[6 Top Ways] How to Free Up Space on iPad Without Deleting Apps

Running out of storage space on your iPad? Don't worry, you don't have to delete your favorite apps. In this guide, we'll show you how to free up space on your iPad without deleting apps.

Clara by Clara Updated May 15, 2024
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In the ever-expanding universe of digital possibilities, your iPad serves as a portal to a myriad of experiences. Yet, this gateway is not boundless, and the importance of freeing up space on your iPad becomes paramount for a seamless and efficient journey through the digital realm.

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This guide unveils the intricacies of how to free up space on iPad without deleting apps, ensuring your iPad remains a swift and responsive companion. Join us as we navigate through the fundamental steps and advanced strategies to declutter your iPad and enhance its overall performance.

Preparation: Checking Your iPad Storage at First

enlightened Finding out how much storage space you have left

As we embark on this journey of learning how to free up storage on iPad without deleting apps, the first step involves peering into the heart of your iPad's storage. Discovering how much space remains and understanding its allocation is foundational. In this section, we unravel the steps to unveil the current storage status of your device, providing you with insights crucial for effective space management.

Check iPad storage

enlightened Identifying what is taking up the most space

The mystery of dwindling storage often lies in the specifics. Here, we delve into the intricate details of space consumption, helping you pinpoint the culprits hogging your iPad's storage real estate. Unmask the space invaders and reclaim control over your digital domain.

enlightenedChecking for any software updates

In the dynamic realm of technology, updates are not just about features; they often bring efficiency and optimization. This segment guides you through the process of ensuring your iPad's operating system is up-to-date, fostering a harmonious coexistence of the latest enhancements and streamlined storage management.

How to Free up Space on iPad Without Deleting Apps - 6 Ways

In this part, we provide 6 top ways to help you solve the question of "how to free up space on iPad without deleting apps"and optimize your iPad storage. 

Option 1. Use FoneTool to Deeply Erase Unnecessary Data

Harness the prowess of FoneTool in this pivotal section. Witness how this tool becomes your digital sculptor, delicately erasing unnecessary data, leaving behind a streamlined and efficient iPad. Join us in unveiling the precision and effectiveness of FoneTool in decluttering your digital canvas.

Before erasing the iPad, with FoneTool, you can go to Phone Backup to selective backup important photos, videos, songs and more on your iPad. Besides, FoneTool also support you to transfer old iPad to new iPad with it's powerful transfer function.

Step 1. Download FoneTool > Connect iPad to your computer. It supports all iPad models, including iPad Pro/Air/mini.

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Step 2. Navigate to Toolbox > Choode Data Eraser.

Erase iPhone

Step 3. You can tap Erase private data or Erase all data according to your need. If you don't want to deleting apps, we take Erase private data as an example.

  • Erase private data allows you to select files you want to delete, including photos, videos, contacts, messages, podcasts, call history, notes, calenders, Safari bookmarks, Safari history, calendar, audiobooks.
  • Erase all data supports you to make iPad full wipe and helps you reset your iPad to a new one.

erase private data

Step 4.  Select the icon you need > Check Enable Deep Erase Technology to ensure erase data completely > Tap Start Erase to begin.

Begin Erase

Option 2. Enable the Offload Unused Apps Feature

In the quest for efficient space utilization, Apple offers a strategic feature – Offload Unused Apps. This section unveils the power of automation, guiding you through the process of enabling this feature to autonomously free up space without sacrificing functionality.

Step 1. Navigate to "Settings" on your iPad, represented by the gear icon on your home screen.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on "General" to access general settings.

Step 3. Select "iPad Storage" or "Storage & iCloud Usage" to reveal a detailed breakdown of your device's storage usage.

Step 4. Examine the available and used storage space, providing a snapshot of your iPad's storage health.

Option 3. Review and Delete unused Apps

Deciphering between the essential and the expendable, we embark on a journey of how to free up space on iPad without deleting apps. Learn how to scrutinize your app arsenal, identifying those that have overstayed their welcome. This step ensures that every app earns its place, contributing to a leaner and more responsive iPad.

Step 1. Return to the "iPad Storage" section in settings.

Step 2. Scroll through the list of apps and identify those seldom used or no longer needed.

Step 3. Tap on an app, then select "Delete App" to permanently remove it and its associated data.

Step 4. Regularly revisit this process to keep your iPad streamlined with essential apps.

