How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC Without USB

Without a compatible USB cable and wonder how to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB? This guide will offer you effective methods to wirelessly transfer photos from Android to PC.

Demi by Demi Updated July 27, 2023
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In this digital era, our smartphones have become powerful tools for capturing precious moments through photos. However, as our photo libraries grow, it becomes necessary to transfer these images to our PCs for backup, editing, and organizing. Traditionally, many users relied on USB cables to transfer photos from their Android devices to their computers. But what if you don't have a USB cable at hand or prefer a wireless solution?

transfer photos from android to pc

Fear not! In this article, we will explore four convenient methods for how to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB to help you find the best method that suits your preferences. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB - Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to connect devices, such as your Android smartphone and PC, to share data without the need for a physical cable. This method is widely used but not the simplest, and it has limitations and a lengthy process.

However, if you prefer offline transfer, it's the best way to wirelessly transfer files from Android to PC. Here's how to transfer photos from Android to PC using Bluetooth:

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth on both your Android device and PC.
>> On your Android, go to Settings > Bluetooth to enable it. 

>> On your PC, Go over to the Start menu > Settings > Open the Bluetooth settings.

enable bluetooth

Step 2. Pair your Android device with your PC
Searching for available devices on both devices. Once you see your PC's name on your Android's Bluetooth list, tap to pair.

Step 3. Transfer photos from Android to PC via Bluetooth 
• On your Android device, locate the photos you want to transfer. Long-press on the photo, tap the Share button, and select Bluetooth.

• On your computer, go to Send or receive file via Bluetooth and select Receive files. After that, your PC will automatically start receiving the files, and you can select a path to save them.

save the received photos on pc

How to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB - Cloud services

Cloud services provide a seamless way to sync and access your files across multiple devices, including your Android smartphone and PC. Among the multiple cloud services, Google Photos must be one of the more popular and widely used tools.

Thus, this part will take Google Photos as an example to tell you how to transfer photos from Android to PC using Wi-Fi. Make sure you’re using the same Google account on both platforms, and check out the below steps.

Step 1. Upload Android photos to Google Photos
• On your Android phone, sign in with your Gmail account after launching Google Photos.

sign into google photos

• Select the Settings option > Turn on Backup & Sync option, and the photos will sync to your Android device.

backup sync

Step 2. Download photos from Google Photos to PC
• From your computer’s web browser, navigate to go to Google Photos > Sign in with your Google account

• Choose the photos you’d like to transfer to your PC > Finally, hit the three dots and choose Download to save them on your PC.

download photos from google photos

Google Photos app is also compatible with iOS devices, which means you can also get photos on Android phone by transferring photos from Google Photos to iPhone.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB - Email

For transferring small files from your Android device to your computer, you can utilize a registered email account. However, keep in mind that most emails have a maximum attachment limit of 25 MB. Now, let’s see how to transfer pictures from Android to PC without USB but with Email.

Step 1. Open the email app on your Android phone and select New Message to compose a new email.

Step 2. Address the email to your own email address or the recipient's email address, depending on where you want to send the photos.

Step 3. Tap on the "Paperclip" icon or the attachment option in the email composition window.

send via email

Step 4. Choose the wanted photos from your Android phone > Make sure you have attached all the photos, tap Send.

Step 5. Finally, on your computer, access the email you sent from Android, and save the photos to anywhere you like on PC.

How to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB - Chats

Many chat applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, allow you to send photos and files to yourself or save them in a chat for easy access on your PC. You can utilize it to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB. It's essential to recognize that this method is most efficient for smaller files, such as photos and documents, due to potential time-consuming processes for larger files. When dealing with one or two files, it can be the quickest way to wirelessly transfer files from Android to PC.

whatsapp icon

Step 1: Access your WhatsApp account on your Android device in order to initiate the process of transferring an image.

Step 2: Locate and select the attachment icon, positioned below, to attach the desired file for sending. After successfully attaching the file, proceed by clicking on the Send button.

Step 3: Moving over to your personal computer, log in to WhatsApp.web and ensure you are signed in to your account. Once logged in, navigate to the option to download the file from this platform.


That’s all for how to transfer photos from Android to PC without USB. The process has never been easier, thanks to the variety of wireless options available. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Bluetooth, the versatility of cloud services, the familiarity of email, or the convenience of chat applications, you can now effortlessly transfer your precious memories from your Android device to your PC. So, choose the method that best suits your needs and start backing up and enjoying your photos on a larger screen today!

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