iPhone Keeps Going to Lock Screen? Try These 8 Fixes

Cannot use your iPhone because your iPhone keeps going to Lock Screen? If you are in such frustrating situation, you may need this guide to get workable solutions to get out of the issue.

Demi by Demi Updated September 6, 2023
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iPhone keeps going to Lock Screen

This just happened recently. My iPhone would keep going back to the lock screen after a few minutes of using. I could just let it sit, not being locked and it happened. Any thoughts? This is really getting on my nerves...

- Question from Apple Community

Is your iPhone keeps going to Lock Screen while using, disrupting your workflow and making it frustrating to use? This issue can be quite bothersome, but it's not uncommon. Fortunately, there are several reasons why this might happen, and even better, there are solutions.

iPhone keeps going to Lock Screen

In this guide, we'll explore why your iPhone keeps going to the Lock Screen and provide you with effective fixes to put an end to this inconvenience.

Why my iPhone keeps going to Lock Screen?

Before diving into solutions, let's understand why your iPhone may repeatedly go to the Lock Screen:
⛔ Auto-Lock Settings: The most common reason for this behavior is the Auto-Lock settings. Auto-Lock is a feature that determines how long your iPhone stays on before it automatically locks itself.
⛔ Notifications: Incoming notifications can trigger your iPhone to go to the Lock Screen. This is often the case with text messages, emails, and app notifications.
⛔ Screen Timeout: If your iPhone's screen timeout is set too low, it will frequently return to the Lock Screen to conserve battery life.
⛔ Software Glitches: Occasionally, software glitches or bugs in the iOS can cause this issue.

How to keep iPhone from going to Lock Screen

Now, let's explore practical fixes to iPhone keeps going back to Lock Screen. Try them one after another until your issue gets fixed.

1# Keep your iPhone out of its case

Your iPhone or iPad uses sensors to detect when it's in a closed case, and it automatically locks the screen in such situations. If you're experiencing issues with your screen not turning on, it's possible that the case you're using is triggering these sensors unintentionally.

remove iPhone case

Try removing the case and see if your screen behaves normally. If it does, you may need to consider using a different case that doesn't interfere with the sensors.

2# Adjust Auto-Lock settings

The Auto-Lock setting is the timer that automatically puts your iPhone to sleep when you stop using it for a short period of time. But sometimes, it may cause iPhone keeps crashing and going to lock screen. You can adjust your Auto-Lock setting to try to troubleshoot by the following steps.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Choose Display & Brightness > Scroll down and tap on Auto-Lock to change to a longer period.

auto lock

Warm tips:
• If you can’t adjust the Auto-Lock settings, try turning off Low Power Mode first, since it automatically sets Auto-Lock to 30 seconds.
• Setting Auto-Lock to "Never" carefully because it can drain your battery and pose security risks if your device remains unlocked.

3# Try to change the Time Zone

Changing the time zone to a location where it's a day behind may temporarily resolve the issue, but be aware that your iPhone may crash once more. After this crash, it should function normally again. You can restart your iPhone when this crash occurs. You can follow the steps to check the settings:

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Click General > Date & Time.

Step 2. Disable the Set Automatically feature > Click on Time Zone and select a city where it is still yesterday.

change time zone

4# Update to the latest version of iOS

If your iPhone keeps returning to the Lock Screen, a software update might address the underlying issue, particularly if you're running extremely old iOS, which was associated with several Lock Screen problems.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap General > Select Software Update > If an update is available, tap Download and Install.

ios software update

5# Force restart your iPhone

Often, in situations of glitchy behavior, a straightforward force restart can resolve the issue, even if your iPhone keeps going to the Lock Screen. Here’s how you can perform a force restart on different iPhone models.

 For iPhone 8 and later with Face ID:
Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Quickly press and release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side/Power button until the Apple logo appears.

 For iPhone 7/7 Plus:
Press and hold the Top button and Volume Down button together > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

 For iPhone 6s, SE and earlier with Home button:
Hold down the Home button and the Top (or Side) button at the same time > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

force restart iPhone

6# Reset all settings

Another troubleshooting step you can try is to reset all settings on your iPhone. This action will revert various settings, including notification preferences, location services, and Wi-Fi networks, to their defaults. While not the most convenient option, resetting your settings might be the easiest way to resolve the Lock screen issue. Here are how you can do.

Step 1. Open Settings > Navigate to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset.

Step 2. Click on Reset All Settings > When asked, enter your password > Tap Reset All Settings again to confirm.

reset all settings

7# Delete apps that cause Lock Screen problems

Chances are that particular apps were causing iPhone keeps going to lock screen while using them. Try uninstalling it to see if that helps.

To uninstall an app from your iPhone: Tap and hold on the app on your iPhone > In the Quick Action menu that appears, choose Delete App.

home screen delete app

8# Contact Apple Support to fix hardware problems


If despite trying the software solutions mentioned earlier, your iPhone still keeps going to the Lock Screen, it's likely a hardware problem. In this case, it's advisable to contact Apple or an authorized service provider. They can diagnose the issue and provide a quote for any necessary repairs or replacements. Be sure to backup your data before sending your device for service to prevent data loss during the repair process.


It can be a nuisance that iPhone keeps going to Lock Screen, but it’s often solvable. By adjusting Auto-Lock settings, managing notifications, and ensuring your screen timeout is suitable for your needs, you can prevent your iPhone from going to the Lock Screen too frequently. Remember to keep your iOS up-to-date, and if all else fails, or a simple restart might be the key to resolving the issue. With these fixes, you can enjoy uninterrupted use of your iPhone without the frustration of constant Lock Screen interruptions.

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