[3 Ways] How to Delete Duplicate Photos in Laptop

Your Windows laptop full of duplicate photos that take up storage space? Just try the three methods in this guide to know how to delete duplicate photos in laptop to get rid of them easily.

Demi by Demi Updated May 30, 2023
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It might be a real headache to have duplicate photos on your computer that are spread out over kinds of sites. Over time, they could accumulate and create jumbled albums and galleries. The worst part is that photo duplicates will take up a lot of disk space and slow down your Windows laptop even more. So here comes a question:

Why do you have duplicate photos in laptop?
Reasons may include file-sharing, multiple times downloads of the same photo, backing up the same picture several times, and downloading duplicate files while downloading photos from the internet.

Windows 10 PC

To avoid any trouble caused by duplicate photos, it is necessary to know how to delete duplicate photos in laptop. Here in this guide, you will be given three methods to remove duplicates from your Windows 11/10/8/7, as well as some frequently asked questions about duplicate photos. So, let’s get started.

1# Best app to delete remove photos in Windows 11/10/8/7

As one of the best duplicate photo cleaner for PC/laptop, the powerful duplicate photo finder and cleaner software FoneTool can do an automated search for duplicate photos in the locations you specify. FoneTool can locate and delete duplicate photos based on content rather than filename.

In a few minutes, your photo folder will be duplicate-free, simpler to organize, and nicer to browse. Also, a lot of space can be saved.

FoneTool main features:
• Easy to use. With a user-friendly interface, you can handle the duplicate deletion work easily.
• Fast scan speed. It can scan the folders with rapidity and accuracy, irrespective of the volume of files.
• High accuracy. Equipped with smart algorithms, FoneTool easily compares file names and content to look for identical or similar photos efficiently.
• Wide compatibility. FoneTool can help find and delete duplicate photos from HDD, SD card, USB drive, and other external disks,a s well as iOS devices.

Click the download button to get this best app to remove duplicate photos in Windows 10 and see how to delete duplicate photos in laptop. This tool works well on Windows 11/10/8/7.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Step 1. Run FoneTool > Click Toolbox in the left pane > Choose Photo Deduplication.

click Photo Deduplication

Step 2. Choose Scan Computer option > Click Add Folder and select the folders you want to scan > Click Start Scanning to confirm.

start scanning computer

Step 3. When the scan process finishes, you can see all the duplicate photos on the folder you choose > Choose the unwanted photos and click Delete button to remove them from your laptop.

delete duplicate photo

You can also choose Migrate to button to move the selected photos to another destination and delete them from the source folder.

2# How to delete duplicate photos by Windows Photos app

For Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 11, you are given Windows Photos app (also known as Microsoft Photos or simply Photos) to organize and view your photos in laptop. You can utilize it to remove duplicate files if you don’t want to install any third-party software. Let’s find out how to delete duplicate photos in laptop Windows 11/10/8.1/8.

Step 1. Open Settings in the Windows Photos app > Scroll down to locate Linked duplicates, and toggle the switch under it to Off.

toggle off linked duplicates

Step 2. Back to Windows Photos, and choose Collection to browse through your photos and look for duplicates by comparing photos.

Step 3. Finally, select duplicate photos and click the Delete icon in the upper-right part of the window to confirm.

collection view

3# How to remove duplicate photos in laptop File Explorer

While, if you are using an older version of Windows operating system on your laptop, you can try File Explorer. There are some tricks to get it to show duplicate photos. Read to know how to remove duplicate photos in laptop using File Explorer.

Step 1. Press both Windows key and E key to open File Explorer.

Step 2. Go to the folder that contains your photos > Type kind: in the search field box > Choose Picture. If needed, you can specify the image format, e.g. “kind: = picture type: jpg”.

windows search kind

Step 3. Go to View tab > Click Extra large icons or large icons > Click Details pane > Click Sort by and choose Sort by Size or name.

view tab

Step 4. Preview and compare photos > Check the photos and select the unwanted ones > Right-click them and choose Delete option.

FAQs about duplicate photos in laptop

After successfully deleting duplicate photos from your laptop, you may still have other concern about duplicate photos in laptop. In this part, we’ll answer you two frequently asked questions.

Q1. How to reduce duplicate photos in laptop?

It is necessary to know how to reduce duplicate photos in laptop, so that you won’t waste time finding and deleting them in the future. Here are a few tips you can use to reduce duplicate photos.

• Sort photos by name and date: You can sort your photos by file name or date modified to help identify duplicates. This can be done manually in Windows Explorer.

• Use cloud storage services: Uploading your photos to cloud storage services like Google Photos, iCloud, or Dropbox can help you identify and remove duplicates automatically.

• Regularly organize your photo library: Creating a regular schedule for organizing your photo library can help prevent duplicates from accumulating over time.

Q2. How to recover accidentally deleted photos?

During the delete duplicate photos process, you may accidentally delete them from your computer or cannot locate the original photos for some reason. You can simply retrieve those photos using effective photo recovery software, such as MyRecover.

Step 1. Download MyRecover, install and run the software in your laptop > Choose a source drive where the photos were deleted from > Click Start Scan.

select location to scan

Step 2. Search for detected data by filename, extension, etc., and sort them by Type, Size, Path, etc.

scanning drive

Step 3. Go to Deleted files > Find the deleted pictures in the original location > Select the photos you want > Click Recover x files. If failed, go to Other missing files > Images.

select deleted photos to recover


In conclusion, deleting duplicate photos from your laptop can be a time-consuming and tedious task, but it is necessary to know how to delete duplicate photos in laptop and free up space and organize your photo collection. Hope you have followed ways in this guide to make it quickly and easily. If this guide is helpful, please share it with others.


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