[Top 6 Ways] Fix iPhone Face ID Not Working with Mask

Don’t know How to fix iPhone Face ID with mask not working issue? 6 latest ways and a useful tool are listed here to solve the problem quickly.

Kathy by Kathy Updated November 3, 2023
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Why iPhone 11 Face ID not working with mask?

Why doesn't iPhone 11 get Face ID unlock with face mask on in the iOS 15.4 update? I need some solutions to make it. Thanks.

- Question from Reddit

When Face ID with a Mask is enabled, it focuses on analyzing the distinctive features around your eyes. With this functionality, you can continue to utilize Face ID for various purposes, such as authenticating apps, unlocking your iPhone, and using Apple Pay.

use face id with a mask

And this passage will guide you on how to set up the feature or how to fix the iPhone Face ID not working with mask issue.

How to set up Face ID to unlock iPhone with face masks

Before the process, it's essential to note that this feature is accessible on iPhone models from the 12 series and newer running iOS 15.4 or later. So if you are using an iPhone 11 or an earlier model, this function is not supported on your device. Now you can follow the steps below to set up it.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Click Face ID & Passcode > Locate and turn on Face ID with a Mask > If asked, choose Use Face ID & with a Mask > Follow the on-screen instructions to input your facial information.

change face id settings

How to fix iPhone Face ID not working with mask

If you encounter difficulties using Face ID to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, you can try the following 6 solutions to resolve the issue.

Method 1. Check your Front camera

If you have a phone case or protective cover on your device, it's crucial to ensure that there are no obstructions near or around the front camera, which Apple refers to as the TrueDepth camera. Failure to do so might trigger an on-screen notification that reads 'Camera covered' with an arrow indicating the TrueDepth camera.

front camera

Alternatively, you can softly clean the camera lens to check for smudges or fingerprints. This will help ensure a clear view for proper identification.

Method 2. Add your glasses

If you wear glasses, you can improve Face ID's accuracy by adding your glasses to the system. To do this, access the Face ID & Passcode screen and tap on Add Glasses. Then, perform an additional facial scan while wearing your glasses.

The Face ID with a Mask feature is not compatible with sunglasses. However, if you own an Apple Watch, you can use it as an alternative method. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Find and switch on the option next to your device under the Unlock with Apple Watch option.

unlock with apple watch

Method 3. Don’t pull the mask up

The Face ID with a Mask feature may not function if your mask obstructs the iPhone's ability to scan the eye area. To address this, consider adjusting your mask slightly lower and see if that solves the issue.

Method 4. Restart iPhone

Rebooting your phone may be helpful in solving issues with Face ID not unlocking when wearing a mask.

Just press and hold either volume button and the side button simultaneously until the power-off slider appears > Drag the power-off slider to the right to turn off your device. 30 seconds later, you can press and hold the side button to turn on your iPhone.

restart iphone

Method 5. Reset Face ID

You also have the option to reset Face ID for a fresh attempt. Simply navigate to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Reset Face ID. Afterward, follow the official instructions provided by Apple to reconfigure Face ID.

Method 6. Update software

If you are experiencing the iPhone Face ID with mask not working issue, one possible cause might be an outdated iOS system. Updating the software can be an effective solution to solve the problem.

However, it's important to note that system updates can carry a risk of unexpected data loss such as voice memos. Therefore, it is advisable to back up your iPhone data before the process.

Fully back up iPhone

When it comes to iPhone backup, FoneTool offers a valuable solution. This iPhone data management software distinguishes itself by providing a user experience that surpasses what iCloud and iTunes can deliver.

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Come and download FoneTool on your Windows PC and you can easily back up your iPhone within 3 steps.

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Step 1. Connect the iPhone to your computer via USB > You may need to tap Trust on iPhone to let your computer access data on the device.

Step 2. Open FoneTool, and click Phone Backup > Go to Full Backup > Click Get Started.

start to fully back up

Step 3. Check Enable Backup Encryption if necessary. Then select a storage path by clicking Backup Storage Path to save the backup and click Start Backup to begin.

confrim to back up

Tip: You can change the path to directly back up your iPhone to an external hard drive.

Update the software

You can now update your iPhone without any concern about data loss.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone > Select General > Tap on Software Update > Your iOS device will then check for available updates. If any updates are found, tap Download and Install to initiate the process.

Note: If your device is unable to check for update, you can go to this page to find solutions: 9 Ways to Fix iPhone/iPad Unable to Check for Update

Once the update is complete, then you can open FoneTool again, and go to Backup History > Choose Restore to restore your iPhone backup right now.

restore backup

Final words

For people who don’t know how to fix the iPhone Face ID not working with mask issue, you can find solutions in this passage to solve your problem. If there is an outdated iOS system running on your iPhone, it’s better to update it. Before the process, don’t forget to back up your iPhone to avoid sudden data loss.

With the rich-feature FoneTool, you can also use the WhatsApp-backup feature to back up your WhatsApp on iPhone without opening it.

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