[4 Ways] How to Transfer PDF from Android to iPad

When it comes to sharing documents without compromising content,, PDFs are an excellent choice. But do you know how to transfer PDF from Android to iPad. This article has all the details you need!

Demi by Demi Updated May 14, 2024
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To share documents with colleagues, read files with bigger screen, you may think of transferring PDF from Android to iPad. While, different from transferring photos or videos, it seems to be harder to transfer PDF files from Android to iPad.

transfer pdf from android to ipad

But fret not, with the right methods, it can be a seamless process. Whether you're looking to share documents, eBooks, or other PDF files, there are several effective ways to accomplish this task. In this guide, to meet your demands, we'll explore four different methods to transfer PDF files from Android to iPad.

1# Best Way to Transfer PDF from Android to iPad by FoneTool app (Easy & Fast)

As a data transfer app for both Android and iOS devices, FoneTool app offer you one of the best and fastest ways to enable you to “airdrop” from Android to iPad. FoneTool simplifies the transfer process with its easy-to-use interface and reliable performance, making it the top choice for wirelessly transferring PDF files, and other types of files among Android and iOS devices.

👍 Fast & Efficient. Even if the PDF files you’d like to transfer are quite large, FoneTool app can finish the transfer task quickly.
👍 No Internet Required. The transfer doesn't require Wi-Fi or data connection, enhancing convenience and efficiency.
👍 Wireless & Selective Transfer. FoneTool offers a wireless transfer. And you can preview and select the files you wish to transfer.

You can download FoneTool from App Store to iPad and Android phone, and follow these simple steps to use FoneTool app to transfer PDF from Android to iPad.

Step 1. Open FoneTool app on both devices > Allow the app to use WLAN and access data on the device. No need to connect to Wi-Fi, just turn on this option.

Step 2. On two devices, go to Connect Device > Tap Connect to Android on iPad > Tap Connect to iOS on Android phone, and use iPad to scan the QR code.

scan code to connect android

Step 3. On your Android phone, go to File Transfer > Files > Locate and choose the PDF files saved in your Android Files app > Tap Send to start the transfer.

send pdf

Step 4. On your iPad, tap Confirm from the prompted window to get the transferred PDF files. You can tap the transfer icon on the top right corner to check the transferred files.

ios android  transfer records

You can also find FoneTool transferred files in your Files app on iPad. FoneTool also provides you with a desktop version to transfer data from Android to iPhone/iPad. The desktop software requires a physical USB connection to share files among devices, which is more stable than its Wi-Fi counterpart.

The desktop version of FoneTool allows you to transfer data among iOS devices/Android phones and computer. And you are also allowed to backup iOS devices to computer with it. You can download it to your Windows PC to have a try.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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2# How to Transfer PDF from Android to iPad via Email

Email has long been a convenient method for sharing files with others due to its simplicity and speed. When transferring PDF files from Android to iPad via email, it's important to note that each PDF file should not exceed 20 or 25 MB in size. While you can add multiple PDF files, be mindful not to exceed this limit. Now, let's explore how to complete the transfer process.

Step 1. Open the PDF file you want to transfer on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap on the share icon and select the option to share via Email.

send pdf by email

Step 3. Enter the recipient’s email address and send the email with the attached PDF file.

step 4. On your iPad, open the email app and locate the email with the attached PDF file. Download the attached PDF file to your iPad's local storage.

3# How to Transfer PDF from Android to iPad with Chat App

Using a chat app like WhatsApp or Telegram can also facilitate the transfer of PDF files from Android to iPad. While, similar to the way using email, file size limitations may apply.

Besides, the transfer speed using chat apps widely depends on the internet connection. Just for an example, here’s how to do it using WhatsApp.

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android device > Go to the chat you want to send a PDF file to.

Step 2. Tap the paperclip icon > Choose Document to choose the PDF you want to send > Tap SEND after choosing the PDF.
• If you have multiple PDF files to send, long-press any PDF and select all the files you want to transfer, and tap the SEND button to transfer.

android send pdf

Finally, on your iPad, open WhatsApp and find the chat with the sent PDF file. Download and save PDF files from WhatsApp on your iPad/iPhone.

4# How to Transfer PDF from Android to iPad using Cloud Storageyu

Another option for transferring PDF files from Android to iPad is using cloud storage services. Begin by uploading the PDF to the cloud from your Android phone. Then, share the link to the PDF with your iPad. For example, let's consider Google Drive. Alternatively, you can utilize platforms like Dropbox or OneDrive for this purpose.

Step 1. Download Google Drive app on Android phone > Sign in to your account > Tap the Plus icon.

Step 2. Choose Upload > Preview and choose the PDF files from your Android phone to upload.

android upload

Step 3. Tap the three-dots icon next to the PDF file. Choose Share to share the PDF. Or choose Copy link and send the link to iPad.

send pdf with google drive


Transferring PDF files from Android to iPad doesn't have to be a complicated process. By utilizing the methods outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly transfer PDF files between devices, whether it's using a dedicated file transfer app like FoneTool, email, chat apps, or cloud storage services. Choose the method that best suits your preferences and needs, and enjoy easy access to your PDF files across different devices.


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