[8 Ways] Fix iPad/Mini/Air/Pro Won't Update iOS 17/16/15

There are 8 ways for you to fix the iPad can’t update iPadOS. You can know the compatibility of various iPadOS systems and use the professional tool to troubleshoot the problem.

Kathy by Kathy Updated September 19, 2023
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Why can’t I update my iPad to iPadOS 17?

I’m trying to update my iPad, but something is wrong here. No matter what I do, I can’t update my iPadOS successfully! How can I do to when the iPad 6th generation won’t update?

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Why iPad won’t update to iOS 17/16/15?

Each iPadOS update typically introduces new features and improvements. Updating your iPad to the latest version can enhance your user experience. But sometimes, you may encounter difficulties when trying to update your iPadOS. In such situations, several reasons could be responsible for the issue.

⛔ Some older iPads may not be compatible with the latest iOS version.
⛔ Insufficient storage on your iPad.
⛔ The Internet connection is unstable or weak.
⛔ Software glitches or temporary bugs on iPad.
⛔ A temporary issue with Apple's update servers.
⛔ iPad has a low battery.

Compatibility of Various iPadOS systems

iPadOS 15 iPadOS 16 iPadOS 17

iPad Air 2 and later

iPad 5th and later

All models of iPad Pro

iPad Mini 5 and later

iPad Air 3 and later

iPad 5th and later

All models of iPad Pro

iPad Mini 5 and later

iPad Air 3 and later

iPad 6th and later

iPad Pro 10.5-inch, 11-inch (1st and later)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd and later)

How to fix iPad won't update iOS 17/16/15

If you've already confirmed that your iPad model is compatible with the system you want to update, you can continue reading to find solutions. Before attempting any fixes, it's advisable to charge your iPad. Having sufficient battery can ensure a smooth update process.

Method 1. Check Internet connection

When your iPad is unable to check for update, first ensure that your device is connected to the Internet. It's recommended to use a Wi-Fi network for updates. If you're already connected to Wi-Fi, try switching to a more stable network for the update.

Method 2. Check Apple’s System Servers

When a new iPadOS update is released, it's natural for many users to want to download it immediately. However, this can lead to heavy traffic on Apple's servers, potentially causing the update failure.

You can go to Apple’s System Server page to check the status and ensure they are running normally. If the dots are all green, the servers are up and running. If aren’t, you can contact Apple for technical support or wait for the server to be repaired.

Apple system status

Method 3. Force restart your iPad

You can also force restart your iPad to fix the temporary software glitches or bugs on iPad.

Restart iPad with Face ID: Quickly press and then release the Volume Up button > Quickly press and release the Volume Down button > Hold down the Power button until the Apple logo comes into view.

force restart iPad

Restart iPad with the Home button: Simultaneously press and sustain the Power and Home buttons > Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

Method 4. Free up iPad storage

When there isn't enough storage space on your iPad, it can impact the updating process. Check your available space by going to Settings > General > Storage. Then you can delete some files on your iPad to free up storage. And if you don't want to lose any data, you can transfer your iPad files to PC beforehand.

check ipad storage

With the handy FoneTool, you can transfer photos, videos, music and contacts between iPad/iPhone and PC at a super fast speed. And it only relies on a USB connection, so you don’t need to worry about any data leakage. If you need, you can download it on your PC to move the large files on iPad.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Connect your iPad to the PC with a USB cable > If your device is connecting to this computer for the first time, you will need to tap Trust on your iPad > Launch FoneTool.

Step 2. Click Phone Transfer > Choose iPhone to PC icon and click Get Started.

transfer data

Step 3. Click the plus icon > Check each icon to preview and select the files you want to transfer > Click OK to confirm.

select photos

Step 4. Click Transfer Settings to change the storage path > Click Start Transfer to begin the task.

start transfer

Note: If you need, you can also go to Toolbox > Choose Photo Deduplication to find and delete similar photos on iPad.

Method 5. Reset all settings

Resetting all settings on iPad can be another available approach to fix the iPad won't update iOS issue. You can go to Settings > General > Choose Reset All Settings to revert all system settings to their default configurations.

Method 6. Remove and download the update again

If you're having trouble installing the latest version of iPadOS, you can also try the following steps to download the update again: Go to Settings > General > Tap on your Device name (iPad) > In the list of apps, locate the update you're trying to install and tap on it > Select Delete Update to remove it from your device.

delete update on iPad

After deleting the update, go back to Settings > General > Select Software Update to download and install the latest update again.

Method 7. Update iPad using computer

Updating the iPad using a computer can be a useful way to solve the problem, but it's advisable to back up your iPhone data first. For Windows, you can launch FoneTool > Go to Phone Backup > Choose Full Backup or Selective Backup to make it.

Update iPad with iTunes on PC

Connect your iPad to the PC > Tap on the device icon in iTunes interface > Choose Check for Update under the Summary tab to continue > Click Download and Update to make it.

Update iPad with Finder on Mac

Launch Finder on your Mac > Connect the iPad to the computer > Choose the device in the left sidebar of the Finder Windows > Choose General and tap on Check for Update > Select Download and Update to finish the process.

update iPad with Fonder

Method 8. Factory reset your iPad without losing data

When none of the previously mentioned methods work, you can attempt to solve the problem by resetting your iPad to its factory settings. However, please be aware that this will erase all the data on your device, so it's crucial to fully back up your iPad before proceeding.

You can use professional software like FoneTool to assist you in this process. With its various advantages, you can get excellent experience.

blushEasy to Use. The interface of FoneTool is user-friendly, you can know how to use it easily even for the first time.
blushFull and Selective Backup. You can fully back iPad/iPhone like iTunes, or selectively back up photos, videos, music, contacts and messages efficiently.
blushNo file size/number limitation. The number and size of files you can transfer and back up only depend on the capacity of your target device (PC, iPad, or external drive). FoneTool doesn’t have any limitations.
blushWide compatibility. FoneTool works well with various iOS devices, including iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, as well as iPad/Pro/Air/mini, iPod Touch, and the latest iOS 16/17.

Now you can follow the instructions below to fully back up and factory reset your iPad.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Fully back up iPad

Step 1. Connect your iPad to the PC with a USB cable > Launch FoneTool and choose Phone Backup > Full Backup > Click Get Started to continue. 

start back up iPad

Step 2. Check Enable Backup Encryption to protect your private data > Choose a backup storage path on PC > Tap on Start Backup to begin.

ful backup

Factory reset iPad

Step 3. Click Toolbox > Data Eraser

erase data

Step 4. Choose Erase all data and tap Get Started.

erase all data on iPad

Step 5. View the instructions on the screen and tap Erase Data button to reset your iPad.

begin the erasing task

Once the process is completed, you can go to Backup History and click Restore dot to restore the backup.

restore iPad backup


When your iPad won't update iOS, you could charge it first and confirm that your device is compatible with the update you want to get. Then you can check Internet connection, Apple’s System Server, force restart your iPad, free up your iPad storage, reset all settings, remove and download the update again, update iPad with computer or factory reset it.

If you need to free up or factory reset your iPad, you can use the professional iOS device data management app - FoneTool to finish the process. With this rich-feature tool, you can transfer, back up and erase your iPhone/iPad data.

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