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Want to read deleted messages in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been widely used and played an important role in daily communication with your friends, family, clients, and so on. In this case, you must don't want to lose some of the WhatsApp chat history.

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While, like many other data on your phone, the WhatsApp messages can be deleted accidentally. Besides, the messages may also be deleted using the “delete messages for everyone” feature in WhatsApp. Then, you may wonder how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp.

No matter what kind of deleted WhatsApp messages you want to see, you can try these methods in this guide to see how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages so that you can read them on your Android or iPhone. Let get started.

How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp on Android

If you are using an Android phone, you can read deleted WhatsApp messages and other types of chat history via inbuilt notification log or a third-party app known as “Notification History Log”. Choose either to do you a favor.

Way 1. Via inbuilt Notification log

Without installing any app, if you have got an Android 11 or later device, the OS comes with a built-in notification history option that can keep a log of all WhatsApp messages, even if they were deleted. Here is how to read a deleted WhatsApp message someone sent you.

Step 1. Long press anywhere on the home screen on your phone > Tap on Widgets.

Step 2. Look for the Settings widget > Tap and hold on to the Settings.

Step 3. Tap Notification Log, and it will show you the Notification Log widget.

Step 4. Tap on the widget every time you get a “This message was deleted” notification to see the actual message.

WhatsApp notification log

Way 2. Via the Notification History Log app

You may also read deleted WhatsApp messages using the third-party app like Notification History Log. This is a free app that allows you to easily access deleted WhatsApp chat history. Simply follow these steps to make it.

Step 1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the Notifications History Log app on your device.

Step 2. Launch the app and set up the app as per your preference > When prompted, tap Enable Permission > Notification History Log.

Step 3. Tap Allow notification access > Allow. Then, step back to the screen and Select Continue.

notification history log app

Step 4. Select Enable for storage permission > You may need to Allow or Deny accessing photos, media, or other files.

Step 5. To view notifications on the app screen, select Advanced History to display your notifications.

How to read deleted messages in WhatsApp on iPhone

For iPhone users, it is easy to restore WhatsApp from iCloud backup and read the deleted messages. Without backup, a WhatsApp data recovery tool is worth trying to retrieve WhatsApp messages and makes them easy to access. Let’s move on.

Way 1. See deleted WhatsApp messages with backup

iCloud allows you to backup only WhatsApp chat history within the WhatsApp app. If the deleted messages have been backed up to iCloud, you can be free to restore the WhatsApp backup by the following steps.

Step 1. On the WhatsApp app, go to Settings Chat Setting Chat Backup to make sure there is an iCloud backup for your WhatsApp chat history.

Step 2. You are asked to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 3. Verify your phone number > Tap Restore Chat History > Follow the prompt instructions to restore WhatsApp from iCloud.

WhatsApp restore backup

Way 2. See deleted WhatsApp messages without backup

You may not backup WhatsApp to iCloud for kinds of reasons like lacking of iCloud space, or your WhatsApp is not restoring from iCloud.

In those case, you need a third-party data recovery tool like iMyFone D-Back to retrieve WhatsApp chat history to see deleted WhatsApp messages. Here are the steps for how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp on iPhone with it.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer. When it is detected successfully, click on Trust on your iPhone to let your computer access iPhone data.

Step 2. Open iMyFone D-Back, and choose Recover from iOS device from the left pane > Click Start to continue.

restore from iOS

Step 3. Select WhatsApp and click on Scan. The program will start scanning WhatsApp messages on your iPhone.

choose WhatsApp

Step 4. Wait for all deleted WhatsApp messages listed. Preview and select the WhatsApp messages you want to recover and click on Recover.

Bonus: An easy way to backup iPhone WhatsApp messages

To avoid WhatsApp data loss by accident ad enable yourself to check old WhatsApp chat history at any time, it is highly recommended to try WhatsMover to backup iPhone WhatsApp to computer.

WhatsMover must be one of the best tools for you if you are looking for a tool that can
• be easy to backup,
• backup WhatsMover at fast speed,
• promise no data loss. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1. Install and launch the WhatsMover software on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to PC with a compatible USB cable, tap Trust on your iPhone.

Step 2. On the main interface, click Back Up WhatsApp on Devices from the left pane of the main interface of WhatsMover. Now, click Back Up to start.

WhatsMover backup WhatsApp

Step 3. Wait for WhatsMover to finish the backup process. When you see the prompt “WhatsApp Messenger Backup Successful”, click Done to confirm.

WhatsMover backup done

How to see WhatsApp messages from backup
When the backup completes, you can export WhatsApp backup to your computer and read the WhatsApp messages with the following steps.

Step 1. To export WhatsApp message, select Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup from WhatsMover.

Step 2. Select the backup version > Click the Export to Computer option at the bottom of the screen.

WhatsMover restore backup

Step 3 Preview and select all or selective WhatsApp Chats > If needed, choose the media files you’d like to export > Finally, choose a destination and format, click Export to make it.

eport WhatsApp chats


Hope you have known how to read deleted messages in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone after reading this guide. This guide also introduces a powerful tool - WhatsMover for you to create WhatsApp backup on your computer if you want to view WhatsApp chat history on PC. If this guide helps you, please share it with others.

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