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Question: Can I merge two WhatsApp backups on iPhone?


Hi, I changed my iPhone X to iPhone 14 and restore the WhatsApp backups. However, now I find that some pictures are not there, I guess the phone backed up again with only the existing downloaded info and so deleted the previous one in the cloud before downloading it. Is there a way to merge the backups? I still have everything on my old phone.

Merget two WhatsApp backups

The files in WhatsApp are important, so we make backups regularly. In this way, we can easily get back lost files and transfer WhatsApp to new phone. If you have more than one WhatsApp account or iPhone, then you may have multiple WhatsApp backups.

For some reason, you want to merge WhatsApp backups on iPhone. Is it possible? Well, it depends on the specific situation. Just keep reading to get everything you want to know.

Answer: Whether you can merge two WhatsApp backups on iPhone

When you have two WhatsApp backups, you may want to merge them into one. The truth is that there is no official way to merge two WhatsApp backups on iPhone. But it does mean it’s impossible to do the task.

By default, WhatsApp backup can only be restored to the same account. That’s to say, you cannot restore backup of Account A to Account B. But if you have all the files saved in the iPhone, then you can take advantage of WhatsApp transfer tools to merge your chats.

The third-party WhatsApp transfer tool is able to transfer WhatsApp between two different accounts. In addition, the tool can also help you transfer WhatsApp from one Apple ID to another. You can move on to the next part to learn more about how to merge two WhatsApp backups on iOS.

How to merge two WhatsApp backups on iPhone

Let’s start to see how to merge two WhatsApp backups on iPhone. If your iPhone has all the messages you need, then you can rely on Dr. Fone or Syncios WhatsApp Transfer to move the messages you need.

Option 1. Merge two WhatsApp with Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone can help you transfer any messages or media files in WhatsApp from one account to another. You can preview and select the chats you need and it will not erase any existing files in WhatsApp. You can follow the steps below to merge two WhatsApp backups.

1. Open the tool and plug in the iPhone that contains the messages you want to merge.

2. Choose WhatsApp Transfer and then backup WhatsApp data to computer.

WhatsApp Transfer

3. When the backup is complete, unplug the phone and plug in the iPhone you want to merge WhatsApp with.

Backup WhatsApp

4. Find and choose the WhatsApp backup you created and click View button.


5. Now you select the files you need and then choose Recover to Device to move them to your iPhone.

Backup detail

Option 2. Merge two WhatsApp via Syncios WhatsApp Transfer

If you do not want to backup WhatsApp from iPhone to PC, you can turn to Syncios WhatsApp Transfer. This tool can help you transfer WhatsApp from one account to another one directly. What’s more, it will not erase any new chats on the device. Below are the detailed steps.

1. Connect two iPhones to computer via USB cable and choose Transfer WhatsApp between two devices.

Transfer between two devices

2. Confirm the source device and the target device. The source device should be located on the left side.

3. Click Transfer and choose Merge old WhatsApp data from target phone.

Merge WhatsApp data

4. Click Continue and it will start to transfer your WhatsApp.

Final Words

That’s all about how to merge two WhatsApp backups on iPhone. Usually, WhatsApp backup can only be restored to the same account, which means there is no way to merge two WhatsApp backups into one. But if you have everything stored in your device, then you can use a third-party WhatsApp transfer tool to merge your chats.

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