Free: How to Record Your Own Ringtones and Set It for iPhone

Learn the ins and outs of recording your own ringtones in this comprehensive guide. From choosing the right software to adding special effects, we've got you covered. Let your phone stand out with a custom ringtone!

Clara by Clara Updated June 27, 2024
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Recording your own ringtones

Hi! Can I record my own ringtone for iPhone? I want to record my three-year-old son's voice as my ringtone.... Can't seem to figure it out. Please help. I use an iPhone 15 with the latest iOS version.

- Question from Apple Community

Can You Record A Song And Make It A Ringtone iPhone?

Although Apple offers a variety of pleasant ringtones, you might find them a bit monotonous since many users have the same ones. Fortunately, you can create a custom ringtone, setting your favorite song, your child's singing, or any other sound you love as your ringtone.

So, how to record your own ringtone for iPhone and set it as your iPhone ringtone? The following article will provide detailed instructions. Continue reading to discover how to make your ringtone more interesting and enjoyable.

How to Record Your Own Ringtones with Voice Memo

recording your own ringtones, the first thing is to create an audio file you like. You can use the Voice Memo app to help you. It is a built-in application for iOS devices, including the latest iPhone and earlier models. This app can record external audio on iOS devices, allowing you to create ringtones.

mail Note:

  • Ensure there is no background noise interfering when recording audio.
  • The default audio recorder struggles to capture internal audio. It stops recording as soon as you play music on your iPhone.

Step-by-step Guide: Recording Your Own Ringtones on iPhone

Now, you can check the below steps to make your own ringtones.

Step 1. On your iPhone, open Voice Memos app > Tap the Record button (red button) to start recording.

voice memo app

Step 2. Click the Stop button to pause the recording > Or you can tap the Record button again to continue.

Step 3. Tap the Play button to preview the recording > Then hit the Done button to finish the recording > Name it so you can locate it easily.

Step 4. Locate and tap on the recording you want to make ringtone > Tap on the Share icon > Click on Save to Files.

create voice memo on iphone

If you need to transfer the voice memo to your computer, you can tap on the recorded file > Click Share > Select the Mail option and send the voice memo as an attachment > Then download the file on your computer. The detailed steps are provided in this post: How to Send Large Voice Memos from iPhone to Email Easily

How to Set A Recorded Song as An iPhone Ringtone

Now that you have finished recording, there is one more thing you need to do to set it as a ringtone on your iPhone. You need to convert the voice memo recording from "m4a" to the "m4r" format supported by iPhone ringtones.

iPhone users might first consider using GarageBand. This free app allows you to easily set audio files as ringtones. Additionally, GarageBand provides a recorder with a microphone button, enabling you to record audio directly. Once you're done, you can export or share the audio within the app and set it as a ringtone.

How to Custom iPhone Ringtones with GarageBand

Check the step-by-step guide to learn how to make a ringtone on iPhone with GarageBand.

Step 1. Open the GarageBand app on iPhone > Tap the + icon to create a new project.

Step 2. Select Audio Recorder from the instrument options > Tap on the Tracks view icon (looks like a brick wall) to switch to the tracks view.

Step 3. Tap on the loop icon > Go to the Files tab > Click Browse items from the Files app.

tap project

Step 4. Locate your Voice Memo recording and tap it to import it into GarageBand.

Step 5. Edit the recording > Trim and edit the audio as needed to ensure it is less than 30 seconds long (ringtones must be 30 seconds or shorter).

trim the song

Step 6. After finishing editing, tap the downward arrow to save it to My songs.

Step 7. Tap and hold your project until a menu appears, then select Share > Choose Ringtone option > Name your ringtone and tap Export.

choose ringtone

Step 8. After exporting, you’ll be prompted to use the ringtone. You can set it as your standard ringtone, assign it to a contact, or simply save it for later use.

An Easier Way to Make A Song Your Own iPhone Ringtone - Free!

If you think the steps to set audio as ringtone on your iPhone using GarageBand are too complicated, why not consider a simpler way? Since you can share your recorded ringtones to your computer via email, FoneTool can help you.

This is a professional iPhone data management tool that is specifically designed for ringtone management and transfer. It can help you easily create custom iPhone ringtones and convert voice memos to ringtones on iPhone. All you need to do is select the recording, and FoneTool will help you in a few minutes. In addition, you can easily transfer ringtones from computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod.

  1. ✍ Ease of Use: With a user-friendly interface, you can directly convert the recording files to m4r and send it to iPhone ringtones setting directly.
  2. ✍ Multiple File Formats Supported: FoneTool supports you editing audio files in various formats, including m4a, mp3, m4b, m4p, m4r, aif, aiff, flac, wav, and aac.
  3. ✍ Flexible Source File Choices: You can choose source files from your iPhone or Windows PC.
  4. ✍ Fast Ringtone Transfer Feature: You can quickly transfer 100+ ringtones to iPhone in seconds without the need for complex editing.

Simple Steps to Make Recording to Your Ringtone Easily

Now, you can tap the below button to free download FoneTool, and follow the guide to make recording to ringtone with ease.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Link iPhone and computer with USB cable > Open FoneTool > Click Toolbox > Select Ringtone Maker to continue.

ringtone maker

Step 2. Tap Select from computer to locate your voice memo files on the computer. If you prefer to access the songs on the iPhone directly, you can tap Select from device.

choose music from device

Step 3. Edit the music as you like > After that, tap on Save to Device to save it > Name the ringtone and tap Save on the pop-up window.

save music to device

Step 4. Set the voice memo as a ringtone by going to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone.

ringtone setting


That’s all about how to record your own ringtones and set it for iPhone. With the detailed guide, you can easily record the audio file and the use professional tool to set the songs as your iPhone ringtones. You can use GarageBand on your iPhone, or choose the easier way to make ringtones with FoneTool, which allows you to create and transfer ringtones effortlessly.

Hope you can create unique ringtones and enhance your iPhone experience!

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