[Easily] How to Restart iPhone 15/14/13/12 Without Screen

This article shows you 3 easy ways to restart iPhone without screen. You can use these ways to force shutdown iPhone 15/14/13/12 without the home button, or other iOS devices.

Clara by Clara Updated November 2, 2023
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Why Do You Need to Restart iPhone Without Accessing the Screen?

When you want to restart your iPhone to solve the lagging or unresponsive application issues, but you find that the "Slide to power off" switch does not appear on the screen, you can't restart your iPhone. Is it possible to restart iPhone without screen?

restart iphone without screen

Yes, you can! If your iPhone screen doesn't respond to touch or your iPhone screen is broken, don't worry, in this article, we will explain how to restart an iPhone without screen. Read on for more details!

How to Force Restart iPhone Without Touching the Screen

In the next part, this article provides 3 methods below to force shutdown iPhone without screen. You can choose the ways according to your needs.

Way 1. Reboot iPhone 15/14/13/12 with Buttons

When your iPhone screen is not working or is frozen, the first way to force restart iPhone without screen is to utilize the buttons. Once you restart your iPhone, you can solve the screen froze issues and some software problems. Check the below ways to force reboot the iPhone with Buttons (Support iPhone 15/14/13/12/X, and iPhone 8 series).

Step 1. Press the Volume Up key and release it quickly.

Step 2. Quickly press the Volume Down button and release it.

Step 3. Then please press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo glows on the screen > Wait for a while to let the iPhone restart.

restart iphone without screen

Different iPhone models have different steps to force restart, we list the methods to force restart the earlier iPhone models in the FAQs below.
If your iPhone force restart not working, you can click this link to find answers.

Way 2. Restart iPhone Without Touching Screen via iTunes

Another way to restart iPhone without screen is through iTunes. When you use iTunes to restore or update the iOS device, your iPhone will shut down and then restart automatically without touching the screen.

Note: This process will erase the iPhone data. Before you use iTunes to restore or update, you’d better backup iPhone to avoid losing the crucial files.

Preparation: A Free Way to Backup iPhone Without Data Loss

Considering the slow sync speed of iTunes, and the limited free backup space provided by iCloud, we strongly recommend you to use a third-party iOS backup software to save your data. 

FoneTool is a powerful iPhone data management tool, that supports you easily and quickly backup iPhone to PC, or backup iPhone to iPad. You can select the storage path so there is no limitation on the backup space.

Before you restore your iPhone without screen, download and install FoneTool by clicking the below buttons, and check the guide to backup iPhone for free.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Connect iPhone to your computer with USB > Launch FoneTool.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup > Get to Selective Backup (If you want to create a full iPhone backup, you can choose Full Backup) > Tap Get Started.

restart iphone without screen

Step 2. Check the icon you want to backup> Preview and choose the files on the computer > Click OK.

restart iphone without screen

Step 3. Select the backup path > Then, tap Start Backup to remove your files.

restart iphone without screen

In addition to backing up iPhone data, FoneTool also allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, or transfer data between iPhones.

After you backup your iPhone data, follow the steps to learn how to reboot iPhone without touch screen.

Step 1. Run the latest iTunes on your computer > Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 2. On the interface of iTunes, click iPhone icon > Go to the Summary tab > Click the Restore iPhone button > And then, follow the instructions to proceed with the restoring process. 

Step 3. If iTunes detects a problem with your iOS device, it will prompt you to update or restore your iPhone > Tap the Restore to reset your iPhone.

restart iphone without screen

Way 3. Connect Apple Support to Ask for Help

The iPhone is still inaccessible after several attempts? Maybe there are underlying software or hardware issues causing the screen to be unresponsive. It's recommended to seek assistance from an authorized Apple service provider or contact Apple support for further guidance.

FAQs on Restart iPhone Without Screen

In the above article, we share the steps to force shutdown iPhone for iPhone 15/14/13/12/X, and iPhone 8 series. Below is the guide to force other iPhone models without touching the screen.

1. How to restart iPhone 6 and old models without screen

Please press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. When the Apple logo appears on the screen, release both buttons.

restart iphone without screen

2. How to force restart iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus without screen

Press and hold both the Volume Down and the Sleep/Wake button. And then, release both buttons until you view the Apple logo.

restart iphone without screen


So here are the easy and useful ways about how to restart iPhone without screen. Whether you're using the latest iPhone, or some earlier iPhone model, hopefully you'll be able to reboot your iPhone without touching the screen by the instructions.

By the way, you can use FoneTool to back up your iPhone. Once you complete it, you don't have to worry about losing your data, whether you update your iPhone or the iPhone gets damaged.

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