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How do I get rid of the WhatsApp backup notification?

WhatsApp have an annoying feature now - they show a notification saying that it is waiting for WIFI to backup. I wouldn't mind it so much, except every time I unlock my phone I see a WhatsApp notification and I think it's a message. Any suggestions?

- Question from XDA forums

Do you find that the WhatsApp backup notifications that keep popping up recently to remind you of backing up WhatsApp, making you think you've received a message from a contact? This problem has had a wide-ranging impact on both Android and iOS users. Then, you may need this guide to get out of the issue.

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We've created this guide to help you resolve the WhatsApp Backup notification stuck issue. Furthermore, in this guide, we will discuss all of the possible ways to stop the backup notification immediately.

Why won’t the WhatsApp backup notification go away?

It’s hard to say for sure if you wonder why the WhatsApp backup notification won’t go away. However, there are some possible reasons for the WhatsApp backing up messages stuck issue.

• Insufficient storage space: If your phone's storage is running low, WhatsApp may not be able to complete the backup process, and the notification will keep popping up.
• Network issues: If your internet connection is unstable or slow, the WhatsApp backup process will be stopped from time to time.
• Outdated WhatsApp version: If you're using an outdated version of WhatsApp, it may have bugs that cause the backup notification to keep appearing.
• WhatsApp settings: If you have enabled automatic backup in WhatsApp settings, the notification will appear regularly.

Now that you have figured out the possible reasons to this issue, let’s move on to the possible troubleshoots in the next part.

How to get rid of the "WhatsApp backup notification stuck" issue

There are four possible ways for WhatsApp backup in progress notification stuck issue. Just try them one after another until your issue gets fixed.

Turn off backup notification from Settings

This can be quite old, but if you recently had the problem with WhatsApp “backup finished” notification stuck. The only thing that may work out is going to notifications of the WhatsApp app in Settings and turning off the backup notification category. Here are how to do it.

Step 1. Go to the Settings app on your phone > Tap Apps & notifications > Scroll down to locate and choose WhatsApp.

Step 2. Tap App notifications > From here, you can go ahead and disable the switch next to Chat history backup.

turn off WhatsApp backup notification

The steps may vary slightly from depending on the phone you are using. If you don't find this setting, then your phone may not support turning off WhatsApp backup notifications.

Adjust auto automatic backup setting

According to statistics, this problem WhatsApp backup notification stuck usually occurs when you turn on the automatic backup of WhatsApp. Therefore, simply turning off the auto backup settings may help you get rid of the issue.

For Android phone
Step 1. Launch WhatsApp > Tap three-dot option > Settings > Chat > Chat backup.

Step 2. Select Back up to Google Drive > Choose Only when I tap “Back up” or Never.

turn off Android WhatsApp backup

You can also back to Chat backup screen and go to Back up over to choose the Wi-Fi or Cellular option and then tap cancel.

For iPhone
On the WhatsApp app, go to Settings > Chat Setting > Chat Backup > Tap Auto Backup > Choose Off.

turn off auto backup

Reset WhatsApp notification settings

Chances are that your WhatsApp has got a bug or glitch, you can try reset WhatsApp notification settings on your phone to refresh the WhatsApp notification.

For Android phone
Open WhatsApp > Tap three-dot > Settings > Notification > Tap three-dot > Choose Reset notification settings to confirm.

reset notification settings

For iPhone
Open WhatsApp SettingsNotification > Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, tap Reset Notification Settings.

reset notification settings

Clear cache and reinstall WhatsApp

If the problem is on WhatsApp, it will be a wise choice to wipe the cache and reinstall WhatsApp to get rid of WhatsApp backup notification stuck.

For Android phone
Go to the Settings app > Apps > Locate and choose WhatsApp > Tap Storage (or Memory) > Click Clear Cache.

clear WhatsApp cache

Then, delete WhatsApp from your phone and reinstall it from Google Play or in-built App Store.

For iPhone
Open the WhatsApp app > Go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage > Click Manage and then Clear.

delete WhatsApp cache

Now navigate back and then uninstall WhatsApp from your iPhone. After the app is deleted, Now go to App Store and then reinstall WhatsApp.

Try alternative way to backup WhatsApp to PC

The in-app backup function in WhatsApp doesn’t always work properly. If you are looking for an alternative way to backup WhatsApp to PC, you may need to try WhatsMover. With one-click, it helps backup WhatsApp to PC locally and offline.

How to backup WhatsApp chat to PC using WhatsMover
Step 1. Download and open WhatsMover on your computer > Connect your phone to PC via USB > You may need to tap Trust on your phone to let your PC access your iPhone data.

Step 2. On the main interface of WhatsMover, click Back Up WhatsApp on Devices from the left pane > Click Back Up to confirm.

WhatsMover backup WhatsApp

Step 3. When WhatsMover is done backing up your WhatsApp chats, you will see a prompt: "WhatsApp Messenger Backup Successful". At this point, click Done to confirm to finish backing up iPhone WhatsApp chat.

WhatsMover backup done


Hope you can get rid of the WhatsApp backup notification stuck issue after trying solutions introduced in this guide. To keep WhatsApp data safe without trouble, you can try the third part tool like WhatsMover. If you need to backup and restore WhatsApp to new iPhone, FoneTool provides you with a solution to transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone without iCloud. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.


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