Best iPhone Music Transfer Software 2024

This article will be given he best iPhone music transfer software, as well as how you can make use of it to transfer music between iPhone and PC, and between two iOS devices.

Demi by Demi Updated April 23, 2024
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Looking for iPhone music transfer software?


iPhone music to/from Windows PC?

I’m so tired of iTunes. In more than one occasion, I have had to format my computer and even though I keep all my music in a different hdd, I always end up losing my playlist. Is there a better iPhone music transfer tool? Thanks!

- Question from MacRumors

While iTunes has been a longstanding companion for iOS users to manage and transfer music files, it comes with its fair share of limitations:

• Support one-way transfer only. It only allows music from a computer to be transferred to an iPhone, but not vice versa unless it's purchased.
• Unable to transfer among different account. Transferring music with different accounts is challenging as iTunes pairs with only one iPhone.
• Data loss risks. Existing songs on an iPhone are erased during syncing.
• Complex to use. Its complicated interface makes it challenging to navigate, with the potential for serious consequences if the wrong buttons are pressed.

Are you stuck in one of the limitations above? Given these limitations, the desire for a free iPhone music transfer without relying on iTunes is understandable. And you're in the right place.

iphone music transfer software

In this guide, I'll introduce you to the best free iPhone music transfer software and demonstrate how to use it to transfer music between your iPhone and computer, or between iPhones/iPads.

What’s the best iPhone music transfer software?

Determining the best iPhone music transfer software involves assessing key criteria such as ease of use, speed of transfer, compatibility, and additional features beyond basic music management. A holistic solution should cater to users with varying preferences and requirements.

FoneTool emerges as the top contender for the best iPhone music transfer software in 2024. This versatile tool not only addresses the limitations of iTunes but goes beyond, offering a comprehensive suite of features to enhance the music transfer experience for you.

FoneTool - Ultimate iPhone Music Transfer Manager

▶  Transfer to any devices. Transfer music effortlessly between computer and iPhone, iPhone and computer, or from one iPhone to another.

Share across different accounts. It allows you to transfer music to your family's devices.

Transfer songs from any source. Transfer both purchased and non-purchased songs with ease.

No risk of data erasure. FoneTool only adds music to the iPhone without removing existing files.

User-friendly design. With a clear interface, it ensures a straightforward transfer process in just a few clicks, unlike iTunes' complex interface.

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In short, FoneTool can help you transfer any song to any computer/iPhone without effort. Just click the download button to get this iPhone music transfer for free.

How to use iPhone music transfer software

FoneToool supports music transfer between iPhone and computer, flash drive, or external hard drive. For transferring music from one iPhone to another, you can export music from the source iPhone to the computer, and then add the exported music to the target iPhone.

Let's walk through how to use this free iPhone music transfer software for this process.

How to transfer music from iPhone to Windows PC

Step 1. Connect your iPhone
Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. FoneTool will automatically detect your device, and you'll see your iPhone displayed on the main interface.

Step 2. Navigate to the Music Transfer Section
Run FoneTool and click Phone Transfer from the left bar > Mouse over to iPhone to PC and click Get Started.

go to transfer

Step 3. View your Music Library
Click the plus icon and check Music icon to browse music on your iPhone > Select the songs you want to transfer to USB > Click OK to confirm.

choose songs

Step 4. Transfer Music from iPhone to PC
From Transfer Settings, choose your local folder, USB stick, or external hard drive as the storage path > Click Start Transfer to begin the process.

start transfer music

How to transfer music from Windows PC to iPhone

Step 1. Connect your iPhone
Run FoneTool and plug in your iPhone. Plug in any USB if you want to transfer music from USB to iPhone.

Step 2. Choose Music Transfer Option
Click Phone Transfer from the homepage of FoneTool > Mouse over to PC to iPhone and click Get Started.

go to transfer

Step 3. Select Music from Computer
Choose Music > Tap the folder icon to preview and select the music files on your PC. You can directly drag and drop music from computer to the box in FoneTool.

choose music

Step 4. Transfer Music from PC to iPhone
Finally, make sure you have added all wanted music files > Click Start Transfer to transfer music to iPhone.

start transfer music

Now you can know how to transfer music from Windows 10 to iPhone using the easiest way.


In the evolving landscape of digital music management, finding the best iPhone music transfer software is pivotal. FoneTool not only addresses the limitations of traditional options like iTunes but sets a new standard for efficiency and user experience.

Whether you seek simplicity, compatibility, or additional features, FoneTool stands as a versatile solution to guide you on how to put MP3 on iPhone. Embrace the harmonious experience of managing your iPhone music with FoneTool, where efficiency meets simplicity in a symphony of seamless transfers and organized libraries.


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