Delete media files

Option 4. Clear App Cache and Data

Beyond the visible footprint of apps lies a cache of temporary data. This part of the guide demystifies the process of clearing app cache and data, rejuvenating your apps and liberating valuable storage space. Unleash the full potential of your favorite applications.

Step 1. Head to "Settings" and tap on "Safari" (or the relevant app) for which you want to clear cache.

Step 2. Scroll down and select "Clear History and Website Data" to eliminate accumulated cache and browsing history.

Step 3. Confirm the action, freeing up storage without compromising essential app functionality.

Clear Safari cache

Option 5. Managing Photo and Video Storage

The visual tapestry captured by your iPad's camera demands efficient management. Explore strategies to streamline your photo and video library, from optimizing settings to decluttering duplicate media. Discover how to maintain a visually pleasing gallery without compromising on storage space.

Step 1. Open the "Photos" app and navigate to "Albums."

Step 2. Review your photo and video collections, identifying duplicates, and images you can delete.

Step 3. Utilize the "Optimize iPhone Storage" option in "Settings" > "Photos" to store full-resolution photos and videos in iCloud.

Step 4. Consider using cloud storage services to store media content externally.

Delete photos

Option 6.  Using iCloud or A Third-party Cloud Storage Service

The cloud emerges as a celestial space-saving solution. Navigate through the integration of iCloud or other cloud services to gracefully shift some of your digital belongings beyond the confines of your iPad. Embrace the liberating synergy of local and cloud storage.

Step 1. Access "Settings" and tap on your Apple ID at the top.

Step 2. Select "iCloud" and toggle on the features you want to sync with iCloud.

Alternatively, explore third-party cloud storage apps, like FoneTool to backup iPad to PC, Google Drive or Dropbox, to store data externally.

Advanced Tips and Tricks to Optimizing Your iPad Storage

Below we list some tips and tricks for you.

Tip 1. Offloading individual apps

Tailor your space management with surgical precision. Delve into the world of individually offloading apps, a nuanced approach that allows you to retain control over the fate of specific applications. This section guides you through the intricacies of this advanced maneuver.

Navigate to "Settings" and tap on "iPad Storage."

Tap on "Enable" next to "Enable Offload Unused Apps."

Scroll through the list of apps and individually select those you want to offload.

Confirm the action, offloading specific apps without affecting others.

Tip 2. Managing iTunes and app downloads

The symbiotic relationship between iTunes and your iPad's app ecosystem holds potential for storage optimization. Unearth the techniques of managing iTunes and app downloads, fostering an ecosystem where digital content harmoniously coexists with available storage space.

Open the "App Store" and tap on your profile icon.

Navigate to "Purchased" to review your app history.

Delete apps you no longer need, or hide them to prevent re-downloading.

Manage iTunes downloads by connecting your iPad to iTunes on your computer and adjusting download settings.

Tip 3. Clearing Safari cache and data

Safari, the gateway to the digital wilderness, accumulates its share of digital footprints. This part demystifies the process of clearing Safari cache and data, ensuring your browsing experience remains swift and clutter-free. Unleash the full potential of your digital exploration.

Open "Settings" and scroll down to "Safari."

Tap on "Clear History and Website Data" to eliminate cached data.

Alternatively, explore settings within the Safari app for more nuanced control over data management.

Tip 4. Using a storage management app

Dive into the realm of specialized tools designed to address how to get more space on iPad without deleting anything. discover the efficacy of storage management apps, exploring how these digital assistants can revolutionize your iPad's storage landscape. Elevate your storage management game with these innovative solutions.

Explore the App Store for storage management apps, such as "Files" or "Disk Drill."

Download and install your chosen app.

Follow the app's instructions to scan, analyze, and optimize your iPad's storage.

Use the app's features to declutter and organize your device for optimal performance.


As we conclude our expedition into how to free up space on iPad without deleting apps, reflect on the transformative journey. The steps outlined in this guide empower you to master the art of space optimization, ensuring your iPad stands as a testament to efficiency and responsiveness. Embrace the liberated digital canvas that awaits you, where every swipe, tap, and creation unfolds seamlessly in a clutter-free environment.

May your iPad continue to be a realm of boundless possibilities, unencumbered by the limitations of storage constraints. Until the next digital adventure, revel in the optimized wonders of your rejuvenated iPad.

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