Top 10 Tips: How to Find Old Phone Numbers on iPhone

If you want to find your old phone numbers on your iPhone, then, read and follow this post to make it without effort.

Demi by Demi Updated May 13, 2024
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Our iPhones serve as digital repositories for a plethora of information, including phone numbers. Over time, we accumulate numerous contacts, and it's not uncommon to wonder how to retrieve old phone numbers from iPhone. Whether it's to reconnect with old friends or recover essential business contacts, there are ways to locate those old phone numbers.

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In this article, we'll delve into ten effective tips to help you find old phone numbers on your iPhone. We'll also discuss how to recover deleted phone numbers and introduce a bonus solution for backing up iPhone contacts without data loss.

Part 1. How to find Old Phone Numbers on iPhone [9 Tips]

There are several tips available in this part. You can try some of them to find old phone numbers on iPhone. Optionally, if you are in a hurry, you can skip to the Bonus part to retrieve lost phone number using a powerful data recovery software.

Tip 1. Check Recent Calls
Navigate through your recent call history to locate and retrieve older phone numbers that you might have contacted in the past. This simple action can assist you in recalling and accessing phone numbers that you may need for various purposes.

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Tip 2. Search Contacts
Leverage the search functionality within your iPhone's Contacts app to locate contacts or organizations linked to the old phone number by using relevant keywords. This approach simplifies the process of retrieving and identifying individuals or entities associated with the phone number you are searching for.

Tip 3. Check Old Emails
Major email providers such as Google and Yahoo often retain your sent emails on their servers for a duration of 3 to 4 years. It's possible that you might have communicated your cell phone number via email in the past. To explore this avenue, make sure to thoroughly examine all email services you have used, including those beyond the usual ones.


Tip 4. Check Old Bills
Reviewing your previous phone bills is an effective method to retrieve your old phone numbers. Since phone bills are typically sent via messages or emails, revisiting your archived messages or emails provides a direct and valuable approach to locating the old phone numbers you're seeking.

Tip 5. Check Online Shopping Address
Undoubtedly, your online shopping activities often involve providing contact details, including phone numbers, for shipping addresses. Consequently, if you have not removed these historical address entries, they can serve as a valuable resource for retrieving your old phone numbers. Reviewing your past shopping addresses can help you locate the old phone numbers associated with those transactions.

Tip 6. Find Old SIM Card
Absolutely, your previous SIM card retains the old phone number that was associated with it. If you have retained this old SIM card rather than discarding it, you can extract the old phone number from it. Simply locating the old SIM card and inserting it into a compatible device will allow you to retrieve the old phone number that was linked to that SIM card.

sim card

Tip 7. Check Membership Info
Examining the additional membership services information provided by your local gym can yield insights. If you entered into contracts that encompass various services during the same timeframe when you possessed your previous cell phone, chances are that you utilized that phone number when finalizing these agreements. Therefore, reviewing the membership details associated with your gym can potentially lead you to your old phone number.

Tip 8. Check Credit Report or Back Info
Reviewing your credit report can serve as an effective method to uncover your old phone numbers. The "Identity" section of your credit report typically contains a listing of your previous addresses and phone numbers. This segment can be instrumental in helping you locate your old phone numbers.

Furthermore, when obtaining a new card from a bank, you might have provided your previous phone number in the application process. Therefore, examining your bank-related information comprehensively can potentially offer valuable leads to uncover your old phone numbers.

Tip 9. Ask for Friends or Families
Indeed, a valuable avenue to explore in your quest to find old phone numbers is checking with friends and family members. It's possible that your lost old phone numbers are still stored in the contact lists of people you know. Reaching out to your friends and family can yield successful results in locating these numbers.

Part 2. Find Old iPhone Phone Number via FoneTool

Chances are that your iPhone has been filled with multiple contacts and you cannot find the one you want or they are just saved in the Recently Deleted folders. In these cases, you can try FoneTool, a powerful iOS data management tool.

It helps scan and filter deleted files from your iPhone, including photos, contacts, call history, Safari history, media files in apps, etc. Armed with advanced algorithms, FoneTool can quickly scan all your deleted files from iPhone, so that you can choose the wanted to recover. 

Download FoneTool by clicking the icon below, and have a try to scan and get old phone numbers from iPhone using FoneTool.

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Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC > Launch FoneTool on your computer and navigate to the Toolbox section > Choose the iOS Data Recovery option.


Step 2. Check Contacts icon and click the Start Scan button to start the process.

scan contacts

Step 3. Wait for the scanning to finish, and you can check all your deleted and undelete contacts on your iPhone. You can choose the phone number you'd like to recover and tap Recover to PC to get them to your PC.

recover contacts

After recovering wanted phone numbers from your iPhone to PC, you can transfer contacts from computer to iPhone, so that you can use these phone numbers again.

💡 Warm Tip: In case you cannot find old iPhone phone numbers again, you can try FoneTool's Selective Backup function to selectively backup iPhone contacts to PC.

Select Contacts

Bonus: How to recover old deleted phone numbers on iPhone

If you are sure your phone numbers have been permanently deleted from your iPhone, the last way out is to utilize an iOS data recovery software. Here MyRecover for iOS comes to assist you.

It helps deeply scan your iPhone to find all deleted files including deleted contacts, so that you can choose to recover needed files to your iPhone. If you have no backup or the backup does not contain the phone number you need, it can save you from data loss. Let’s see how to recover old deleted phone number on iPhone via this tool.

Step 1. Download, install and launch this tool on your computer > Connect your iPhone to PC via USB.

Download Software iOS 10 and later
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Step 2. Once your computer recognizes your iPhone, click Scan from the left pane > Click Scan Now to begin.

start scan now

Step 3. Wait for it to scan all your lost files > Click Contacts to preview and choose the contacts you’d like to recover > Tap Recover from upper-right corner to confirm.

select contacts click recover

Wait for the recovery to finish, and you can view these contacts on your iPhone.


It is a valuable task to find old phone number on iPhone, whether for reconnecting with old friends or retrieving important contact details. By following the top 10 tips mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of finding those elusive old phone numbers.

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