What Is Disk Mode on iPod? How to Utilize It with Ease!

This article will provide a detailed overview of disk mode on iPod, its purpose, and how it can be used. It will also cover topics such as troubleshooting common issues and tips for optimizing disk mode on iPod.

Clara by Clara Updated May 29, 2024
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What is disk mode on iPod? What does "Disk Mode" on my iPod do?

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Part 1. What Is Disk Mode on iPod?

iPod initially stores data (such as music files, pictures, and other information) on the hard drive. The computer does not automatically recognize this drive. Setting your iPod to disk allows a connected computer to access the device's hard drive. Therefore, if you want to view the drive on the computer, you need to enable Disk Usage, just like any other external hard drive.


After you are enabling disk usage on your iPod, it will make the device work as an external hard drive when connected to a computer. This mode allows you to store and transfer files between your iPod and your computer, not just music and media files. This also allows you to store, backup, or copy files on your device.

Part 2. How to Use iPod as Disk Mode via iTunes

This quick guide explains how to use your iPod as a portable hard drive. To achieve this, you need to enable your iPod's disk usage feature.

However, this method does not work on iPod Touch as it does not support disk mode. If you own an iPod Touch, continue reading to the next section to learn how to transfer files from PC to iPod for free without using iTunes.

Follow the below guide to enable Disk Mode on iPod by iTunes:

Step 1. Connect the iPod to your computer > Open and run iTunes.

Step 2. Click the iPod icon on the Source pane > Tap on Summary.

Step 3. Check Enable disk use or Manually manage music and videos. Each of them allows you to enable iPod as portable hard drive.

  • If you want iTunes to automatically update your iPod, select Enable disk use instead.
  • If you select Manually manage music and videos, iTunes won’t automatically update the iPod.

Step 4. When the iPod drive appears in Windows Explorer > Double-click the icon to open the drive and view its files > You can now simply drag files to/from your iPod.

ipod ituens

Part 3. Transfer Data from iPod to PC Without iTunes

After you solve the question of “what is disk mode on iPod”, here, I suggest a powerful iPod data transfer tool for you, FoneTool. It is a multifunctional move programming that upholds various iOS devices. It not just backings moving information from iPod to PC yet, in addition PC to iPod, PC to iPhone, or iPhone to iPhone.

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Contrasted and iTunes, it will not delete information during move. That, however, it additionally has some other advantages:

  1. ✔ Straightforward plan and clear point of interaction. It is quite simple to complete the exchange task with this apparatus. The easy to use configuration assists you with taking care of it in a brief time frame.
  2. ✔ Quick exchange speed. 100 bits of music can be moved in minutes. FoneTool is also a iPod to iPod transfer software, you can likewise transfer iPod to iPod in something like thirty minutes.
  3. ✔ Stable transmission with USB cable. It is associated with the iPhone through USB, so the exchange interaction is entirely steady.
  4. ✔ Two sorts of move capabilities. With this apparatus, you can decide to move all or specific information starting with one iPod then onto the next, which steps are completely presented in the following part.
  5. ✔ Backing to move non-bought music. With FoneTool, you can transfer music from iPod to computer and don't have to lose your non-bought music any longer.
  6. ✔ Wide similarity. FoneTool upholds you to move between iPod Contact, iPod Nano, iPod Mix, and iPod exemplary. It's likewise completely viable with iPhone and iPad.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer via USB > Open FoneTool > Choose Phone Transfer option > Tap iPhone to PC > Click Start Transfer.

phone transfer

Step 2. Hit the plus icon > Check the files icon and uncheck the others > Preview and select the files you want to transfer > Tap OK to confirm.

tap ok

Step 3. Choose a destination from Transfer Settings as you like to transfer data from iPod to your local folders or other external hard drives > Click Start Transfer to start the process.

start transfer

By the way, you can also go to Phone Backup to backup iPod to computer easily. It can avoid losing data due to any reasons.

phone backup

Part 4. FAQs: How to Fix iPod Is Stuck in Disk Mode

After figuring out the disk mode on iPod, if you encounter the problem of “iPod is stuck in Disk Mode”, do you know to to fix it?

Here are the normal purposes behind this issue:

  1. Low battery
  2. Deficient hard drive condition
  3. Old gadget models with lopsided controls
  4. You can fix it by the below methods:
  5. Restore the iPod with iTunes [Backup iPod before]
  6. Reset Your iPod
  7. Restart Your Computer
  8. Retry Your iPod by Another USB cable


That’s all about the question of “what is disk mode on iPod”. When you use your iPod as a hard disk, you can’t see the media iTunes copies to your iPod on your computer. This article show you how to use iPod as Disk Mode via iTunes, and you can also transfer data from iPod to PC without iTunes.

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