Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Without Backup

It is not difficult to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup, if you are looking for ways to retrieve deleted text messages iPhone effectively, keep reading this post.

Kelsey by Kelsey Updated April 22, 2024
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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

It's a common scenario that many of us have experienced: you check your iPhone messages only to realize that you accidentally deleted a few important ones. This can cause panic and uncertainty, as you may not know what to do next.

Don't worry! Here are solutions available to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup. Whether you have a backup or not, this guide can help you choose the best method to recover your lost messages.

If you're worried about overwriting your data during the recovery process, don't be. AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS is a reliable and free iPhone data recovery software that can help you restore deleted text messages on iPhone 15/14/13/12/11 (iOS 17 supported). Not only can it recover data from official iTunes and iCloud, but it also allows you to preview the data before recovery to ensure accuracy. 

Part 1. Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone with/without Backup

Whether you can recover deleted messages without backup depends on the circumstances. Please find the method according to the different scenarios below.


Scenario 1. When You Have No Backup

If you accidentally delete text messages from your iPhone and don't have any backup files to restore them, can you undo deleting messages on iPhone? Don't worry, it is possible to recover those messages using a third-party tool, as long as the messages haven't been overwritten yet. Because the iPhone saves all data in an SQLite database. 

When you delete text messages, they are simply moved from the "Allocated" category to the "Unallocated" category, leaving the actual data intact. However, if you create new data, the "Unallocated" category will be used first, overwriting the deleted information. If the messages haven't been overwritten yet, you can use a third-party tool to access the SQLite database and retrieve the data without a backup.

You can go to Part 3 to get the solution.

Scenario 2. When You Have a Backup

If you have previously backed up your device using iTunes or iCloud, you can follow the steps in Part 2 to restore your text messages for free.

Note: You won't be able to preview the backup file before restoring, and if the deleted messages are not included in the backup file, this may not be the best solution.

Scenario 3. When You Have No Backup and the Deleted Text Messages Are Replaced

If the deleted text messages have been replaced, you will need to seek help from your cellular carrier as they may have stored the messages on their server. To prevent this situation, stop using your iPhone immediately and turn off the network.

You can try to retrieve the messages from iCloud by going to Settings > your name > iCloud > toggling "Messages" off and on again, and choosing "Downloading Messages from iCloud" from the pop-up notification.

Note: You won't be able to preview the backup file before restoring, and if the deleted messages are not included in the backup file, this may not be the best solution.

Part 2. Recover Permanently Deleted Text Messages on iPhone by Data Recovery

If you find yourself stuck in lost messages and never back up them, or simply don't want to restore an entire backup to your device, AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS is an excellent solution for recovering permanently deleted text messages from your iPhone. This tool is capable of retrieving deleted text messages with or without a backup, and supports iPhone models such as iPhone 15, 14, 13, and 12.

AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS uses advanced technology to ensure a high success rate for text message recovery. Developed by AOMEI, the software has received recommendations from Macworld, Payetteforward, Makeuseof, and other reputable sources.

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Here's how to use AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS to scan your device and recover deleted text messages to another iPhone:

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS on your computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Connect iOS Device

Step 2. From the next window, select "Messages" and click "Scan Now" to start scanning your phone for deleted text messages.

Click Scan Now

Step 3. After a few minutes, you will see all the recoverable messages on the next screen. Select the ones you want to recover and click "Recover". The program will prompt you to choose a folder to store the text messages you need.

Select Contacts and Click Recover


Part 3. Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on iPhone for Free

If you've lost text messages on your iPhone, there are ways to recover them, such as by restoring from an iCloud or iTunes backup. This solution is particularly useful for scenario 1, where you have a backup available. Here's how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone using iTunes backup:

Way 1. Get Deleted Text Messages on iPhone without iCloud from iTunes Backup

iTunes is an official backup method for iPhones, and can be used to recover deleted text messages. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

Step 2. Click on the device icon once it appears in iTunes.

Click the Device Icon

Step 3. In the Backups option, click "Restore Backup" to choose the most relevant backup, and then click "Restore".

Resote Backup

  • When you click "Restore Backup", all iMessages will be replaced by the text messages in the backup, and you may lose any current data on your device.
  • If you're not sure if the iTunes backup file you select contains the deleted text messages, you can use Option 2 from Part 3 to preview your iTunes backup first and avoid selecting the wrong backup.

Way 2. Retrieve Deleted Text Messages iPhone from iCloud Backup

If you accidentally delete text messages from your iPhone, you can still recover them without your computer by using an iCloud backup. Here's how to get back deleted text messages on iPhone:

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone, and choose "Erase All Content and Settings".

Erase All Content and Settings

Step 2. Your iPhone will reboot, and from the Apps & Data screen, select "Restore from iCloud Backup". Sign in to iCloud and choose "Choose Backup" from the list of available backups.

Recover from iCloud Backup

  • Be aware that all settings and contents will be erased from your iPhone during this process, so it's better to back up your device first.
  • Keep in mind that iCloud only provides 5GB of free storage, so it may not be able to back up deleted text messages if your iCloud storage is full.
  • Similar to restoring from an iTunes backup, you won't be able to preview the content in the iCloud backup file.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone Messages Recovery

1. Are permanently deleted texts gone forever?

Deleted text messages on your iPhone aren't permanently erased. When you delete a file, your phone frees up space where that file used to be. If no new data is saved in that space, you can still recover the deleted file.

But, if you store new data there, you'll need a recovery tool to get your files back. To increase your chances of recovering deleted data, avoid adding more data to your device once data is lost.

2. How long can text messages be found?

The possibility of recovering deleted text messages doesn't depend on when they were deleted, but on whether they've been replaced by new data. So, it's vital to avoid using your device once data is lost. Note that your recently deleted messages might not be considered as completely gone by your device. As a result, some data recovery tools might not find them right away, but you can try again later, and they might still be recoverable.

3. How can I retrieve deleted messages from my iPhone without a computer?

In addition to using iCloud or iTunes for recovery, you can also use third-party software to retrieve text messages on your iPhone without a computer. Although there aren't entirely free iPhone data recovery options, many of them provide free trial versions. It's a good idea to give one of these a try and see if it suits your needs.

4. Can you restore only messages from iCloud?

Restoring from an iCloud backup won't let you pick and choose which deleted text messages to recover. If you want to retrieve specific text messages, you'll have to use data recovery tools.

Wrapping Things up

There are various methods to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup. It's best to regularly back up your device, as this increases the chances of recovering your deleted texts. If you're worried about losing text messages on your iPhone without a backup, you can try downloading AOMEI Data Recovery for iOS for free.

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