[4 Ways] How to Retrieve Texts from Broken Android

Lost important text messages from your broken Android phone? You may need this guide to learn how to retrieve texts from broken Android phone in all possible and effective methods.

Demi by Demi Updated June 4, 2024
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Is It Possible to Recover Data from a Broken Android?


Text message recovery

I am needing to recover old text messages off a broken phone. Is it possible to get a transcript of my old texts?

- Question from AT & T Community

Not being able to access your text messages might be particularly frustrating if you have important text messages stored on your Android phone. Then, here comes the question - is it possible to recover text messages from a broken Android phone?

retrieve text from broken android phone

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a broken Android phone, including text messages. Here are some common scenarios where data recovery is possible:

Scenarios Where Data Recovery is Possible
• Screen Damage: If your phone's screen is broken but the device is still functional, you can use various methods to retrieve data.
• Phone Won't Turn On: If the phone won't power on but the internal components are intact, recovery might still be feasible through backups or professional services.
• Partial Damage: If parts of the phone are damaged but it still connects to a computer, data recovery is often possible.

In this guide, you will be given 4 possible ways, as well as detailed steps for how to retrieve texts from broken Android.

1# Retrieve Text Messages from Broken Android from Google Drive

Google Drive is a valuable tool for backing up and restoring data on Android devices. If you have previously enabled Google Drive backup, you can easily restore your text messages even if your Android phone is broken.

Please note that using this method, you need to have another phone to restore the messages. Here are the steps to retrieve texts from a broken Android phone from Google Drive.

Step 1. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your phone, and sign in with your Google account. Factory reset your phone if the phone is used.

Step 2. When you go to the Choose a backup to restore page, select a backup from the list, and tap Restore.

restore from google drive

Once the setup and restoration are complete, open your messaging app to access your restored text messages.

2# Restore Text Messages from Broken Android Phone from Cloud Backup

Nowadays, more and more phone companies will offer their own cloud services for users to backup phone data, like Samsung Cloud, Huawei cloud, and Xiaomi cloud. If you enabled backup on your broken phone before, you can retrieve text messages from broken phone using cloud backup.

Just for an example, we’ll take Samsung cloud as an example to restore text messages from a broken Android phone. The steps are slightly different from different brands.

Step 1. On your repaired or new Samsung phone, open Settings app > Sign into your Samsung account > Scroll down and tap Accounts and backup.

Step 2. From the Samsung Cloud, choose Restore data > Choose the text messages from the list, and tap Restore.

restore samsung cloud backup

3# Recover Texts from Broken Phone from Phone Carrier

Depending on your phone provider, you may also be able to ask for the lost text messages from your phone carrier. If you have a specific objective, such as legal purpose, you can give it a shot. Simply contact your phone provider company. You may contact them via phone or through their official website. Some service providers offer text messages alongside incoming and outgoing calls. However, most phone carriers do not provide simple access to your text messages.

4# How to Retrieve Texts from Broken Android by Third-Party Tool

Several third-party Android data recovery software like Dr.Fone - Data Recovery, FoneLab for Androind, and EaseUS MobiSaver for Android, are designed to recover data from broken Android phones. These tools often provide comprehensive solutions for retrieving text messages and other types of data.

Just for an example, this guide will show you how to retrieve texts from Android devices by FoneLab for Android.

Step 1. Go to the official website of FoneLab for Android to download and install the software to your computer.

Step 2. Connect your broken Android phone to computer, and launch FoneLab for Android. Then, click Android Data Recovery box on the left side.

fonelab recover android

Step 3. Select your broken Android phone’s version from the options, then follow the steps to allow USB Debugging using Developer options.

fonelab recover android

Step 4. Wait for the program to recognize your Android phone, and tick Messages and Message Attachments checkboxes. Click Next to let the tool to scan your Android phone.

fonelab recover android

Step 5. The FoneGo app will be installed on your phone to assist the program in the recovery process. When the scan process completes, you can choose the text messages, and click Recover button to recover wanted text messages from Android phone.

fonelab recover android


Losing access to your Android phone due to physical damage can be a stressful experience, but recovering your text messages is often possible through various methods. By following this comprehensive guide, hope you can retrieve your text messages from a broken Android phone and protect your valuable data from potential loss.

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