Fixed! iOS 17 Voice Message Transcription not Working

Audio message transcription function make it more convenient to check your voice messages on iPhone. However, it sometimes doesn’t work. Just try solutions in this guide to fix iOS 17 voice message transcription not working.

Demi by Demi Updated January 2, 2024
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Voice message transcription no longer working with iOS 17

“Visual” voice message, or voice message transcription was working flawlessly prior to installation of iOS 17. It has not been working since. Has anyone figured out a solution to this annoying setback?

- Question from Apple Community

Audio message transcription is a remarkable feature introduced in iOS 17, enabling real-time conversion of audio messages into plain text. This facilitates quick checking of audio messages without the need to tap on them.

However, users who have upgraded to iOS 17 have reported that the automatic transcription of audio messages may not always work. Some have noted that the transcription works inconsistently.

voice messge transcription not working

If you are experiencing the iOS 17 voice message transcription not working issue, this guide will outline the possible reasons behind it and provide troubleshooting methods to address the issue.

Why iOS 17 voice message transcription not working?

The audio message transcription not working on iOS 17 relies on a combination of cutting-edge technology, including speech-to-text algorithms and natural language processing. However, several factors can contribute to the malfunctioning of this feature:

😧 Network Connection
Transcription relies on internet connectivity, impacted by weak signals or network issues.

😧 Server-Side Problems
Services on Apple's servers may be affected by issues or maintenance.

😧 Regional Restrictions
Transcriptions could be restricted based on language and location settings.

😧 Software Bugs
iOS 17 may have bugs affecting transcription in the operating system or messaging app.

😧 Resource Constraints
Running multiple apps simultaneously may impact transcription due to demanding processing requirements.

Fixes to iOS 17 voice message transcription not working

Now, let's explore effective fixes to address iOS 17 audio message transcription not working issue.

1# Change audio messages expire time

iOS 17 audio message cannot be transcribed in real-time due to network issues or errors, occasionally taking a few minutes for transcription to load. To ensure messages are not removed, change the expiration time from "After 2 Minutes" to "Never." Here's how:

Go to the Settings app > Locate and select Messages > Scroll down to tap on Expire > Select Never option.

change message expire

2# Change your language and region

As mentioned in Part 1, currently, only the United States region is supported for audio message transcription in later updates of iOS 17. To address this, switch your iPhone language and region to English and the United States.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings app on iPhone > General > Select Language & Region.

language region

Step 2. Tap on Add Language and Region to change the language and region on your iPhone to troubleshoot.

3# Quit and reopen the Messages app

If you've set your audio messages to never expire, and changed your language and region, and still encounter the audio message transcription not working issue on your iPhone, try force closing the Messages app.

This action can potentially resolve the problem by clearing out any bugs or glitches affecting the audio message transcription feature.

From your iPhone home screen, swipe up and hold from the bottom, find the Messages app, and swipe up on the app to force quit it.

force quit message

4# Force restart iPhone

In cases where program errors or system issues hinder features like audio message transcription on iOS 17, a force restart can be an effective solution. It's an official method that can address most system-related problems on your iPhone.

Force quit the Messages app and force restart iPhone. Press and quickly release the Volume + button > Perform the same operation on the Volume - button > Press the Side button and release when you see the Apple logo.

force restart iphone

5# Update iOS version

Audio message transcription is introduced in iOS 17, requiring an upgrade to this version. If your iPhone is running the iOS 17 beta version, ensure you upgrade to the latest official release to address any remaining bugs. To resolve the issue of iOS 17 audio message transcription not showing, follow the provided steps to upgrade your iOS version.

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone > General > Software Update. If there is a new iOS version, hit Update Now to download and install it.

ios software update


Voice message transcription is a valuable feature that enhances the usability of messaging apps on iOS 17. When faced with issues such as iOS voice message transcription not working, you can take a series of steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

If problems persist, reaching out to Apple Support ensures access to expert guidance and assistance. By following these fixes, hope you can enjoy a seamless voice messaging experience on iOS 17, ensuring that your spoken words are accurately transcribed and conveyed to recipients.

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