How to Delete Audiobooks from iPod touch/iPod Nano

This guide will show you how to delete audiobooks from iPod, including the method to delete audiobooks from iPod touch without computer.

Lena by Lena Updated July 13, 2023
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way to delete Audiobook from iPod nano?

Is there a way that I can delete an audiobook off of my iPod nano (6th gen) and not delete it off of my iTunes account? This way I could go back and listen to it again but not have it taking up space on my iPod?

- Question from Apple Community


How to remove audiobooks from iPod

I have a number of audiobooks in my iTunes library that were bought off the iTunes store. I don't want these audiobooks on my iPod touch, so therefore I uncheck the Audiobooks entry on the Music tab of my iPod when it's plugged into iTunes. However, these audiobooks are still synced with to my iPod. What's going on here? Is there no way to keep the audiobooks of the iPod?

- Question from MacRumors Forums

Want to delete audiobooks from iPod?

Audiobooks offer a convenient option for those who find it challenging to read while driving or engaging in other activities. If you often enjoy listening to audiobooks on your iPod, you may encounter a problem. Unlike other Android devices, iPods have limited storage space and cannot be expanded with an SD card. Consequently, it becomes necessary to delete audiobooks from your device.

Fortunately, there are various methods to accomplish this task. You can manually delete individual audiobooks, remove an entire collection at once, or opt for a thorough and permanent elimination to ensure no traces are left behind. Let’s start to see how to delete audiobooks from iPod.

How to delete audiobooks from iPod touch without computer

As an iPod touch user, you can delete audiobooks directly from your device. Just read to see how to delete audiobooks from iPod touch.

1. Start by opening the Books app on your iPhone.

2. Once inside, navigate to the bottom of the screen and tap on "Library".

3. Now, it's time to pinpoint the specific item you desire to delete from your collection. In case the item belongs to a series, you might need to first open the series to access it.

4. To proceed, locate the "Edit" option located at the upper-right corner of the screen. Give it a gentle tap.

Edit audiobooks

5. Select the audiobooks you want to delete and tap the Trash button.

6. Tap Remove Download to delete audiobooks.

How to delete all audiobooks from iPod touch

To effectively delete all audiobooks from iPod touch, FoneTool is an excellent solution. The major benefit of utilizing this software is its ability to make deleted data completely irretrievable. This guarantees that your personal and sensitive information remains permanently erased and securely safeguarded.

It not only allows you to permanently delete audiobooks, but also provides the functionality to erase a wide range of other file types, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more.

Check to see how to remove audiobooks from iPod touch.

1. Download, install and launch FoneTool > Connect your iPod touch to computer via USB cable.

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2. Choose Toolbox > Choose Data Eraser > Go to Erase private data.

Ersae private data

3. Select Audiobooks > Enable Deep Erase Technology if you want to permanently delete audiobooks.

4. Finally, click Start Erase to delete all audiobooks from your iPod touch.

Erase audiobooks

FoneTool offers a robust and reliable solution to securely delete data on your device. You can also use this tool to delete unwanted files on iPhone and iPad. With this advanced software, you can rest easy knowing that your deleted audiobooks and other data are permanently erased and cannot be retrieved.

💡 Furthermore, FoneTool allows for seamless data transfer between your iDevice and computer. If necessary, you can go to Phone Transfer to transfer various media files like music, photos, videos, and more. This versatile tool supports both purchased and non-purchased items, making it ideal for all your data transfer needs.

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How to delete audiobooks from iPod using iTunes

For iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic users, Apple does not provide a built-in feature to help you directly delete audiobooks from the device itself. To delete audiobooks from your iPod using the iTunes app, here are the steps you can follow:

1. Begin by connecting your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, iTunes should automatically launch on your computer. In case it doesn't open automatically, you can manually select the iTunes option on your device.

2. Once iTunes is open, locate and select the "Devices" option within the app window. From there, choose "Books" and you will be presented with a list of all your audiobooks.

3. Identify the audiobooks you wish to remove and proceed to delete them from your device.

Delete audiobooks iTunes

How to delete audiobooks from iPod on Mac

If you own a Mac, you can follow the steps below to delete audiobooks from iPod.

1. Launch the Books app on your Mac device.

2. Locate the "Library" section in the sidebar and navigate to it. Find the specific audiobook you wish to remove. If the audiobook is part of a series, you may need to expand the series to locate it.

3. Click on the audiobook to select it.

4. On the top menu bar of your screen, locate and click on "Edit". Then, select "Delete" from the available options.

5. A confirmation prompt will pop up on your screen. Confirm the deletion by clicking on "Delete".

Final words

That’s all about how to delete audiobooks from iPod touch, iPod Nano. To free up storage space on your iPod, there are four methods for deleting audiobooks. Each method serves a different purpose. All of the methods are designed to create more space on your device, while FoneToo offers a comprehensive solution for permanently deleting data and protecting your privacy.

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