4 Ways| How to Transfer Videos from Android to Computer

To save limited storage space on your Android phone, you may want to transfer videos from Android to computer. In this guide, we will show you 4 effective methods to help you transfer videos from Android phone to computer.

Demi by Demi Updated November 20, 2023
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In today's tech-savvy world, our Android devices have become a hub for capturing and storing precious moments in the form of videos. However, due to limited storage space on our smartphones, it's essential to transfer these videos to a computer for safekeeping and easy access.

transfer videos from android to pc

In this article, we will explore four effective methods to transfer videos from Android to computer. Each method offers unique advantages, and we will provide step-by-step guides to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer process.

1# Transfer videos from Android to computer - File Explorer

Various Android phones can be easily mounted and opened directly in Windows, allowing seamless access to their files and folders. However, some devices may have limitations and only support a PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) connection.

Despite this limitation, you can still utilize the PTP connection to transfer videos from your Android phone to your Windows computer. It provides a functional and straightforward method to move video files between devices, ensuring you can manage and enjoy your videos with ease.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to PC using a compatible USB cable.

Step 2. From the prompt window on your Android phone, tap the USB notification and choose File transfer or something like this according to your Android phone.

enable file transfer

Step 3. On your computer, go to My Computer > Locate and click your Android phone’s name > Open the DCIM folder to select and transfer wanted photos to anywhere on your PC.

copy files to pc usb

2# Transfer videos from Android to computer - Bluetooth

Bluetooth offers a wireless method to transfer videos from your Android device to your computer, making it an excellent option for those without a USB cable or for quick transfers. Here are how to transfer videos from Android to PC.

Step 1. Enable Bluetooth on both devices
• On your Android phone, go to the Settings menu and locate the Bluetooth icon > Tap on it to access the Bluetooth settings. Ensure that all devices are enabled to detect your Android phone.

• On your computer, simply press the Windows key + A on your keyboard to open the Center Panel, then activate the Bluetooth option.

enable bluetooth

Step 2. Pair your Android phone with PC
• On your PC, Launch the Bluetooth.

• Locate your Android phone and select it for pairing.

• Confirm the connection by clicking Yes on your computer and then tapping OK on your Android device.

Step 3. Transfer videos from Android to PC using Bluetooth
• On your computer, go to Send or receive file via Bluetooth and select Receive files.

• On your Android device, choose the specific photos you wish to share > Tap Share and choose Bluetooth > Select the name of your PC.

• After that, your PC will automatically start receiving the files, and you can select a path to save them.

receive files on pc

3# Transfer videos from Android to computer - Google Drive

Google Drive offers a cloud-based solution for transferring videos from your Android device to your computer. This method is ideal for users who prefer seamless access to their videos across multiple devices.

Ensure you are using the same Google Drive on both devices and follow the steps below to transfer videos from Android phone to computer.

Step 1. On your Android phone, go to the Google Drive app > Click on the + icon > Hit the Upload tab.

upload to google drive

Step 2. Choose the videos that you wish to transfer to your computer. You should be noted that the larger the files, the more time the upload process will take.

Step 3. On your computer, open the browser and go to the drive.google.com > Log in with the same Google account.

Step 4. Right-click on the name of the video you just uploaded > Click Download from the drop-down menu. Wait for the videos to be saved on your computer.

download videos from google drive

In addition, you can make use of Google Drive to transfer music from Android to PC.

4# Transfer videos from Android to computer - Email

Transferring videos via email is a viable option for smaller video files. It allows you to send the videos as attachments to yourself, making them easily accessible on your computer. The followings are how to transfer videos from an Android phone to a computer.

Step 1. On your Android phone, go to the Photos app > Tap the video you want to transfer to PC.

Step 2. Tap the share icon and tap Share.

tap share video

Step 3. Tap an email option to transfer the video. You can use Gmail, Outlook, etc. according to your preference > Enter your own email address and send the email.

Step 4. Finally, on your computer, open the email you just sent to yourself. The method you use to check this email will vary depending on your email service.


With the constant evolution of technology, transferring videos from your Android device to your computer has become more accessible and convenient than ever. In this article, we have explored four effective methods for transferring videos. Each method offers unique benefits, catering to various preferences and needs.

Whether you prefer a wired connection, wireless transfer, cloud storage, or email attachments, you can now easily preserve your cherished videos on your computer and enjoy them for years to come.


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