Tip: How to Send Full Quality Videos from Android to iPhone

If you are struggling with the problem of how to send full quality videos from Android to iPhone, tips are here. After reading you will know how to transfer high quality video to iPhone.

Clara by Clara Updated December 1, 2023
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I've got a burning question. How to send full quality videos from Android to iPhone? I use Samsung Galaxy S21 and my friends use iPhone 15, I really want to share the 4K videos with them. And don’t want to lose any of that video quality. Any cool methods or apps you recommend? Thanks!

- Question from Reddit

Why Need to Send Videos to iPhone Without Blurry?

We often use our phones to capture precious moments and want to share them with friends and family. However, when you try to send videos from Android to iPhone, you often face a problem: The video becomes blurry and loses details during the transfer process, weakening its original charm. You feel frustrated because you know the video is high quality, but you can't show it to your friends in the same quality.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Therefore, to solve this problem, the following article will present some useful tips and suggestions on how to send videos from Android device to iPhone without losing quality. Let’s take a look together.

How to Transfer High Quality Videos from Android to iPhone

In this section, there are 6 tips about how to send high quality videos from Android to iPhone. Go to check them and choose the way you like.

Tip 1. Transfer Full Quality Videos from Android to iPhone via iTunes

iTunes is a traditional method to transfer high-quality video files. It is mainly designed for synchronization between Apple devices and does not directly support Android devices. However, with a few extra steps, you can import videos from your Android to iTunes and sync them to your iPhone. If you want to know how to send videos from Android to iPhone with iTunes, you need to prepare a computer and follow the steps below:

Note: There are multiple processes and can be time-consuming, please keep patient or choose the next ways below.

Step 1. Connect the Android to your computer with USB:

  • Go to your Android phone in This PC\Portable Devices\Internal Storage\DCIM.
  • Transfer the full quality videos from Android to a local folder on the computer.
  • Open the latest iTunes > Tap Files > On the menu, click Add File/Folder to Library...
  • Then you can add the saved video files to the iTunes library.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer:

  • Tap the phone icon in iTunes > Click Movies.
  • Click Sync Movies > Choose the videos you wish to sync > Tap Apply.

Tip 2. Share A Clear Video Between Android and iPhone by Google Drive

Through Google Drive, you can also transfer videos from Android to iPhone with high quality. Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage space. By linking it to a Google account, you can easily upload, download and share files between different devices. Includes photos, videos, contacts, documents, and more.

Here are the steps about how to share high quality video from Android to iPhone.

Step 1. Download the Google Drive app on your Android device and iPhone.

Step 2. On your Android device:

  • Go to the app and sign in to your Google account.
  • Select the desired videos on your Android > Tap on the Share icon.
  • Choose Google Drive as the sharing option > Wait for the videos to upload.

Step 3. On your iPhone:

  • Open the Google Drive app > Launch in the Google account.
  • Click the Quick Access to find uploaded videos.
  • Then you can tap Download to save the videos with original resolution on the iPhone.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Tip 3. Switch Android Videos to iPhone with FoneTool Mobile App

If you think the above method is too complicated to meet your requirements, then you can also use FoneTool mobile app. It allows you to wirelessly send full quality videos or other phone data (photos, music, contacts, file app content) between different devices, like transferring from iPhone to Android, from Android and iPhone, or from Android to Android.

This app provides a super fast speed during the transfer and does not consume your cellular data. Besides, FoneTool also has a desktop version that can help you manage your iOS data, like backing up iPhone, erasing data and manage WhatsApp files, etc.

You can download and follow the steps to transfer files from Android to iPhone without losing original resolution.

Step 1. Open FoneTool on both Android phone and iPhone > Allow the tool to use WLAN. (Just need to turn on the Wi-Fi option, it does need not connect to Wi-Fi.)

Step 3. Click Connect Device on both devices > On the Android, you can see a QR code > Use the iPhone to scan it.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Step 4. On the Android, choose File Transfer > Tap Videos > Select the videos you need > Click Send to transfer the full quality videos to iPhone.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

By the way, with FoneTool, you can also transfer photos, music, contacts, etc.from Android to iPhone.

Tip 4. Send Videos to iPhone Without Blurry via Google Photos

Google Photos is a cloud storage and photo album app, that can automatically sync your photos and videos. With the same account, you can share them across multiple devices, like on the Android phone and the iPhone. You can check the steps below to share videos between iPhone and Android.

Step 1. Download and open Google Photos app on your iPhone

  • In the top right corner, tap your profile picture > Go to Photos Settings > Select Backup.
  • Activate Back up & Sync > Set the Backup mode to High quality > Wait for the indication says Backup complete.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Step 2. Download and open the Google Photos app on your iPhone:

  • Launch in with the Google Account associated with your Android.
  • Receive the high quality videos on the iPhone.

Tip 5. Transfer High Quality Videos from Android to iPhone with Email

Using email can also be used as a method to transfer high-quality video files. On an Android phone, add the video as an attachment to an email and send it to your iPhone, then you can transfer it to your iPhone without losing video quality.

Note: Some email providers may have limitations on file sizes, you need to consider the video file size and make sure it fits within the allowed limits. If you want to send large video files from Android to iPhone, you can choose other ways in the article.

Below is the guide to send videos from Android to iPhone via Email:

Step 1. Open your Android email client > Tap the Compose icon.

Step 2. Input the recipient's email address in the To field > Then choose to add Attach file.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Step 3. Select the videos you want to transfer in the Android Gallery app.

Step 4. Tap Send to dispatch the email.

Step 5. On your iPhone, go to the email app and sign in to the same account > Then receive and download the videos without blur.

Tip 6. Move Android Videos Without Losing Quality by Send Anywhere

It's also a convenient way to use Send Anywhere, it is a cross-platform file transfer app that allows you to quickly and securely share a variety of files, including high-quality videos. You can follow the guide to learn how to send full quality videos from Android to iPhone:

Step 1. Download and install the Send Anywhere on both iPhone and Android.

Step 2. On your Android phone, open Send Anywhere:

  1. Click Send > Select the videos you need to switch.
  2. Then you can see a 6-digit code, a QR code, or a Share Link.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone

Step 3. On your iPhone, Go to Send Anywhere:

  • Tap Receive > Scan the QR code or input the 6-digit code or copy the Share Link.
  • Set the destination folder on your iPhone.

Tip 7. Transfer Videos with Original Resolution to iPhone by SHAREit

When it comes to transferring videos and files between Android phones and iPhone devices, SHAREit can also be one of your good transfer options. It does not require the use of a data cable or Internet connection, instead transferring files via a direct Wi-Fi connection between devices. It provides a fast transfer speed. Below, we show you how to send videos from Android to iPhone.

Step 1. Download the SHAREit on both your Android and your iPhone.

Step 2. On your Android, open SHAREit and follow the guide:

  • Click SEND > Select the videos you want to transfer to your iPhone > Tap Send to begin the transfer.
  • Tap CONNECT TO iOS/WP on the blue screen > Then you can see a mobile hotspot name and password.

Step 3. On your iPhone, go to SHAREit and check the steps below:

  •  Connect to the hotspot >Tap Receive to save the videos transferred from your Android.

how to send full quality videos from android to iphone


That’s all about how to send full quality videos from Android to iPhone. The above article provides 7 effective tips, including iTunes, Google Drive, FoneTool app, Google Photos, Email, Send Anywhere, or SHAREit. To ensure that the video quality remains unchanged when transferring videos between Android and iPhone, you can choose the appropriate method based on your personal needs and device compatibility.

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