How to Delete Blocked Numbers on iPhone 13/12/11 Quickly

This guide will tell you how to delete blocked numbers on iPhone, including the method to delete all blocked numbers.

Lena by Lena Updated July 17, 2023
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Can you delete blocked numbers on iPhone?


how do i clear my block contact list? i never want to see the number again.

- Question from Apple Community

Delete blocked numbers

Deleting unwanted contacts on your iPhone is a convenient way to eliminate unfamiliar numbers or disconnect from people who have no positive impact on your life. However, deleting blocked contacts may not be a straightforward process, especially if you have attempted it before or are unsure of the steps involved.

No matter which challenges you are currently experiencing, we are here to provide assistance. This article will show you how to delete blocked numbers on iPhone. Let's begin!

How to delete blocked numbers on iPhone

On your iPhone, there are multiple methods available to erase blocked numbers on iPhone. Here are the techniques you can utilize to successfully delete blocked contacts from your device.

Delete blocked numbers on iPhone from phone calls

On the Phone Calls menu page, you have the ability to remove a number that you have recently blocked from being able to contact you. This method is simple and the desired outcome is achieved instantly, follow these simple steps:

1. Start by opening the Call log menu page. You can do this by tapping on the green Call button located at the lower-left corner of your screen.

2. Once the menu page is open, access your contact lists by tapping on the Contact icon at the bottom of your phone screen.

3. Take a moment to scroll through your list until you find the numbers that you have previously blocked. When you come across one, click on it.

4.. After selecting the blocked contact, locate and tap on the Edit button located at the upper right corner of the page.

5. You will then be directed to an interface where you can make changes. Scroll down this interface and choose the option to delete contact.

By following these steps, you will be able to easily remove blocked contacts from your phone's contact list. If you want to delete all blocked numbers on iPhone, just repeat these steps.

Delete blocked numbers on iPhone from Message

This approach is especially useful if you have interacted with the blocked contact through messages in the past. By using this option, you can effectively erase blocked numbers on iPhone, eliminating all traces of their existence.

1. To access the Message app on your iPhone, simply tap on the green message button located at the lower part of your device's Home Screen.

2. Once you've done that, find the specific contact that you want to remove from the Message app. To do this, press and hold the message associated with that contact.

3. Afterward, choose the option to delete the message and then confirm your decision by clicking on the corresponding button.

Delete blocked numbers from Messages

By following these steps, you can successfully complete the process of deleting a contact from the Message app on your iPhone.

Delete blocked numbers on iPhone from Contacts

To delete blocked contact numbers on iPhone through the Contact menu:

1. Access the Contacts menu by tapping on its icon located on the Home Screen page.

2. Locate and select the blocked contact in question.

3. Proceed by tapping on the Edit option, and then scroll down until you find and choose Delete.

Bonus: how to erase all contacts on iPhone

We all know how to delete individual contacts on iPhone. However, when it comes to deleting all of your contacts, things can get difficult. There is no “Delete All” button to help us erase all contacts at once.

Well, when you want to erase all contacts on iPhone, you can rely on the powerful tool called FoneTool. The Privacy Erasure function offers the convenient option to delete all contacts on an iPhone simultaneously. Moreover, it provides the additional capability to thoroughly erase the contacts, guaranteeing that they cannot be recovered.

Here are the steps to mass delete all contacts on iPhone:

1. Download, install and launch FoneTool on your computer > Plug in your iPhone.

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2. Choose Toolbox > Go to Data Erase > Select Erase private data.

Erase private data

3. Select Contacts > If needed, enable Deep Erase Tech.

4. Click Start Erase to erase all iPhone contacts.

Erase contacts

💡 Notes:

► If you want to backup your iPhone contacts before deleting them, you can go to Phone Backup > Selective Backup to preview and select the contacts you want to backup.

►  FoneTool also supports data transfer. If you want to manage your contacts on computer, you can go to Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC to copy contacts to iPhone. More info: How to Export iPhone Contacts to Excel or CSV File Freely

Backup contacts

Final words

That’s all about how to delete blocked contacts from iPhone. To rid your iPhone of unfamiliar contacts, bogus friend numbers, or any other suspicious digits lurking in your contact list, you can seamlessly block and delete them. Employ any of the techniques outlined in this article to accomplish this task hassle-free. All the methods provided are straightforward, free of charge, and highly efficient.

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