Stepwise Tips: How to Organize iPhone Screen

You can organize your iPhone screen as per your prefer to make your iPhone unique. Here in this guide, we’ll show you how to organize iPhone screen in kinds of creative tips and tricks.

Demi by Demi Updated November 17, 2023
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Your phone screens, much like your homes, serve as stages where your lives unfold. Therefore, they warrant your care and respect. A cluttered screen can hinder productivity and make it challenging to find the apps and information you need quickly.

organize iphone screen

In this article, we'll explore stepwise tips on how to organize iPhone screen, ensuring a tidy and personalized layout that suits your preferences and enhances your overall mobile experience.

Step 1. Organize iPhone apps

The home screen is your iPhone's primary interface, and decluttering it is the first step toward achieving organization. Here are some tips of how to organize home screen on your iPhone.

1.1 Remove Unnecessary Apps
Identify and delete apps that you rarely use or that have become obsolete. To delete an app, press and hold its icon until a window prompts, tap Remove App > Delete App.

remove app from your iphone

1.2 Utilize App Folders
Group similar apps together in folders. You can make different folders for work apps, social media and games, for instance.

To create a folder, drag one app icon onto another. You can then name the folder and add additional apps to it.

If your efforts to organize go off the rails or wonder how to arrange iPhone home screen alphabetically, you can undo any folders or widgets you’ve created in Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

reset home screen layout

1.3 Prioritize Essential Apps
Place frequently used apps on the home screen for quick access. Consider organizing them based on usage frequency or by categories such as productivity, entertainment, or social.

1.4 Remove red notification bubbles for apps

If those red notification bubbles in the top right corner of every app drive you crazy, you can make them disappear. Simply head to Settings > Notifications > Tap certain apps and turn off the Badges App Icon slider.

turn off badges for apps

Step 2. Decorate iPhone screen

2.1 Optimize Widget Placement
Widgets are a powerful feature introduced in iOS 14, providing at-a-glance information and quick access to app functions. And since iOS 16, you are given more control to customize your iPhone widget.

Widgets enable you to have some fun and ponder which shortcuts would actually make your life easier. You could even turn your entire home screen into widgets to cut down on clutter and get more information at a glance.

iphone widget

2.2 Customize iPhone Dock
iPhone Dock is a great place to organize your iPhone Home Screen. You have the option to choose precisely which apps appear in the fixed menu bar at the bottom of your Home Screen, a tip that has greatly simplified your life.

As an added bonus, you can place a folder in your Dock for easier access. You can store your Productivity folder there, ensuring you don't have to swipe through Home Screen pages to find it quickly.

2.3 Change iPhone screen background
Finally, don't overlook the impact of choosing a different background for your Home Screen. It can entirely transform its appearance. Select one that brings a smile to your face and isn't obstructed by your chosen layout of icons and folders. With iOS 16, there are numerous new and fun options for customizing your Lock Screen to give it a unique look.

change wallpaper

More inspirations: How to Change Home/Lock Screen on iPhone


Organizing your iPhone screen is a personal journey that involves tailoring your device to match your preferences, habits, and lifestyle. Whether you opt for a minimalist approach, a visually coordinated design, or a systematic categorization, these stepwise tips empower you to master the art of organization.

Keep in mind that organization is an ongoing process, and regularly reviewing and updating your iPhone screen ensures that it remains a functional and personalized hub for your digital life.


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