do that:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device. Then, navigate to General > iPhone Storage or iPad Storage.

Step 2. Choose Music and tap Edit. Then, click the minus (-) icon next to All Songs > tap Delete to remove all downloaded songs.

Delete All Songs with Settings

4. Delete All Songs from Apple Music Library Using iTunes

How to delete all songs from the Apple library on Mac? You can use iTunes to delete songs in Apple Music library categorized by playlist, artist, genre, and album. It should be noted that this method can only allow songs to be deleted from iPhone playlists, but not delete all songs from iTunes library.

Step 1. Download and launch the latest iTunes on your computer to connect your iPhone

Step 2. Tap the iPhone icon in the top left corner and select Summary in the left panel.

Step 3. Make sure the Manually manage music and videos option is checked. Then click on Songs in the left panel.

Step 4. Right-click to select the songs you want to delete, then click Delete from Library, and repeat until all are deleted.

Delete all songs from Library with iTunes

Bonus Tip: Backup Favorite Songs Before Deleting All Library

It takes a long time to recapture the music after emptying the Apple music library, so we recommend that you back up your favorite songs in advance. This ensures easy recovery when needed, and also makes it easy to get a list of music quickly when you change devices.

Backup iOS device data for free with the powerful FoneTool now, you can selectively backup and transfer purchased and non-purchased songs from your iPhone to computer.

Step 1. Run FoneTool, choose Phone Backup > Selective Backup > Get Started.

Selective Backup iPhone

Step 2. Click the Music icon to preview and select songs you want to backed up, tap OK to return. Finally click Start Backup to confirm.

Backup iPhone music

After you have deleted all the songs in your Apple Music library, you can also go to Backup History > Restore to restore your Apple Music library to any device.

Restore song to iPhone

FAQs on Deleting Music from Apple Music Library

Here are 3 frequently asked questions about deleting all songs from the Apple Music Library, along with their answers:

The Bottom Line

The above 4 methods can help you delete all songs from Apple Music Library with ease. FoneTool is highly recommended here. Not only can it help you delete all the music from your iPhone, but it can also make a music backup in case you want to get back some of your deleted songs.

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