How to Restore iPhone from Backup Not Listed in iTunes

When you need to restore iPhone from previous backups, they may be not listed in your iTunes. This message will help you solve the problem efficiently. And the FoneTool mentioned in bonus part can be more professional to back up iPhone data.

Kathy by Kathy Updated October 12, 2023
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As a comprehensive data management tool that handles music, movies, photos, audiobooks and other content, iPhone users frequently rely on iTunes for backing up their critical data on PC.

backup with itunes

However, iTunes can sometimes be vulnerable to various errors. And when you need to restore your iPhone from previous backups, you will find that there isn’t a history of your latest backup listed in iTunes. How can you do to fix the issue? Keep on reading to find answers!

How to restore iPhone from backup not listed in iTunes on Windows

When you encounter the issue, it can be caused by a wrong backup or different storage folders for backup files. And you can follow the instructions below to solve the problem.

Fix the issue caused by a wrong backup

Step 1. You should locate the backup folder first. It's typically at C:\Users(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup on Windows.

Step 2. Create a new temporary folder and move all the backup folders into it. Choose a backup folder and move it back to the default location mentioned earlier.

Step 3. Then you can launch iTunes and click on Edit > Preferences > Devices to check if the backup folder you just moved is now displayed in iTunes.

itunes backup list

Step 4. After that, you should repeat the action of moving other folders in the temporary folder one by one back to the default location and check them in the iTunes list.

Then you can delete or move the wrong backup that doesn't display in iTunes and choose an available backup to restore.

Fix the issue caused by different locations

This issue can also occur if your iTunes storage is on a different drive. In such cases, moving the folder from the problematic location to the correct one can solve the problem.

For example, if you've changed your iTunes backup storage location to drive F but some backups are unexpectedly stored on drive C, you can go to iTunes backup default storage location, move the backup files to drive F, and then check in iTunes to ensure that all backups are displayed in the list.

default storage on pc

That’s all about how to restore iPhone from backup not listed in iTunes.

How to create a new iPhone backup with iTunes

If the two methods mentioned above don't work, you can also use iTunes to create a new iPhone backup. However, for some users, the interface and operation of iTunes can be too complex, and errors often occur.

Apart from the issue of not finding iPhone backups in the iTunes list, you might also encounter errors like "iTunes can't verify the identity of the server," which can interrupt the process. In these cases, you can skip to the next part to use a more convenient one-click iPhone backup software - FoneTool to complete the process.

Now you can follow the steps below to back up your iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1. Launch the most recent version of iTunes on your Windows computer and link your iPhone to your PC via a USB cable. Once iTunes identifies your iPhone, select the icon shaped like a phone located in the upper-left corner.

click device on itunes

Step 2. Click Summary. Under the Backups section, choose This Computer and then click the Back Up Now button to back up your iPhone.


Note: If you need to protect your private data, you can check Encrypt local backup to make an encrypted iTunes backup.

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As a professional iPhone data management app, FoneTool can help you easily back up and transfer iPhone data to PC. Compared with iTunes, you can get more things from this highly regarded tool.

enlightenedSelective or Full Backup: You can use FoneTool to fully back up iPhone like iTunes, or selectively back up photos, videos, music, contacts and messages flexibly.
enlightenedEasily Access iPhone Files: Once you’ve finished the backup, you can directly view or export the backup files on PC.
enlightenedFast Backup Speed: FoneTool allows you to back up hundreds of files in seconds, significantly faster than iTunes or similar software.
enlightenedUniversal Backup Without Apple ID Limitation: FoneTool will help you easily restore iPhone backup to another iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch even if they are using different Apple IDs.
enlightenedGreat Compatibility: FoneTool works well with different iOS devices, including iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPad and iPod Touch. So you can easily transfer data from iPhone to iPhone when iPhone 15 is unable to complete data transfer.

Now you can click the button to download FoneTool on your laptop or desktop and learn how to back up iPhone without iTunes.

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Fully back up iPhone

Step 1. Turn on FoneTool on your PC > Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable > If asks, click Trust on your iPhone.

Step 2. Choose Phone Backup > Full Backup > Click Get Started to begin.

fully back up iphone

Step 3. Select the storage path > Tap Start Backup to complete the task.

Note: You can change the storage path to back up your iPhone to an external drive.

start backup

Selectively back up iPhone

Step 1. Choose Phone Backup > Selective Backup > Get Started.

selective backup

Step 2. Choose the data you need to back up. Then click OK to continue.

select files

Step 3. Select a storage path to save the backup. Click Start Backup to begin.

start backup

Note: With this rich-feature software, you can also go to Phone Transfer > Choose PC to iPhone to transfer iTunes music from PC to iPod Touch.


That’s all about how to restore iPhone from backup not listed in iTunes. From the first part, you can fix the issue caused by a wrong backup or different storage folders for backup files. If you can’t solve the problem successfully, you can also use iTunes or FoneTool to create a new iPhone backup.

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