How to Fix Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen

Discover quick and effective solutions to rid your iPhone screen of annoying horizontal lines, ensuring a seamless visual experience.

Demi by Demi Updated January 16, 2024
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The iPhone, a pinnacle of modern technology, has redefined the way we interact with our digital world. However, encountering horizontal lines on the iPhone screen can be a perplexing experience for users.

horizontal lines on iphone screen

In this extensive guide, we will explore the underlying reasons behind the appearance of these horizontal lines and provide detailed solutions to rectify this visual anomaly. From understanding the causes to implementing effective fixes, let's embark on a journey to restore the visual integrity of your iPhone.

Why Are There Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen?

1. Hardware Issues:

   - Example Scenario: Internal hardware malfunctions, such as a faulty display or graphics processing unit, can result in the appearance of horizontal lines.

   - Statistics: Hardware-related issues contribute to a significant percentage of reported iPhone screen problems, according to repair data from iFixit.

2. Impact or Pressure Damage:

   - Example Scenario: Dropping the iPhone or subjecting it to excessive pressure can cause internal damage, leading to the manifestation of horizontal lines.

   - Statistics: Accidental damage, including drops, is reported by a substantial portion of iPhone users, as indicated by SquareTrade's study.

3. Software Glitches or Bugs:

   - Example Scenario: Software-related issues, including bugs or glitches in the iOS operating system, may lead to the appearance of horizontal lines.

   - Statistics: Software-related problems account for a considerable percentage of iPhone screen issues, according to user reports compiled by TechCrunch.

4. Electromagnetic Interference:

   - Example Scenario: External factors, such as exposure to strong electromagnetic fields, can interfere with the iPhone's display, causing visual anomalies.

   - Statistics: While less common, electromagnetic interference can contribute to screen issues, as reported by users in various forums.

5. Loose or Damaged Internal Connections:

   - Example Scenario: Loose or damaged internal connections between the display components and the iPhone's motherboard can result in horizontal lines.

   - Statistics: Internal connection issues, though relatively rare, are reported in cases where the iPhone has undergone physical stress.

How to Fix Horizontal Lines on iPhone Screen

1. Restart Your iPhone:

Press and hold the power button until the "slide to power off" slider appears. Turn off the iPhone, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.

A soft restart can address temporary glitches or software issues that may be causing the horizontal lines.

2. Update iOS:

Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update" and install the latest iOS updates.

Keeping your iOS up to date ensures that you benefit from bug fixes and improvements that may resolve visual anomalies.

3. Check for Physical Damage:

Visually inspect the iPhone screen for any signs of cracks, impacts, or pressure damage.

Identifying physical damage is crucial, as it may require professional repair or component replacement.

4. Perform a Hard Reset:

Depending on the iPhone model, initiate a hard reset by pressing and holding specific buttons (e.g., power button + volume down/up) until the Apple logo appears.

A hard reset can help address more persistent software glitches that may be causing display anomalies.

5. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings:

In "Settings" > "General" > "Reset," choose "Erase All Content and Settings." Ensure you have a backup before proceeding.

Restoring the iPhone to factory settings can eliminate persistent software issues, but this should be a last resort due to data loss.

6. Check for Electromagnetic Interference:

Identify and avoid environments with strong electromagnetic fields, such as areas with heavy electronic equipment.

Minimizing exposure to electromagnetic interference can prevent visual anomalies on the iPhone screen.

7. Seek Professional Repair:

If the issue persists, visit an authorized Apple service center for a thorough hardware inspection.

Professional technicians can identify and address hardware-related issues that may be causing horizontal lines.

8. Inspect Internal Connections:

Seek assistance from an authorized Apple service provider or a skilled technician to open the iPhone and inspect internal connections.

Loose or damaged internal connections can be addressed through professional repair, ensuring proper connectivity.

9. Contact Apple Support:

Reach out to Apple Support online or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store for further If the issue persists, professional support from Apple can diagnose and address more complex problems.

Additional Tips and Considerations

1. Use a Sturdy Case:

Invest in a high-quality protective case to minimize the risk of physical damage from drops or impacts.

2. Avoid Exposure to Extreme Conditions:

Protect your iPhone from exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, or other environmental factors that may impact its performance.

3. Regular Backups:

Regularly back up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes to safeguard your data in case a factory reset becomes necessary.

4. Understand Warranty Coverage:

Check your iPhone's warranty status and understand the coverage provided for potential repairs or replacements.


Navigating the presence of horizontal lines on the iPhone screen requires a methodical approach, addressing both software and hardware aspects. By understanding the reasons behind this visual anomaly and implementing effective fixes, users can restore their iPhone's display to its optimal state. Stay informed, take proactive measures, and embrace the evolving landscape of smartphone technology with confidence.

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