[2024] Top 5 HEIC Converter Online

HEIC photos are not compatible on your devices? You may need an HEIC converter to converter them to a more compatible format. Just head to this guide to get top 5 effective HEIC converter online.

Demi by Demi Updated December 28, 2023
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In the digital world, image formats play a crucial role in our everyday lives. One relatively new format that has gained popularity is HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format), known for its efficient compression and excellent image quality.

heic files

However, due to its limited compatibility with certain platforms and devices, you may find the need to convert HEIC files to more widely supported formats like JPEG or PNG. This is where HEIC converter online comes into play, offering convenience and flexibility in converting your HEIC images.

In this article, we will explore why you need an online HEIC converter, present the top 5 HEIC converters online, and provide a bonus tip for batch conversion using FoneTool.

Why do you need an online HEIC converter?

Why do you need an HEIC to JPG/JPEG converter online? Obviously, HEIC files are primarily used by iOS devices as the default image format. However, not all platforms or devices support this format, which can create compatibility issues.

Converting HEIC files to widely supported formats like JPEG or PNG ensures that your images can be easily viewed, shared, and used across various platforms, devices, and applications.

What’s more, an online HEIC converter offers a convenient and accessible solution for converting your HEIC files without the need to install additional software on your device.

Top 5 HEIC converter online

This part offers you 5 HEIC converters online. You can look through them one after another, and choose one according to your preference, and convert HEIC on your iPhone.

Please be noted that after converting, you may get multiple duplicate photos that can run out of your limited iPhone storage. If this issue troubles you, try FoneTool introduced in the next part or delete duplicate photos with it.

Tool 1. HEIC to JPG

HEIC to JPG is a dedicated HEIC online converter that specializes in converting HEIC files to JPG format. It is a straightforward tool that allows you to upload your HEIC files and quickly obtain the converted JPG images.

heic to jpg online

How to use HEIC to JPG
• Go to the HEIC to JPG page.

• Upload the HEIC files to the grey box.

• Once the upload is complete, the conversion process will start automatically. Download the JPG files when it finishes

Pros: Free to use, no registration required, quick and easy conversion process.

Cons: Convert a maximum of 5 photos at a time.

Tool 2. Aconvert

Aconvert is a versatile HEIC converter online conversion tool that supports HEIC to JPEG, PNG, and other popular image formats. It also offers additional features such as resizing, rotating, and compressing images.


How to use Aconvert in 3 steps
• Visit the Aconvert website.

• Click on the "Choose Files" button to upload the HEIC file(s).

• Select the desired output format (e.g., JPG) and click the "Convert Now!" button. Once the conversion is finished, download the converted files.

Pros: Multiple output format options, supports batch conversion, simple interface.

Cons: Limited customization options, occasional ads.

Tool 3. Zamzar

Zamzar supports HEIC conversion along with a wide range of other file formats. With a simple three-step process, you can easily convert your HEIC files to JPEG, PNG, or other formats.


How to use Zamzar
• Go to the Zamzar website.

• Click the "Choose Files" button to upload the HEIC file.

• Select the output format (e.g., JPG), enter your email address, and click the "Convert Now" button. Once the conversion is complete, download the converted file from the email link.

Pros: Wide range of supported output formats, intuitive interface.

Cons: Limited customization options in the free version, longer conversion time for larger files.

Tool 4. FreeConvert

FreeConvert's HEIC Converter function allows you to convert HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format) files to widely supported formats like JPEG, PNG, or PDF. You can upload HEIC files and convert them with customizable output settings, such as adjusting the image quality or selecting the desired format. You can convert single files or process multiple HEIC files in a batch.


How to use FreeConvert
• Visit the FreeConvert Image converter webpage.

• Drag and drop the HEIC file(s) onto the designated area, or click the "Choose Files" button to select the file(s).

• Once the upload is complete, select the format you’d like to convert to. Tap “Convert” button.

Pros: User-friendly interface, supports batch conversion, no registration required.

Cons: Limited file size for free version, occasional ads.

Tool 5. Convertio

Convertio is a comprehensive HEIC online converter that supports HEIC conversion to various formats, including JPEG and PNG. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface, and you can also upload files from various sources, including cloud storage services.


How to use Convertio:
• Visit the Convertio website.

• Choose and upload the HEIC file you want to convert from your local device or cloud storage.

• Select the desired output format for conversion, customize any settings if needed, and click the "Convert" button. After the conversion is complete, download the converted file to your device.

Pros: Supports batch conversion, cloud storage integration.

Cons: Restricted file size, limited daily conversions.

FoneTool - Convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG/PNG Offline

Indeed, there are several HEIC converter online available, but using an offline converter can address two concerns: privacy security and transfer speed.

😧 When using an online converter, you need to upload your HEIC files to the website, raising potential privacy risks as you can't guarantee the security of your pictures.
😧 If you have a large number of pictures or large-sized files, online converters may struggle to handle the conversion efficiently, resulting in slow transfer speeds

Opting for an offline HEIC converter like FoneTool can be a safer solution to better control over your privacy and enjoy faster transfer speeds when converting HEIC files to JPG/JPEG/PNG.

Without degrading the quality of HEIC photos, FoneTool converts HEIC to JPG and saves them in their original quality. Follow these steps to convert HEIC files using FoneTool:

Step 1. Click icon below to free download FoneTool to computer > Launch FoneTool, and utilize its iPhone to PC transfer function to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

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Step 2. Click Toolbox from the left pane > Choose HEIC Converter.

choose heic converter

Step 3. When the converter program is launched, select Add Photos to add HEIC photos you just transferred from iPhone.

add photos

Step 4. Specify the format, quality, speed, and storage path as per your need. Then click Start Converting to begin.

start convert


In conclusion, HEIC converter online tools offer a convenient solution for converting HEIC files to more widely supported image formats. They allow you to maintain compatibility and ensure that your images can be easily accessed and shared across different platforms and devices. Choose the best option that suits your needs and enjoy the flexibility of using your HEIC images effortlessly.


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