How to Sync Android to iPhone During or After Setup

This guide will show you how to sync Android to iPhone, including the methods to sync Android to iPhone after setup.

May by May Updated December 20, 2023
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Can You Sync Android to iPhone?

Yes, you can! We will guide you through various techniques to transfer your valuable data from your previous Android phone to your shiny new iPhone. While the Move to iOS app stands out as the most user-friendly choice, it may not be a good choice if you want to sync Android to iPhone after setup.

Sync Android to iPhone

Fortunately, there are alternative methods that exist. Let's embark on this journey together and begin the migration process without delay!

How to Sync Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

To easily sync data from Android to iPhone, you can utilize the Move to iOS app. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and help you clone Android to iPhone wirelessly.

However, it is important to note that this method can only be used before completing the setup process for your iPhone. If you have already finished setting up your iPhone, you will either need to restart the process or manually transfer your files.

Follow these steps to easily sync Android to iPhone via Move to iOS:

  • Set up your iPhone and reach the Apps & Data screen. From there, select the "Move Data from Android" option.
  • On your Android phone, launch the Move to iOS app and carefully read and accept the terms and conditions provided.
  • On your iPhone, once the "Move from Android" screen appears, tap on "Continue".
  • Look out for a ten-digit or six-digit code that pops up on your iPhone. Enter this code on your Android phone.
  • Tap on "Connect" on your Android phone to join the temporary Wi-Fi network created for the transfer.
  • Choose the specific content you wish to transfer from your Android phone to your iPhone. Once done, tap "Continue" to initiate the cloning process from Android to iPhone.

Move to iOS

How to Sync Android to iPhone via the FoneTool App

You may know that AirDrop can help users easily share data between two Apple devices. While AirDrop is exclusively designed for Apple devices, there are alternative apps available that can help you wirelessly sync Android to iPhone. Additionally, you can use FoneTool for iOS to sync Android to iPhone wirelessly.

🔸 It supports various data types, including photos, videos, music, contacts, and more.
🔸 Notably, this wireless transfer process doesn't require a Wi-Fi network connection and doesn't consume your cellular data.

FoneTool simplifies the transfer process, providing a convenient and efficient solution to help you sync Android to iPhone after setup. To transfer files between your Android phone and iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Download and install FoneTool on both your Android phone and iPhone.

2. Open FoneTool on both devices and grant the necessary permissions for WLAN usage. Make sure the Wi-Fi option is turned on, even if you don't need a Wi-Fi network connection.

3. In the FoneTool app on either device, go to the Connect Device option > Tap the name of the device you want to connect with to establish a connection.

Connect Device

4. On your Android phone, navigate to the File Transfer section > Choose the files (such as videos) you wish to transfer to your iPhone. Once you've made your selection, tap the Send button to start the transfer process.

Select Files to Send

You can check these guides to learn more about Android to iPhone transfer apps: The 7 Best Apps to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Bonus Tip: Transfer Data from PC to iPhone via FoneTool on PC

When using the Move to iOS app, it is important to note that it can only assist with data transfer during the initial setup process. Additionally, it only allows for the transfer of all data, without the option to selectively choose specific files. If you prefer not to restart the setup process or if you would like to transfer only certain files, there are alternative tools available that can manually sync Android to iPhone after setup.

For Windows users seeking an easy solution, FoneTool is a good choice. This powerful iPhone management tool enables seamless data transfer between your Android phone and iPhone. The process is straightforward: first export the files you want from your Android device to your computer and then effortlessly import them to your iPhone. Below are its outstanding features.

Seamlessly transfer various types of data, including photos, contacts, videos, and songs, ensuring that your valuable files find their rightful place on your new device.
Enjoy the convenience of selecting specific files that you wish to transfer, granting you complete control over the content you move to your iPhone.
FoneTool's transfer process prioritizes the preservation of your existing files. It guarantees that no data will be erased from your iPhone, neither during nor after the transfer, ensuring a seamless transition without any accidental data loss.

Here’s an example of how to sync contacts from Android to iPhone:

1 Export Contacts: Start by exporting your contacts from your Android phone to your computer. This can typically be done through contact management or synchronization settings on your Android device.

2. Launch FoneTool: After successfully exporting your contacts, download and launch the FoneTool on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer using a compatible USB cable and make sure your iPhone is recognized by the software.

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3. Go to PC to iPhone: Within FoneTool, navigate to the Phone Transfer section. Then go to PC to iPhone and click Get Started.

PC to iPhone

4. Add Contacts: Click the Contacts tab and proceed to add the previously exported contacts from your Android phone. You can effortlessly achieve this by dragging and dropping the contact files into the designated box within the software.

Choose contacts

5. Initiate Transfer: Once you have added the desired contacts, click the Start Transfer button within FoneTool. This will initiate the transfer process, seamlessly adding the contacts to your iPhone.

Start Transfer

By following these steps, you can successfully transfer your contacts from your Android device to your iPhone using FoneTool.

FAQs about syncing Android to iPhone

Question: Can I transfer my contacts from an Android device to an iPhone?

Answer: Yes, you can transfer your contacts from an Android device to an iPhone. You can use various methods such as using Move to iOS, using FoneTool, or syncing your contacts with your Google account

Question: Can I transfer my apps from an Android device to an iPhone?

Answer: No, you cannot transfer apps directly from an Android device to an iPhone. The two platforms use different app ecosystems (Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone), and apps are not compatible between them. You will need to search and download the desired apps from the App Store on your iPhone.

Question: How can I transfer my text messages from Android to iPhone?

Answer: Transferring text messages directly from Android to iPhone is not natively supported. However, there are third-party apps available that can help you transfer your SMS messages by creating a backup on Android and restoring it on your iPhone. Keep in mind that these methods may have limitations and may not transfer all messages. 

More info: SMS Backup and Restore Android to iPhone 

Final words

That’s all about how to sync Android to iPhone. If you're considering switching to an iPhone, using the Move to iOS app is a great choice. However, if you prefer to transfer data after the setup phase, there are other methods you can utilize. You can use FoneToo to transfer data through a computer or use the FoneTool app to transfer data wirelessly.

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