How to Fix or Recover when New iPhone Photos Missing: 4 Ways

Why and how to fix when photos are missing from your new iPhone? Find answers and solutions in this passage. And two professional tool are listed here to help you recover and protect photos.

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 27, 2023
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Why new iPhone photos missing?

When you get a new iPhone and transfer data from the old iPhone to the new one, you might suddenly find that the photos on the phone have disappeared. For those who enjoy capturing life through photos, this can be quite distressing. Why does this happen? Here are some common reasons.

⛔ iOS system updates might lead to accidental loss of photos.
⛔ Disabling iCloud Photos within your settings removes the synced photos from your device's storage.
⛔ Accidentally deleted photos on the new iPhone.
⛔ Signing out of iCloud may lead to the issue.
⛔ Insufficient storage space may prevent photos from being saved.

How to fix new iPhone photos missing

Now you can use the ways below to solve your problem efficiently.

Solution 1. Enable iCloud Photos

If iCloud Photos is mistakenly disabled, the photos stored in iCloud are removed from your device but remain in iCloud. To restore missing photos on new iPhone, re-enable the sync.

Go to the iPhone Settings app > Click Apple ID > Tap on iCloud > turn on the Photos toggle. Allow some time for iCloud-stored photos to reappear in the iPhone's Photos app.

enable icloud photos

Solution 2. Log in to iCloud again

If you find that your iPhone photos are not being saved to iCloud after an iOS update, it could be due to being logged out of your iCloud account. To rectify this:

Access the iPhone Settings app and select Sign in to your iPhone > Enter your Apple ID email and password. If two-factor authentication is active, provide the verification code. Wait for some time for your photos to download back to your iPhone.

log in to icloud

Now you can know how to fix the new iPhone update photos missing issue.

Solution 3. Check the Recent Deleted folder

When you delete an image or video from your iPhone, it doesn't vanish right away. Instead, it's transferred to the Recently Deleted album and stays there for 30 days before being permanently removed. So, before worrying, it's wise to check that folder.

Just open the Photos app and navigate to the Albums tab > Scroll down and tap on Recently Deleted > If you find the needed photos there, tap Select in the upper right corner > Choose the photos and videos you want to restore and then tap Recover to confirm.

recently deleted photos

Additionally, you can also click the Hidden folder to check if any photo is hidden here.

Solution 4. Recover missing photos without backup

When your new iPhone pictures missing, if you need to recover them, then MyRecover for iOS can be the best tool to help you make it.

Whether or not you've backed up your data, this tool allows you to selectively preview and restore various types of lost iPhone data, including photos, videos, contacts, Safari Bookmarks, call history, and more, all within just 3 steps.

Here's a guide on how to recover photos on your new iPhone without a backup:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a Windows PC. If prompted, click Trust to grant the computer access to your data.

Step 2. Launch MyRecover for iOS and click on Scan Now to initiate the scanning process on your iPhone.

scan now

Step 3. Select the specific photos you wish to recover by clicking on the Photos icon. Then hit the Recover button to retrieve the chosen photos back to your new iPhone.

recover photos

Now you can know why MyRecover for iOS is the best app to recover your missed photos from the easy-to-operate steps.

How to avoid new iPhone pictures missing

Regularly backing up your iPhone can prevent unexpected data loss issue such as new iPhone all photos missing. For Windows users, iTunes and iCloud are popular tools for this purpose, especially for saving iPhone photos.

However, iTunes often faces issues like backups not appearing, disrupting its functionality. iCloud backups rely on network quality for speed, which might take a considerable time.

Moreover, iCloud's free 5 GB storage limit is often inadequate for heavy iPhone users. Therefore, FoneTool emerges as an excellent alternative for backing up iPhone data.

laugh Preview and selective backup: You can easily preview iPhone photos on PC to choose which you want to selectively back up.
laugh Super-fast backup speed: You can quickly transfer lots of full-resolution photos from iPhone to PC. For example, 1000 photos can be moved in minutes.
laugh No file size/number limitation: The number and size of files you can back up only depend on the capacity of your target device (PC, external drive, etc.). FoneTool doesn’t have any limitations.
laugh Wide compatibility: FoneTool works well with various iOS devices, including iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as the latest iOS 17.

So why not click the download button to get FoneTool on your PC to explore its amazing functions?

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable > Launch FoneTool on your PC and click Phone Backup > Selective Backup > Get Started.

start to backup photos

Step 2. Check the Photos icon > If you only need to back up specific photos, you can click on Photos to select them > Then click OK to continue.

select photos

Step 3. Click Backup Storage Path to choose a location to save the backup > Click Start Backup to begin the task.

backup photos

Once the backup is finished, now you can go to Backup History and click View dot to see if your photos are backed up successfully. And next time if you need to restore your photos, you can click Restore dot from this page to recover them to your iPhone or another iOS device without any Apple ID restrictions.

restore backup


Here are 4 ways for you to fix or recover when you find that new iPhone photos missing. If you need to protect data from loss, the professional backup software - FoneTool can help you a lot!

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