How to Run Android App on iPhone Without Jailbreak

If you want to know how to run Android app on iPhone without jailbreak, tips are here. This article will show how to install Android APK on iOS 14/15/16/17.

Clara by Clara Updated April 11, 2024
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How to run Android app on iPhone

I'm trying to learn how to run an Android app on iPhone. I have an iPhone 14 and the app is not available on the App Store. Is there any way to make this work? Any hacks or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Question from Apple Community

Can You Download Apps from Android on iPhone?

Android and iOS are the two major operating systems, each with its own unique app ecosystem. It means that you cannot get Android apps directly on your iPhone. However, you may want to experience the functions and features of Android apps on your iPhone, for example, if your friends share the fun of their favorite Android apps with you.

how to run android app on iphone

You may have considered jailbreaking your iPhone, but this may pose security risks and void your warranty. So, how to run an Android app on iPhone without jailbreaking? This article will introduce you to some practical methods so that you can enjoy Android applications on the iPhone without jailbreaking. Let’s explore the possibilities of how to run Android apps on your iPhone!

If you want to run apps and setting to a new iPhone from your old iPhone, you can go to this part to find the solutions.

Run Android APK on iOS with Android Emulator

The first method to solve how to run Android app in iOS is to use Android Emulator. Android emulators for iOS allow you to use Android programs and features on your iPhone or iPad. With it, you don't have to switch phones to enjoy your favorite Android apps on iPhone.

We show you 3 Android emulators in the next content. Whether you want to experience the unique features of Android apps or are just driven by technological curiosity, check it out now!

Option 1. iAndroid

iAndroid is a project that aims to bring the Android operating system to iOS devices without jailbreak. You can implement how to run Android apps on iPhone without making extensive modifications to the device software.

how to run android app on iphone

With iAndroid, you can experience a simulated Android environment on the iOS device to install and run Android apps. It provides access to the Android ecosystem, including the ability to access the Google Play Store and download and use various Android apps.


  • Simple and friendly interface.
  • You can connect and sync the app with your Google Drive.
  • It allows to you download all ROM files from the Safari browser.


  • Causes the device to run slowly.
  • The emulator cannot be downloaded from the App Store.

Option 2. Appetize iOS Emulator

Another Android emulator that must be mentioned is Appetize iOS Emulator. This emulator allows you to run mobile applications in a web browser. You don't need to download any additional plugins or extensions to do all this.

how to run android app on iphone

You can use it to access any app on iOS or Android and create shareable links to the Android app of your choice.


  • Appetize iOS Emulator runs on iOS devices without jailbreak.
  • It runs smoothly on all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.
  • It runs fast and has no lag.


  • More battery drain.
  • It may occasionally crash or freeze.

Option 3. GBA4iOS

If you are a game lover, then this software is your best choice to learn how to run Android app on iPhone. GBA4iOS is an Android emulator designed specifically for iOS devices. It allows you to run Android games on iPhone and iPad. With it, you will have a gaming experience similar to Android handheld consoles.

how to run android app on iphone


  • GBA4iOS can run on non-jailbroken iOS devices.
  • It is compatible with most Android games.
  • GBA4iOS provides some additional features and settings, such as quick saving and loading of game progress, etc.


  • Since GBA4iOS is not distributed through the App Store, Apple may revoke its certificate or restrict its use.

Use Android App on iPhone via Mirror Android Screen

If you feel that you don’t have to spend effort to install some Android emulators, then you can also use mirroring software to mirror your Android software screen to your Apple. For example, you can use ApowerMirror.

ApowerMirror can easily achieve seamless screen mirroring operation from Android to iPhone. With it, you don't need to jailbreak to download Android software, you just need to use screen mirroring to experience Android apps on your iPhone.

You can follow the steps to learn how to run Android APK on iPhone:

Step 1. Download the ApowerMirror app on both Android and iPhone.

Step 2. Open the app on Android and iPhone > On your Android, tap on the Blue mirror button, it will search for nearby devices to establish a connection.

Step 3. Select the iPhone device from the found devices list > Tap on Start Now to show the Android screen on your iPhone.

how to run android app on iphone

Bonus Tip: Get Android Data on iPhone with Transfer Tool

After you learn how to download Android apps on iPhone 13/14/15, if you also need to view other application files, such as music, videos, etc., you can also choose to transfer files from Android to iPhone. Here, we suggest you use a reliable and secure data transfer tool - FoneTool.

FoneTool is an all-in-one app, it allows you to preview and select the files you want to send, including transferring photos, music, videos, contacts, and other app content. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily share files from Android to iPhone, or transfer files from iPhone to Android.

Below are the steps to transfer files from Android app to iPhone:

Step 1. Download FoneTool on Android phone and iPhone. You can scan the QR code to download FoneTool on iPhone, and click this link to install it on your Android.

fonetool for ios

Step 2. Go to FoneTool on both devices > Let the tool use WLAN. No need to connect to a specific Wi-Fi, just open the Wi-Fi option.

Step 3. On your Android phone, tap Connect Device > Select Connect to iOS > Use iPhone to scan the QR code to establish a connection.

how to run android app on iphone

With FoneTool, you can also connect your iPhone and iPhone, then transfer data from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 4. On the Android phone, locate File Transfer > Tap each file type to select the files you want to get in your iPhone > Click Send.

how to run android app on iphone

Step 5. On your iPhone, tap Confirm to receive Android files.

By the way, if you want to send all apps and settings from the old iPhone to your new iPhone, you can use the desktop version of FoneTool to transfer everything from one iPhone to another. Only need 2 steps, you can enjoy your apps and settings on the new iPhone.

Here is the guide of how to run iPhone app on new iPhone:

Step 1.  Download and install FoneTool > Connect two old iPhones to the computer > Phone Transfer > iPhone to iPhone > Start Transfer.

how to set up new iphone 15 from old iphone

Step 2. When the iPhones are displayed on the windows > Enable the Backup encryption to transfer of your private data > Click Start Transfer.

how to set up new iphone 15 from old iphone


That’s all about how to run Android app on iPhone without jailbreak. Even though Android and iOS are two different operating systems, you still have several ways to run Android apps on your iPhone. Whether through an emulator, mirroring software, or transferring Android files to an iPhone, these methods provide users with an option without jailbreak.

Please choose the suitable method according to your needs and preferences to enjoy Android apps on iPhone.

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