iPhone Mail App Not Syncing with Outlook - Fix It Easily

This article tells you how to fix iPhone Mail App not syncing with Outlook. Here are 10 easy ways. With the detailed guide, you can solve the iOS Mail app not syncing issue.

Clara by Clara Updated April 11, 2024
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Why is my iPhone Mail app not syncing with Outlook. Everything just disappeared.

- Question from Apple Community

Why Is Mail App Not Updating with Outlook on iPhone?

Imagine you're rushing to an important meeting, and checking the latest Outlook emails through the Mail app on your iPhone. However, you can’t find any new emails that are updated by refreshing the mail list. It’s frustrating and worrisome. Why is my iPhone Mail app not syncing with Outlook? There are some possible reasons for this issue:

  • Network connectivity problems
  • Incorrect account settings
  • Glitches with Mail apps
  • Outdated software

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

In this article, we will share 10 solutions to help you fix the syncing problem between the Mai and Outlook, and assist you to receive the latest emails in a timely manner.

How to Fix iPhone Mail Not Syncing with Outlook - 10 Ways

In this section, you can learn 10 different methods to solve the Outlook mail not syncing issue. Let’s start to read!

Way 1. Check the Internet Connectivity

If you find the iOS Mail app not syncing with Outlook, the first thing you can do is check your network connection. A stable Internet connection is a prerequisite for automatic email updates. Therefore, ensuring you have a stable Internet connection. If your internet connection isn't great, you can try switching between Wi-Fi and cellular data.

Way 2. Delete the Email Account Re-add it

After you ensured your network connection, you can try removing your email account from the Mail app and then adding it again. You can do it quickly with the below guide.

Step 1. Open SettingsMailAccounts.

Step 2. Tap your email account > Click Delete Account.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

Step 3. After a while, go back to the Mail app and add your email account again.

Way 3. Disable and Re-enable Mail Sync

This action can refresh the sync process and re-establish the connection between the Mail app and Outlook. First, go to Settings > Mail > Accounts and toggle off the switch next to Mail. Then, turn the switch back on after for a few seconds.

Way 4. Manage the Outlook Sync Settings

The next way to fix “Mail app not syncing with Outlook on iPhone” is by managing and adjusting the sync settings in Outlook. In this way, you can ensure that your Outlook app syncs the desired information according to your preferences. Below are introductions about how to do it:

Step 1. Go to Settings on iPhone > Scroll down to look for Passwords & Accounts.

Step 2. Select the Outlook account > Click Mail Days to Sync > Then choose No Limit.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

Way 5. Open the Fetch New Data Service

For the question about Outlook app not updating emails on iPhone, did you make sure that you opened the Fetch New Data service? This feature in iPhone settings allows you to control how frequently your device checks for new email and other data updates from your Outlook account. You can try to adjust it when iPhone Mail not updating automatically.

Follow the steps to set the Fetch New Data Service: Go to Settings app > Look for Passwords & Accounts > Tap Fetch New Data > Select Push.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

When you choose the Push option, your iPhone establishes a constant connection with the mail server.
With the Fetch option, your iPhone periodically checks for new emails based on the time interval you set.
The Manual option means that you have to manually initiate the data refresh. By opening the respective app (like the Mail app), and triggering a refresh action.

Way 6. Check for Storage Space

Remember to check if the iPhone has sufficient storage space. If your device is running low on storage, it can affect the mail syncing process and cause issues. Go head to the Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

The will performer the detailed information for the files and media types consuming space. Then you can delete unnecessary apps or clear app caches one by one to manage storage on iPhone.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

By freeing up the device, you can solve “iPhone mail app not syncing with Outlook”. If you feel that viewing and deleting data one by one is too duplicative and slow, you can use a third-party tool - FoneTool to help you delete your data easily and quickly. 

FoneTool is a multifunctional iOS management tool, it provides professional services for data backup & transfer, data erasing, and WhatsApp management. With it, you can permanently erase certain types of data, including deleting Safari history, messages, contacts, call history, etc.

You can check and erase multiple files at once, which is significantly faster than the original method and can save you time. Now, download and install FoneTool by clicking the below button. And then, follow the guide to erase your unwanted data.

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Step 1. Open FoneTool on your computer > Connect your iPhone to the computer by a USB cable > Tap Toolbox > Select Data Eraser.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

Step 3. Go to Erase private data > Tap Get Started. If you want to reset iPhone to factory settings, you can choose Erase all data and follow the instructions.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

Step 4. Select the file icons that you want to clear up > Check Enable Deep Erase Technology > Then, tap Start Erase.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

Of course, if you are afraid that you accidentally deleted some important files, you can also use FoneTool to back up iPhone to iPad, PC, or other hard drive for free.

Way 7. Restart Your iPhone

Some temporary software glitches will affect the sync process between Outlook and your iPhone's Mail app. So, you can clean these glitches by restarting your iOS device. Follow the steps to restart your iPhone:

Step 1. Open Settings > General > Shut Down.

Step 2. Slide the Power Slider to the right when the Slide to Power Off appears.

Step 3. After s few seconds, reboot your iPhone by pressing the Power button.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

When your iPhone has restarted, go to the Mail app and check if the syncing issue has been fixed. If not, go ahead to the other ways.

Way 8. Delete and Install the Mail App Again

If you still experience persistent issues with syncing Outlook and the Mail app on your iPhone, you can try deleting the Mail app and reinstalling it.

Step 1. Check the steps to delete the Mail app:

Locate the Mail app on the iPhone's home screen > Press and hold the Mail app icon until it starts to jiggle > An "x" symbol will appear and tap it > Select Delete to remove the Mail app.

Step 2. How to re-install the Mail app:

Go to the App Store > Search for Mail > Tap on the download/install button.

Way 9. Link Outlook Account to the Stock Mail App

Also, you can check if you have missed the connection between the Mail app and the Outlook account. With a simple setup, you can easily access and sync Outlook emails, contacts, and calendars, providing a convenient email management experience.

Here are the steps: Open the email you received from Microsoft > At the bottom of the email, locate the option that shows Continue using this email app.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

Way 10. Update the iOS to the Latest

If you find the iPhone Mail not updating automatically with iOS 15, updating your iOS to the latest version can often help resolve this issue. This way not only helps you fix software bugs, but also improves the overall performance of your iPhone. Open the Settings app on iPhone > General > Software Update.

 iphone mail app not syncing with outlook

It's important to note that updating the iOS requires some time and temporarily disrupts your device's usage. Before performing the update, it's recommended to use FoneTool to achieve iPhone backup to ensure data safety.

An Easier Way to Sync Mail App and Other Data from iPhone to PC

After you use FoneTool to free up your iPhone storage, you can have other choice to manage your iPhone data. To sync your Mail app and other data between your iPhone and PC, consider using FoneTool, a robust iPhone data backup and transfer tool. FoneTool allows you to back up all your iPhone data to any hard drive or selectively sync specific data such as photos, videos, contacts, and more.

Here is the instructions of how to back up Mail app and other data from iPhone to PC:

Step 1. Download and open FoneTool on your computer > Connect your iPhone to your PC with USB.

Step 2. Click Phone Backup on the left pane > Choose Full Backup > Initiate the process by tapping Get Started.

Full Backup

Step 3. Enable Backup Encryption if you need > Set a storage path to save the backups > Click Start Backup to begin.

Start Backup

Final Words

In conclusion, if you encounter the error of iPhone Mail app not syncing with Outlook, there are 10 troubleshooting steps you can try. By following the above detailed guide, hope you can resolve syncing problems between the Mail app and the Outlook app. So that you can enjoy a seamless experience managing your emails on your iPhone.

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