4 Top Free Huawei to Xiaomi Transfer Ways

This passage will tell you 4 free ways to to transfer Huawei to Xiaomi. You can keep on reading to choose which one would be the best way for you.

Kathy by Kathy Updated December 26, 2023
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Over the past few years, Xiaomi smartphones have garnered a massive fan base due to their excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. Purchasing a new Xiaomi phone would indeed be a reason for joy.

However, for users looking to transfer data from their previous Android phones, such as Huawei, to their new Xiaomi device, finding a simple and efficient method for this transfer might be a bit challenging.


That's the purpose behind this article. Whether you're transferring data from Huawei to a new Xiaomi device or simply moving some data to someone else's Xiaomi phone, you'll find useful tools to make this process effortless.

How to finish Huawei to Xiaomi transfer

This passage will offer you 4 ways to finish the transfer process between Huawei and Xiaomi. The first three methods are wireless transfer methods, and option 1 will be the most useful way if you need an AirDrop-like way to migrate data.

For people who want to use the USB connection to achieve the goal, you can skip to Option 4 to make it.

Option 1. The best free Huawei to Xiaomi transfer app

When it comes to Android-to-Android data transfer, is there a handy free tool to help you easily move contacts, photos, videos, music and files wirelessly as you like? Of course, the professional FoneTool for Android will help you a lot!

enlightened Wide compatibility: FoneTool supports various Android and iOS devices including Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Pixel, iPhone 4 to iPhone 15, iPad and iPod Touch.
enlightened No network requirement: Your devices don’t need to connect to Wi-Fi or consume any cellular data.
enlightened Fast transfer speed: All selected data can be moved in a very short time.

Now you can click the button to download this AirDroid alternative on Huawei and Xiaomi devices.

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Step 1. Launch FoneTool on both your devices > Allow it to use WLAN. (Just enable the option, don’t need to connect to the network.)

Step 2. Go to Connect to Android on one of your devices > Click another device name to establish a connection.

connect to android

Step 3. Go to File Transfer on your Huawei > Select the data you need to airdrop > Tap Send to continue > Click Confirm on your Xiaomi to receive the files.

send photos


enlightened If you want to transfer WhatsApp from Huawei to Xiaomi, you can save the photos, videos or other files within the WhatsApp to the local Huawei storage and use FoneTool to airdrop them to Xiaomi.
enlightened You can use this tool to finish the Huawei to iPhone transfer.

Option 2. Copy data from Huawei to Xiaomi via Google account

Using your Google Account is a practical method for transferring data from Huawei to a Xiaomi phone, such as the Xiaomi Mi 10.

Step 1. Ensure both devices are logged into the same Google ID.

Step 2. On your Huawei phone, navigate to the Settings app, and then select Accounts.

sync data via google account

Step 3. Within the Google Account settings, pick the specific data you wish to transfer from the Huawei to the Xiaomi phone.

Step 4. Tap on Google Sync to proceed.

Step 5. Switch to your Xiaomi phone, access the Settings app, and choose Accounts.

Step 6. Locate Google Accounts and tap on Google Sync to receive the transferred data on your Xiaomi device.

Option 3. Make data transfer from Huawei to Xiaomi via Bluetooth

If you don’t want to use the third-party app to transfer Huawei to Xiaomi, then Bluetooth is another useful way to make it.

Step 1. Navigating to Settings on both phones and enabling Bluetooth. Ensure both devices are close enough for detection, and your Xiaomi phone should appear in the Huawei device's Bluetooth menu.

Step 2. Select your Xiaomi device from the list and enter a pairing code to connect both devices securely.

Step 3. Once the devices are connected, initiate the transfer process. For example, in Huawei's Gallery, select the desired pictures and tap the Share icon.

Step 4. Choose Bluetooth as the sharing method and wait for the transfer to complete.

use bluetooth to move files

Note: The Bluetooth transfers may take some time and are suitable primarily for smaller file transfers like photos and videos. This method is not suitable for transferring larger data like messages or call logs.

Option 4. Migrate Huawei to Xiaomi via File Explorer

If you want to move data from a Huawei phone to a Xiaomi device using a USB connection, File Explorer can help you accomplish the task.

Step 1. Connect both devices to your PC using USB cables. When prompted on your phones, allow your computer access to their data.

Note: If you can’t finish the USB transfer normally, find answers in this passage: Fix Android USB File Transfer Not Working Windows 10/11

Step 2. Access This PC on your computer and locate your Huawei device. Browse through the files and select the ones you want to transfer. Drag and drop these files to your Xiaomi phone.

access Android on PC

Once the process finishes, you can safely disconnect both phones from your computer and view the transferred files on your Xiaomi directly.

Note: This method also applies to transferring gallery between other Android phones.


From this passage, you can get 4 handy tools to finish the Huawei to Xiaomi transfer. For people who need a wireless way or want to transfer using USB cable, all can find a suitable tool to achieve the goal. And the FoneTool may offer you the most convenient way to make it.

With its wide compatibility, you can also transfer data from Huawei to Samsung regardless of the specific model you're using.

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