Seamless Switching: Transfer eSIM from iPhone to Android

Discover the simple process of transferring an eSIM from an iPhone to an Android device and make the switch smoothly.

Clara by Clara Updated June 27, 2024
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How do you transfer eSIM from iPhone to Android? Switching devices and don't want to lose my eSIM data. Using an iPhone and a Google Pixel. Thanks for the tips!

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Can An eSIM Be Transferred to Another Phone?

Wondering how to transfer an eSIM from iPhone to Android? In this guide, we delve into the significance of seamlessly transferring your eSIM when transitioning between iPhone and Android devices, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted mobile experience.

transfer esim from android to iphone

eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a compact yet powerful technology embedded within a device to facilitate cellular connectivity. Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIMs are integrated into the device's hardware, allowing for remote activation and the convenient management of multiple carrier profiles. Reading the below content to do eSIM transfer from Android to iPhone.

Preparation: Backup iPhone to Avoid Data Loss

For some reasons, we need to transfer the eSIM from iPhone to Android. This section will serve as your guide, ensuring compatibility check between iPhone and Android, stable internet connection, and backup strategy. These key steps will make it easy for you to use your new phone.

  1. mail Checking Compatibility: Before initiating the transfer, ensure both your iPhone and Android device support eSIM technology. 
  2. mail Stable Internet Connection: Guarantee a seamless transfer process by connecting both devices to a stable and high-speed internet connection, preventing interruptions during the eSIM migration.
  3. mail Backup Procedures: Prior to the transfer, conduct a comprehensive backup of data on both devices. This step ensures the preservation of crucial information.

Before you perform eSIM transfer from android to iPhone, if you're looking to backup your iPhone better than rely on iTunes or iCloud, FoneTool is a fantastic option. It allows you to effortlessly create a backup of your iPhone data, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, and more, directly to your Windows 11/10/8/7 computer or an external hard drive. With its user-friendly interface, FoneTool ensures that anyone can easily navigate and utilize its features.

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FoneTool offers two backup methods to cater to various needs:

Full Backup: This option creates a comprehensive backup of your iPhone on your computer, encompassing photos, music, contacts, media files, and app settings.


Selective Backup: With this feature, you can choose to selectively backup specific data such as photos, videos, contacts, music, and more to your computer.


How to Transfer iPhone eSIM to New Phone Android

In this section, we will follow the step-by-step instructions to smoothly transfer eSIM iPhone to Android, ensuring your cellular plan is seamlessly migrated from iPhone to Android. And we are ready to solve common problems that may arise during this critical transfer process.

Step-by-step instructions for transferring the eSIM

Step 1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Plans.

Step 2. Select the eSIM you wish to transfer.

Step 3. Choose Transfer Cellular Plan and follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 4. On the Android device, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Carrier.

manage sim on pixel

Step 5. Tap Add Carrier and scan the QR code displayed on your iPhone.

Step 6. Complete the setup process on your Android device to finalize the eSIM transfer.

Troubleshooting common issues during the transfer process

enlightened Notice 1. Ensure both devices are running the latest operating system updates.

enlightened Notice 2. Confirm that the eSIM profile is not locked with a PIN on the iPhone.

enlightened Notice 3. Reset network settings on both devices if issues persist.

Activate the eSIM on the Android Device

After you finish the above steps, there is another thing you could do.  This section walks through the activation process, describing how to set up the eSIM on your new device and confirm that data and services have been successfully transferred.

▶ Setting Up eSIM: Complete the setup wizard on your Android device, entering any required information prompted during the activation process.

▶ Confirming Successful Transfer: Verify that the eSIM on the Android device reflects the carrier information and plan details previously associated with the iPhone.

If you also want to know how to activate eSIM on iPhone 15, you can click this link to find the guide.

An Easy Way to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Andorid

After you learn how to transfer eSIM from iPhone to Android, here, we recommend you another way. 

FoneTool also has a mobile version, which can help you wirelessly transfer files from iPhone to Android phones. Its intuitive interface and dependable performance make it the simplest solution for transferring contacts from an iPhone to an Android device.

You can get FoneTool from the App Store for both your iPhone and Android device(FoneTool for Android). Here's how to use FoneTool to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android:

Step 1. Open FoneTool app on your iPhone and Android device > Allow FoneTool to use WLAN. There is no need to connect to Wi-Fi, just turn on this option.

Step 2. On the both devices, go to Connect Device > Choose Connect to Android on iPhone > Tap Connect to iOS on Android > Use iPhone to scan the QR code.


Step 3. After that, click File Transfer on iPhone > Tap Contacts and select the contacts you need to send to Android > Click Send.



After reading this guide, you can easily complete the process of transferring eSIM from iPhone to Android. At the same time, with the help of FoneTool, a professional iPhone data manager, you can ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted mobile experience between iPhone and Android.

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