[Tops] How to Check Text Messages Online Without iPhone

This article shows you 3 top ways to check text messages online without iPhone. If you don’t know how to view iPhone messages on PC/Mac/iPad without phone, let’s read!

Clara by Clara Updated March 6, 2024
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Is there any way I can check text messages online without iPhone? It’s not convenient to use my iPhone when I'm working on my computer, and I often forget where my iPhone is. But I don't want to miss any messages. Any cool workarounds or apps you can recommend?

- Question from Apple

Can I Check Text Messages Without My iPhone?

When you find yourself without easy access to your iPhone, or when your iPhone isn't with you, you may wonder if there's a way you can check your text messages. Fortunately, there are ways to help know how to check iPhone messages without phone, even if your iPhone isn’t in hand.

check text messages online without iphone

Next, this article will show you 3 top ways about to see iPhone messages without iPhone. Whether you want to view it on your iPad, Mac, or Windows PC, you can do it. Come along and take a look!

How to View Text Messages Without iPhone (3 Top Ways)

There are 3 effective ways to answer this question: by syncing the messages via iCloud, using the messages app on Mac, or backup iPhone message to PC with FoneTool.

Way 1. Check iPhone Messages via iCloud Sync (Mac/iPad)

When it comes to how to check text Messages without iPhone, using iCloud to sync the messages to iPad/Mac is a good way. It is Apple's unique data synchronization service. Once you sync the Message in iCloud, it can store all the messages and make them accessible on all your iOS devices, as long as you sign in with the same Apple ID.

mail Note:

iCloud only offers 5 GB space for free. You need to purchase more space if you need.

It needs a steady internet and time to upload message history.   

Follow the steps to check if you have opened it:

Step 1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2. Click [your name] > Look for iCloud.

Step 3. On this page, make sure you open the Messages option.

check text messages online without iphone

Step 4. On your iPad/Mac, sign in with the same Apple ID and wait for the messages to sync.

Next time if you need to download your messages, just go to this how to download messages from iCloud to iPhone guide to make it.

Way 2. View Messages with Mac Messages App (Mac)

The Mac Messages app allows you to view your iPhone messages from the Mac computer. You can also use it to send messages to any Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch that uses iMessage, just need you ensure these devices are using the same Apple ID. And iPhone users can also use it to send SMS and MMS messages.

mail Note:

If you're setting it up for the first time, it only allows you to view messages from this setup onwards, not older messages on your Mac.

Now, follow the guide to learn how to see text messages without iPhone:

Step 1. On your Mac, open the Messages app > Locate Messages in the toolbar > Click Preferences > Tap iMessage.

Step 2. On your iPhone, open Settings > Look for Messages > Tap Text Message Forwarding.

Step 3. Switch the toggle next to your Mac's name to allow it to send and receive SMS/MMS from the iPhone.

check text messages online without iphone

Step 4. Receive a verification code on the Mac > Enter the code on your iPhone to allow the process.

Step 5. Make sure both devices are connected to the internet, and the SMS and MMS you receive on your iPhone will now also be forward to your Mac.

Although the steps are complicated, considering the benefits, it’s worth trying this method. If you want to get an easy way, find the method next.

Way 3. See iPhone Messages from FoneTool Backups (PC)

Due to compatibility reasons, not all methods support you accessing iPhone messages on a Windows PC, for example, you can't use iCloud to synchronize iOS with Windows. Fortunately, some third-party software can help you view iPhone messages on PC without phone.

Here, we highly recommend you to use FoneTool, which is a powerful iOS data backup & transfer tool. With it, you can back up your iPhone messages in the easiest and quickest way and check them on your Windows 11/10. Also, FoneTool allows you to preview and select the iPhone messages you want to transfer.

enlightened There are more features of FoneTool:

Backup files for free. You can free to preview and backup photos, videos, messages, etc. 

Backup space unlimited. You can back up iPhone to iPad/PC, or other external hard drive.

Backup data without network. It doesn’t use your cellular data or Wi-Fi to finish a backup.

Get the freeware to your Windows PC, and follow the steps below to learn how to view iPhone text messages on your computer for free.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to compute > Run FoneTool, and tap Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup.

check text messages online without iphone

FoneTool also supports you transferring WhatsApp Message from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to PC, iPhone to iPad.

Step 2. Check Messages icon and uncheck the others > Preview and select the messages you need to view on computer > Tap OK to confirm.

check text messages online without iphone

If you want to learn how to back up all photos or other files like music, videos, check the corresponding icon.

Step 3. Make a place to save your messages > Click Start Backup to begin.

check text messages online without iphone

Once it is finished, you can go to the Backup History page to look for the message backup files, then you can browse your iPhone messages on PC.

FAQs on Check Text Messages Online Without iPhone

After reading the above content, you may also want to know the below questions about how to view iPhone text messages on computer without phone.


After reading the above content, you can learn how to check text messages online without iPhone. These guides help you view the iPhone messages on iPad, on Mac, or on Windows PC. You can choose ways according to your needs. We strongly suggest you use FoneTool backup iPhone to see messages on your computer!

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