How to Import WhatsApp Chat from Zip File on iPhone Easily

Are you finding ways to import WhatsApp chat from Zip file on iPhone? This full guide can help you finish the process easily. You can also choose another handy tool to transfer WhatsApp data between iPhones.

Kathy by Kathy Updated March 28, 2024
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How to import WhatsApp chat from Zip file on iPhone?

How can I import WhatsApp chat from Zip file in my iPhone. I need to restore the WhatsApp backup from a Zip file to my new iPhone. Who can help me? Thanks a lot!

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Can you import WhatsApp chats from Zip file on iPhone?

WhatsApp on iPhone doesn't have a direct feature to import chats from a Zip file. It only provides its own chat backup and restore functionality, primarily through iCloud. But here is still one way to finish the process.

How to import WhatsApp chat from Zip file on iPhone

You can try this way below to make it. If it’s unsuccessful, you may need to skip to the next part to restore the WhatsApp backup to a new iPhone in the easiest way.

Step 1. Install WhatsApp and RAR on your new iPhone > Copy the WhatsApp Zip file to your new iPhone.

Step 2. Launch RAR and locate your WhatsApp Zip on iPhone, then extract the Zip to your home directory.

import zip to whatsapp

Step 3. Open your WhatsApp and follow the on-screen instructions to set up it > Then you will be asked to Restore Chats From Available Backup > Confirm it and the process will start.

After a while, your chats may all load up on your device.

The easiest way to restore WhatsApp data to new iPhone

For most users, restoring Whatsapp chats from Zip file on iPhone is complex and difficult to operate, with a low success rate. If you want to transfer all WhatsApp data from old iPhone to your new iPhone, then you can use the handy FoneTool to accomplish the action.

With this rich-feature and powerful app, you can get much amazing experience.

blush Transfer without Apple ID limitation: You can move all WhatsApp data from old iPhone to new iPhone even if they are using different Apple IDs.
blush Backup and selective restoration: FoneTool allows you to back up WhatsApp data to PC or other mobile storage devices such as external hard drive and selectively restore it to your iOS device.
blush Encrypted backup: With this feature, your WhatsApp data can be fully protected, preventing others from accessing it.
blush Wide compatibility: FoneTool works well with various iPhone models including iPhone 4 to iPhone 15 and and rarely experiences runtime errors. Unlike iCloud, you may find that WhatsApp stuck on restoring from the backup in the process.

Now you can download FoneTool on your Windows PC and learn how to transfer or back up WhatsApp data as you like.

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WhatsApp Transfer

Step 1. Run FoneTool > Connect two iPhones to the computer via USB cables.

Tip: If you have only one USB cable, then you can skip to the next part to choose to back up WhatsApp data on your old iPhone, then unplug it and plug new iPhone to restore the backup.

Step 2. Once the FoneTool has recognized your iPhones, go to WhatsApp Manager > Transfer WhatsApp in the left pane > Click Get Started.

Tip: If you need to manage your data within WhatsApp Business, you can also choose WA Business to make it.

start to transfer WhatsApp

Step 3. Confirm the source device and target device > Choose Start Transfer.

transfer WhatsApp

Step 4. When a window pops up, view the on-screen instructions and tap Confirm to continue.

confrim to transfer WhatsApp

Step 5. If asks, enter your passcode of the source device and click OK to start the transfer.

start to transfer WhatsApp

WhatsApp backup

Step 1. Go to Whatsapp Manager > Move the cursor to Backup WhatsApp and click Get Started.

back up WhatsApp

Step 2. This window allows you to encrypt the backup process, and specify a backup location. Then click Start Backup to begin the task.

backup WhatsApp

Next time if you need to restore the backup to your current iPhone or another iOS device, you can go to My Backups and click Restore to make it.

restore backup

Note: With this feature, you can easily fix the issue when you can’t restore WhatsApp chat from the iCloud backup.


That’s all about how to import WhatsApp chat from Zip file on iPhone. You can follow the steps to finish the process. However, this method has a low success rate and can be quite complex to use.

If you need a powerful tool to restore your WhatsApp data to another iPhone, FoneTool can help you a lot. With its various advantages, you can also back up or transfer iPhone data between iOS devices when you can’t transfer data from old iPhone to iPhone 15.

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